UConn No. 2 In Coaches Poll

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UConn’s loss to Notre Dame on Saturday dropped it just one spot in the women’s basketball coaches’ poll. The Huskies fell all the way to No. 3 in the Associated Press’ Top 25 poll. Baylor is also the new No. 1 of the coaches, receiving 21 of 31 first-place votes. Notre Dame is No. 3.


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7 thoughts on “UConn No. 2 In Coaches Poll

  1. Master Mind

    Now that makes sense. How could ND go from 5 to 2 with one win?? Baylor beat them, Baylor deserves 1.
    Stanford or CT belongs at 2. Stanford isn’t any 4 or 5 team that’s just stupid.

    John either the material is very good or you are becoming really positive and good at reporting anything UConn.

  2. colby

    Lets not get all caught up in this poll thing as it is on Jan 9th. I think what makes the loss to ND painful for players and staff is they know they have all the pieces now with the freshman to take a legit shot at winning the national championship. No matter what we are in the polls, Breanna Stewart has got to take the physicality of the game more in stride, get in there take no prisoner attitude and bang back no mater what her frame is. A 6’7 in woman like her with a 7ft wingspan needs to grab the rebound definitively rather than poke it out from to the foul line. I was surprised she did that several times. She looked lost out there at times

  3. CT_OR_Guy

    Let’s fix the rankings! The merry-go-round of who-beat-who has UConn > Stanford > Baylor > ND > UConn

    To resolve this intransitivity, we need more than ranking info — aha, we have scores and game locations! We will build a…

    Model: Point Spread = Avg_Home_Minus_Away_Margin + Rating_Home_Team – Rating_Visiting_Team

    Data: UConn 61 at Stanford 35 (just in case you forgot); Notre Dame 73 at UConn 72 (just in case I forgot); Stanford 71 at Baylor 69 (how could you ever forget); Baylor 73 at ND 61 (who cares?)

    Since the ratings can only be defined to an additive constant, we will constrain their sum to zero (and ratings will mean points above/below average for these four teams).

    Note that the home team always lost!! This yields a Home_Minus_Away_Margin of -10.25 (which is just the average margin of victory by the visitor over the home team).

    Back solving for the team ratings we obtain:

    UConn: 8.125
    Baylor: 0.625
    ND: -1.125
    Stanford: -7.625

    So there you have it — UConn still clearly #1, Stanford #4, and Duke doesn’t matter.

    OH WAIT A MINUTE — Stanford beat Baylor in Hawaii! A neutral location! Oh alright, I’ll redo everything putting Baylor and Stanford on a neutral court. Presto — new results are:

    Home_Minus_Away_Margin = -13.67

    UConn: 9.83
    Stanford: -2.5
    ND: -2.83
    Baylor: -4.5

    Hey look! Playing on the neutral court makes Stanford and Baylor switch places! And that’s how it should be, for to UConn fans, Stanford is always #2.

  4. Arnie of Newtown

    Neat approach to rankings. Beyond my pay grade. In any event, we’ll all feel the rankings are for nought when the women bring back the prize and we get to celebrate with them at the awards ceremony.

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