UConn Launching The “Money Ball” At Historic Pace

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No program understands that records are made to be broken more than the UConn women. The Huskies have left many messes in their day shattering statistical marks.

But what’s been going on outside the three-point stripe over the last month has set a new standard for record-book revision.

On Wednesday in Washington, the Huskies launched 41 threes during their 75-48 win over Georgetown – 19 in the first, 22 in the second.

This set a new program record, breaking one that lasted for all of three weeks.

On Dec. 19 at the XL Center, the Huskies took 40 against Oakland, breaking a record (39) set on Jan. 17, 2009 against Syracuse; the day Maya Moore went 10 for 14 from outside the arc to put 40 on the Orange.

Previous to this recent rash of threes, the Huskies had taken as many as 34 only once – in 1993.

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13 thoughts on “UConn Launching The “Money Ball” At Historic Pace

  1. Slvrhwk

    Geno keeps complaining about the lack of foul calls. No team is going to foul you shooting from outer space ( 41 3 attempts last night ). Why doesn’t he attack the basket with Brianna ( next to no minutes playing time? ), Mo ( forget the 3’s & drive ) and Kelly. If he wants to draw fouls like ND does, he’s got to attack the basket like Muffet does. Simple isn’t it?

  2. Steve Gee

    I don’t know, maybe, probably not, it could be…

    When a team plays a disciplined zone as G-Town does, you’ll typically see more threes.
    There are common ways to break-down the zone:
    Threes – MAKING them, forcing the D to come out and cover, opening up room down low.
    Slash into the seams with the ball (think Kalana Greene)like Jefferson did- to either drive in for an “and one”, or as the D collapses on you, dish it out to the wing for an open shot – often another three, but again, you have to make those shots.
    Ball movement- passing into/ out of those seams in the D- take the mid-range jumper from the seam if they don’t cover fast enough- or hopefully, get them moving enough so that someone is out of position- making room for an easy lay-in, or kick it outside again.
    There’s a reason the three ball (when a team is actually making them) is called a “zone-buster”.
    The issue with the Huskies, is that they have many players capable of making the three, but sometimes they just don’t drop. It happens. The defense stays in the zone. The players keep getting open looks from three, so they keep taking them. They’re simply taking what the D gives them.
    The passes into the post are harder against the zone- which is why ( in theory) I would like to see 2 post players that can pass and shoot in game together -crossing through the lane , with the ability to keep the ball high, along with a triple-threat guard that the D has to respect for her shooting, passing, and ability to dribble penetrate, and two players capable outside.
    The Huskies have all these pieces. It will come.

    I still see folks barking for Geno to reduce Doty’s minutes and give them to Banks. I’m sure there’s a reason for it (beyond just Geno being loyal). I’m not at the practices, but perhaps, just maybe, it’s what coach sees (or doesn’t see) at practice that determines Banks’ minutes. She’s another skilled player than can really slash inside and score. I hope she get’s it together quickly.

      1. Steve Gee

        Yeah Doogie. No player ever improves with practice huh?
        You mention Buck here like you blame Geno for Heather not being as good as the starters.
        Not every player has equal skills. They can’t all be starters.
        Everyone isn’t entitled to get equal minutes.
        That’s just the way it is.

  3. Publicus

    Why is there no game day story about the women’s game today? This story is two days old.

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