UConn Picks SNY As Its TV Partner For Women’s Hoops

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After 18 years as its exclusive television partner for women’s basketball, CPTV’s relation with UConn ended Tuesday when the university announced SNY will be its women’s basketball regional television broadcast partner for the next four seasons.
“We’re thrilled to become the official TV home of UConn women’s basketball, the preeminent women’s basketball program in the nation,” said Steve Raab, President of SNY.  “This is a landmark partnership and a special opportunity for SNY.”

With SNY, the regional sports network that also telecasts UConn men’s basketball and football, UConn is counting on the an expanding audience of nearly 14 million homes. SNY’s regional territory includes Connecticut, NewYork, New Jersey and Northeast Pennsylvania with national coverage on Comcast AT&T U-Verse,DirectTV and Verizon FiOS.

The rights fee paid UConn will be $4.55 million over the four-year term, 2012-13 through 2015-16 – approximately $1.14 million annually. The rights fee in the previous four-year agreement for UConn women’s basketball television rights averaged $900,000 annually.

The new agreement with SNY provides UConn marketing opportunities, since all of its major sports will be carried by the same network, home of the New York Mets.

“I am very excited that SNY will be our television home for the next four years,” Geno Auriemma said. “This agreement will continue to provide fans in Connecticut an opportunity to watch our team play and will also help us develop a whole new group of UConn women’s basketball fans throughout the Northeast and the entire nation.

“SNY will also allow us to showcase UConn women’s basketball to a larger audience, which will support our recruiting efforts and help us maintain the level of success in our program.”

UConn president Susan Herbst applauded the decision

“This new agreement with SNY will bring UConn women’s basketball to more Husky fans than ever before throughout the region and the nation,” Herbst said. “This is a great opportunity for [UConn] to further showcase our outstanding women’s basketball program and reach our enthusiastic alumni base, both inside and outside the state of Connecticut.”

“I would like to thank Connecticut Public Television, who has been our women’s basketball television home for the past 18 years.  CPTV has been a loyal and dedicated partner, and both CPTV and UConn have benefitted from the relationship. We look forward to maintaining a relationship with CPTV, both institutionally and in terms of athletics with their new CPTV Sports channel.”

Similar to past years, a minimum of 17 live UConn games will be televised as part of the SNY package.  The exact number of games is dependent on several factors related to BIG EAST broadcast agreements, including the number of games selected for national television.

SNY will devote approximately 325 hours of coverage annually to UConn women’s basketball. In addition to the live games, there will be game replays, an in-season weekly coach’s show and a new program called “Geno’s Legacy.”

This program, which would have 2-3 episodes annually, would feature interviews with former UConn players who have played a major role in the history of the program and highlight what these players are now doing in their lives.

The annual number of hours also features  in-depth pre game and post  game shows  for each broadcast that would originate live from SNY’s street-level studio — in the heart of Manhattan — directly across the street from Radio City Music Hall.

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101 thoughts on “UConn Picks SNY As Its TV Partner For Women’s Hoops

  1. KC

    If you whined about pledge drives just wait til SNY decides not to broadcast the GAMES vs low-rated opponents. REMEMBER IT IS A MINIMUM of 17 live games and after 18 years with almost every game BROADCAST LIVE, (I think they only missed 1 or 2) this will be quite a wake up call.

  2. KFC

    Anything will be an improvement over the relentless drivel spewed by Bob Picosi & Meghan. Maybe the new broadcasters will actually talk about what’s happening on the floor; who the foul is on, etc. They just can’t stop talking. Now, about Doris Burke,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

    1. Rich

      Turn the sound off on your TV and tune into Joe Dambosio on WTIC-AM and you will know exactly what’s going on play by play and fouls ETC….

      1. Cmack

        don’t listen to Joe D … he covers the men’s team (that will be QUITE the lag in airtime). Bob Joyce, on the other hand, does a *fantastic* job doing play-by-play for the UConn women on WTIC … and Kara Wolters gets better every year with her color commentary :)

    1. Rene Morache

      As a transplanted UConn women’s basketball fan since Rebecca Lobo was a freshman, it grieves me that, living now in Georgia, I and at least five others in my neighborhood will no longer be able to watch the games. Hoopstreams was our lifesaver. Now with our local Comcast not having SNY on its program choices, we are relegated to reading about the games in the Courant on-line. UConn should have thought about its responsibility to the community before it merely thought that money would suffice. We love the girls and will miss them. The Courant could do those of us out of state a favor by putting the box score of each game on-line with a link to it.

  3. Marge Horvath


  4. nickp

    SNY is one of 14 managed regional sports networks by Comcast Sports Management Group. Comcast is the owner of NBC Universal and its NBC Sports Group. The entire NBC Sports Group will make Stamford, Conn., its new corporate headquarters next year

    1. Jim Altemus

      By all appearances the men’s program is at the end of its run, at least under Jim Calhoun. I wonder how much of this decision was based on the fact that revenues from the men’s program will most likely be hurt by the post-season ban and the resulting mass exodus?

