UConn-Notre Dame X: Same Goal, Different Place

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Just like last year, but in a very different place, UConn and Notre Dame will play for the Big East regular-season championship Monday night in South Bend, Ind.

This will be the 10th meeting between  the teams in the last three years: Notre Dame 5, UConn 4.

Last season, the Huskies ended the season by losing to the Irish at the XL Center, handing the Irish the regular-season title.  One week later, the Huskies temporarily avenged the loss by beating them in the Big East championship game.

Nearly a month after that, the Irish eliminated the Huskies for the second straight season in the NCAA semifinals.

After Saturday’s win at South Florida, which featured a combined 57 points from Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis (32) and Stefanie Dolson (25), but just five from Bria Hartley (three) and Breanna Stewart, Auriemma was asked if a similar night Monday might doom UConn

“Only if we get 35 and 30 from Kaleena and Dolson, which might be possible,” Auriemma said. “Who knows? They’ve been right there all season in everything we’ve done. If we had a chart of their seasons, it might not flow straight across at 10, but it wouldn’t dip much below eight. They have been so unbelievably consistent that you just have to go with it and hope everyone else has to fill in a little bit, whatever that little bit is.”

Auriemma said this season  has been one of the most unusual in his career.

“If you objectively looked at our team, you would say Kaleena, Kelly [Faris] and Stefanie have been the healthiest all season and haven’t missed a beat,” Auriemma said. “Everyone else has had issues and struggled for consistency.

“Now, factor in that three of them are so young [freshmen Stewart, Morgan Tuck and Moriah Jeferson]. If we only had to play one of them, they would be much better. But since we have to play all three in big games, it’s been tough.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in all my years, so much uncertainty. I understand that no one will feel sorry for us, but it’s been such an unusual year in so many ways.”

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16 thoughts on “UConn-Notre Dame X: Same Goal, Different Place

  1. It pays to be Ignorant

    KML healthy?? She’s had ankle troubles much of the year, she has sucked it up and lived with pain!!!

    If Uconn has to rely on 35 from KML and 30 from Dolson it will be a long night with bad results.

    There was way too much hype on Stewart before the year began and immediately thereafter. Stewie has paid the price with fans and the media. She is afterall a Freshman without any Div 1 experience prior to this.
    She has shown her talents and glimpses of how great she will be.

    Losing to Notre Dame is not the end of the UConn world nor does it define the Legacy of Geno Auriemma and these players.

    1. mike mcmanus

      Very well said. I would suggest that if UCONN loses on Monday night, they might have a better chance of beating ND in he Big East and in the NCAA’s [should they play again.] There’s a precedent for that happening.

    2. Another Expert

      “It pays to be Ignorant” like you’re her doctor – stupid mororn

  2. Pat

    I hope UConn wins Monday night, but they might not, but they will advance in the Final Four, hopefully to the championship game. They could win their 8th title, which is the tie with the TN Lady Vols. Wouldn’t it be a great game if UConn could play TN in the Championship game in New Orleans. But, I am afraid it is Baylor’s game to win or lose – wonder how they will do next year without 6’8 Brittany. UConn should be a formidable team next year, but will need to replace Kelly Faris who has been a plus for the team. Go Huskies – see you in New Orleans if you get to the Final Four.

    1. Another Expert

      Wonder how UConn will do without Tina. Oh that’s right. No titles so far.

  3. Fairfield County Fan

    Should be a good game , would love to see UCONN get a win, esp. since ND even changed their Senior Night so it would not occur on UCONN game day.
    Had to chuckle last night watching the WBB “ticker tape” updates on ESPN…after the ND win (over Providence – the team with NO wins in BE conf) the scroll detailed stats for Diggins and McBride; after the UCONN win (over a pretty good USF team that took ND to OT) no stats were given for Mosqueda-Lewis or Dolson, even though M-L had career-high 32 points…… what’s up with that?!

  4. Tom

    ESPN is the worst sports broadcaster for provding facts; they primarily provide spin. During games their announcers tell stories rather than pay attention to what’s going on in the game, which presumably is their job.

    1. Fan of Diana & Tina & Maya

      Like this blog is not providing spin on Faris, Doty, stewart

      1. Tom

        What does one have to do with the other? You appear to have a narrowness of mind that cannot get outside of itself.

        1. Tom Tom

          don’t blame me cause your parents beat you and called you names – get over yourself – your opinions don’t count more than mine

  5. Fan of Diana & Tina & Maya

    UConn did not win the national championship in the first two seasons after Tina graduated. Just wanted to remind everyone how valuable Tina was. Faris is not even the player of the year on UConn, let alone a national POY winner like Tina. Diana won the national championshio her junior season with a team full of freshmen and sophomores. They did not have the talent of KML the greates shooter ever, Dolson the second best center in WCBB, or Stewart the greatest ever. Let’s see what kind of leadership the seniors Faris and Doty bring to UConn in March, starting with Notre Dame.

    1. You're no fan

      You’re no fan of anything.
      Just a simple minded, hateful troll.
      Any one of those you deride in your statements would easily wipe the court with you. And likely also beat you up.
      You are weak of mind and spirit.

  6. Fairfield County Fan

    I am a fan of all of them – – no need to compare or contrast…they were all team players most importantly.
    just thinking how Kelly would react to these comments- probably be dismayed that she was causing such activity from bloggers; and then tell us all to change the subject – back to the TEAM!

    1. Just Passing By

      Kelly is not causing anything. It’s the clear BIAS that has happened in the past and continues to happen. Certain players are held to different standards. It starts with coaches and continues with media and fans.

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