UConn Hardly Ever Looks Up At An Opponent

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One of the best statistics of the season pertaining to the UConn women has been that it trailed for just 48 seconds in its first 10 games, just 31 seconds (against Penn State) since falling behind 2-0 after the first basket of the season by the College of Charleston. On Saturday, Stanford led 2-0 for 90 seconds before UConn went ahead 3-2.…

The Huskies play at Oregon on Dec. 31 at 3 p.m. The game will be televised only by the Pac-12 Network, which means no local access unless you pay for it a premium tier of your local cable system or have DirecTV or Dish Network. The Ducks are 2-9 this season and were picked 11th in the 12-team conference in the preseason poll. …

Freshman Morgan Tuck returned  from missing two games with a bruised knee but played just three minutes. Freshman Moriah Jefferson, who has been fighting a stomach issue, played just four. …

It appears that California is now the favorite to fill the one gap on next year’s schedule. The Huskies have been looking for an opponent for next season’s Maggie Dixon Classic at Madison Square Garden. There is no signed contract, but strong progress has been made.

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22 thoughts on “UConn Hardly Ever Looks Up At An Opponent

  1. Big Jim

    OMG – a Stanford home game and the officials didn’t help out. Great game and did Steph ever look so cool and calm.

    As a public service, the UCONN game on the Pac-12 Network can be seen on these providers:

    Dish Network……413

    I would like and really appreciate an invite from someone that gets either of these. I come with wine, friendly banter, some basketball knowledge, friendship for life, and a big Thank You!

    1. SBB

      @Jim: Check with sports bars. Tough day to get an invite with many preparing for this evening.
      Might check with Buffalo Wild Wings or Wood N Tap.

  2. Newgirl2

    Mighty SNY, Oh mighty SNY, can you say why the Oregon-Uconn basketball game will not be shown on your network? Is the game that insignificant to you? Do you know that the little station in Connecticut (CPTV) would have remembered that its viewers are important to its success, and therefore find a way to broadcast it, even if it came at the price of pledging. SNY, it is really too soon to ignore the requests and needs of your subscribers/customers.

    1. RH

      Local CPTV might have been able to persuade (with enough dollars) the national PAC-12 Network to let them televise the game only in CT, but SNY is another national network competing (in some fashion) with PAC-12. Even if the two networks don’t compete head-to-head, they compete for slots on the cable and satellite providers channel lineup.

    1. Tom

      There is always a way to negotiate something in a business environment. Pac-12 net and SNY are businesses.

  3. Keith

    Thin bench- what would make u happy? Banks tuck and Jefferson played some and will be even better as time goes on. We haven’t been this deep in a ling long time. Stupid comment- 5-6 players on double figures and that is your take!

    1. village idiot

      The Bench isn’t “thin” but none are actually FAT.
      Seriously, Banks played a couple of very good minutes. Made one ill advised drive, but even that was ok because she did what was expected of her. And her defense was great.
      I was more than pleased to see Tuck, Jefferson and Buck get minutes against a very good team.

  4. RichieRH

    The comments written by your readers float to the surface what the loss of literacy has rendered us. I can’t even read this crap anymore. Some of these blokes who write in must at least have learned some spelling & grammar in high school if not at state colleges and yet we get this stuff every day. Even JA seems to have stopped proofing his articles..”Van Derveer offers kind works(?). ’nuff, i’mouta hear!!

  5. Erik

    Kudos to John!

    I’m on vacation in the Caribbean and wanted to watch the game. Checked out a coupe of “sports bars” here.
    ESPN – No Problem.
    ESPN2 – No Problem.
    Even ESPN Desportes No problem.
    But ESPNU – BIG PROBLEM! No one had it.

    So instead, I headed back to my laptop at the condo intending to listen to the game on-line via the WTIC 1080am website. Instead, I got Clark Howard! After rebooting several times, I finally noticed the small print on WTIC’s site that said they were “contractually prohibited” from broadcasting the game. Why is that I wonder?

    So anthow, I then clicked on the Hartford Courant homepage, and was able to follow the general outline of the game via Johns Tweets.

    So thanks again John. I raide a Cuba Libre toast to you!

    1. Erik

      Sorry, need to edit my own post.
      Thats “Anyhow”, not “anthow”.
      And “raise”, not “raide”.

      1. RichieRH

        It’s OK Erik…………at least you got the ‘Cuba Libre’ part right and they might be responsible for the “anthow”. Remember, in the immortal words of Brendan Behan, “it is not the drink, it’s the QUANTITY!”

        1. Misty

          To: RichieRH

          Here’s a quote by Brendan that my apply to you:

          “Critics are like eunuchs in a harem; they know how it’s done, they’ve seen it done every day, but they’re unable to do it themselves.”

          You annoy me and I thought you were going to go away forever.

          1. RichieRH

            Well may, may Misty, it very well my apply but, like some of the others who write(?) here, “vot der domn boozle are you talking about?”

  6. Nick

    When is Uconn gonna get Bria Hartley’s height right she is definitey not 5-7 maybe somewhere between 5-9 and 5-10..why have they not corrected this after almost 3 years..

    1. Bobby Head


      1. Nick

        Because I know how tall she is and all these programs need to get the correct height on the players and not wait til they get to the WNBA and what the hell are you saying anyway…OMG!!!

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