  5. Brian Greenleaf

    Wonder what is going to happen when the men and women play at the same time??????????

  6. Bob Plecs

    If you thought CPTV was bad, how much of the game did you miss when ESPN and ESPN2 covered the game and returned to the game late after a commercial, didn’t identify fouls and covered half of the court with some promotional logo for a future telecast? Wider coverage, but less coverage for those in Connecticut; all for a few bucks.

    1. KB

      Get a clue, the game doesn’t start back up until commercials are over, that’s why it’s called a TV timeout

  7. Newgirl2

    I am truly disappointed and will miss CPTV dearly, even though they requested pledges, and pledges, and pledges, and ……… Uconn should never forget who helped to showcase the women’s game.

  8. Jojo

    What a sellout by Uconn. They’re forgetting where they came from, and just chasing the dollars. My parents can’t afford cable but they always loved watching the women on CPTV. If they had attendance issues before wait until the fans can’t watch games and will forget that the team exists.

  9. Dave

    Give SNY a chance before we rip them. I’m sure UConn set up some parameters for them. SNY does not schedule the games The Big East does that. CPTV did a grat job for 18 years, but face it the last few years it was harder for them to fill their pledges. UConn can’t pass up the added exposure in New York, New Jersey and Penn. Time will tell.

  10. Sydney White

    Someone let me know if those of us out of the area are going to be able to stream the games as we were able to on CPTV???
    If so what will the cost be? UConn should be ashamed to just drop CPTV. They serviced them more than every well during the eighteen years they did the broadcasts and it was evident they all loved Uconn.

  11. Bob

    It’s a SAD and BAD day for UConn Women’s basketball fans now that SNY has been awarded the contract. SNY’s coverage is going to be horrible. They could care less about UConn or their FANS as witnessed by their coverage of UConn football. All you people who complained about CPTV and their pledge requests have your wish, you probably never pledged either. This past year it was harder to make their pledges. I don’t know if this played into Jerry Franklins bid for the contract. I can’t believe he let this get away after 18 years at least they CARED about the FANS. It’s hard to believe that UConn would sell them out after 18 years and all that they have done for UConn’s Women’s basketball. What would you expect in this day of the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR. The HELL with loyalty!

  12. Michael milardo

    For $20,000 we are sending millions of dollars out of the state. CPTV should have had the right to match any offer.I doubt that UCONN is going to find the younger fan base outside of Connecticut.Its the older,loyal fans who have the time and money to pay the high ticket prices as well as the streaming of games. I have been watching UCONN both here and in Florida, and I hope that streaming will be available,otherwise my new cheer will be “Go Seminoles”.

    1. Steve

      Last time I checked the difference between 900,000 and 1.14 million is 240,000, where did you get 20 from???

      1. gail

        The $20,000 is the difference between this years sny and CPTV bids. The 900,000 is last years figure .

  13. Bob Cochrane

    For those of us in Massachusetts we are no longer able to watch the UConn games as CPTV was on a number of our cable providers. Shame on Uconn.SNY is a financial cop out.

  14. Andy Panda

    I am perplexed! With a roster showing wide geographical diversity, how does the move to SNY help recruiting? SNY states, according to the above article, that they will devote 325 hours to UConn WBB. I wonder what kind of fill will be used after the game time, Geno Show time, Pre-game show time, and Post-Game show time. There is no video streaming on SNY’s web site. If they don’t do it for any other team, why would they have it for UConn WBB?

  15. grace hill

    While the added exposure to new markets might seem aluring to UConn, this contract will diminish the exposure locally here in most of CT. While I am not a big fan of the CPTV format for broadcasting games,I believe viewership will be less under the SNY contract and it would appear that UConn has sold out to the highest bidder without giving their partner for the past 18 years a chance to match. This would seem to be a poor business decision for $20,000 especially since CPTV would likely have matched the price. I guess loyalty is a one way street. I think they will regret this decision down the road

    1. coach777b

      It’s $240,000/year difference! Aside from the money, UCONN is turning its back on its fan base. The people who supported this team will be unable to stream the video. Why UCONN would set up in the middle of Seton Hall and St. Johns territory is puzzling. This is a bad move especially with the 2012/13 team’s expectations. Beaming into Villanova territory? Geniuses at work here!

  16. Firecracker

    Last year when the men went to SNY we had to upgrade our Directv to watch the games. Not everyone can afford to do this and many fans missed the games unless they went to someone else’s house to watch it, how inconvenient. Now those fans will probably miss many of the women’s games. Hopefully, SNY will not do the round robin thing and we only get to watch a portion of the games. This past year when ESPN had the women’s games, and you didn’t have cable, you missed the entire game because they felt other games were more interesting. UCONN needs to air the games on a station that everyone can get, regardless of who services their programming.

      1. Dave Gelo

        The people like myself who have the DISH Network can no longer watch any UCONN sports, men or women including football because DISH does NOT provide SNY Network.
        It is time to change providers.
        There goes your fans UCONN.

    1. Tom Bean

      i luv SNY



  17. Sharon Parsons

    How will folks like us in Florida get all the games and how much will it cost to watch them.Shame on Uconn, If it wasn’t for CPTV noone would know how great Uconn women are

  18. Don Schober

    My wife and I were loyal supporters of Hoopstreams on CPTV and watch from our home on Cape Cod, although we could watch them on vacation simply by connecting to the website to get to Hoopstreams. We saw most of the games ever broadcast. We also think that Bob Picosi and Megan Cuomo were excellent announcers since they announced the score as well as other details. My wife is blind, so having someone actually say something is a big help.

    Will SNY have something similar to Hoopstreams? Thank you.

  19. Peter Zenger

    One very key element that you neglected to report that the CPTV bud was $13,000 less than SNY. Thanks UConn. I guess loyalty doesn’t amount to much if you can sell out for $13,000. Way to go!

  20. cj

    looking forward to the announcement that the uconn main campus will be moving to a more beneficial location–perhaps at the same rest stop on 95 that houses geno’s fast food place. sure, calhoun will be miffed about that, but he doesn’t have much clout right now, does he? let’s see how well ny, nj and eastern pa support uconn athletics. for me, i’ll be investing in the uhart womens program. go hawks!

  21. Vern Sanders

    I personally found the constant pandering for money by CPTV constantly annoying. As for Bob Picozzi, he was not nearly half as bad as Megan Cuomo with her grating guffaws and her smarmy inside know-it-all attitude. Hope we get some professional announcers. CPTV was there for us though and we owe them our sincere thanks!

  22. Fred Hogaboom

    Mighty dollar trumps loyalty every time. Wonder how long the “new” viewers will watch blowouts.

  23. Fran Bresson

    Shame on Uconn, many loyal fans will miss games that do not have cable T.V. and those that will follow on SNY will only see select games. I guess we will have to follow the games in newspapers the day after. Also no more Geno show.

  24. Frank

    This move is good for UConn and good for fans of CPTV who were constantly inconvenienced when regular PBS programming was pre-empted by women’s basketball.

  25. JMP

    This is great for those who have ATT. I switched from Comcast to ATT over a year ago. Even though I live in Fairfield County, CPTV isn’t carried on ATT. I subscribed to Hoop Streams but was very disappointed in the quality. The flip side is that my wife and I went to more more of the games because of it. When attendance goes down because of the improved coverage, will Geno still be happy with the switch?

  26. Harvey

    It’s disappointing to hear about the switch to SNY. I’ve been one of the broadcast fans that doesn’t have cable or satellite TV so this news means I’m going to miss the games.

  27. R. Winograd

    Shame on you! You have forgotten your fan base – the Seniors who have supported the team all these years.Watching the women play helped us get thru the CT winters and we also bought the Hoop Streams program for when we were away just so we would not miss a game! YOU HAVE SOLD US OUT!!

  28. Dale

    I’m so disappointed! My cable provider doesn’t have SNY. UConn completely let down the viewers in CT. Eastern CT was sacrificed to get viewers in NY, NJ & PA who most likely won’t watch anyway.

  29. Cliff & Mary in Florida

    Remember this day… and start the countdown to the demise of popularity of UCONN Women’s basketball. Possibly the worst sellout in the history of college baskeyball. Loyal fans, who used to be able to watch up to 40 games annually, now can watch a whopping total of 17!!! (Only if you buy into the SNY sports package on your cable provider… if you are lucky enough to even have it offered… ours doesn’t) When the geniuses who made this deal see the outcome, watch how fast the deal unravels… there will be a dramatic dip in fandom, fewer fans in the seats, and a growing animosity among those that, in the past, talked up the program. Talk about a bozo move!!!
    So, for the next four years, get ready for the inevitable… declining viewerships, and with it, loss of local interest, national recognition… and, eventually, being dropped from the SNY network as well. You heard it here first!

  30. M. Isabelle

    I will miss CPTV coverage, however WTIC AM radio-Yes, Radio!, provided an in-depth coverage of the games and I was able to listen without skipping a beat.

    1. Anita

      WTIC Radio was great! I was able to do all sorts of things while I listened to the games. Terrific coverage.

  31. JoeSouth

    “You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.” They paved Paradise & put up an atm. $$$$

  32. ED

    I think that CPTV should do what they can to try and get back UConn. I think that they have been a very loyal support system for them for the last 18 years. CPTV has done many wonderful shows with Geno and some of the players. CPTV would also make sure that they had many volunteers to answer the phones during the games. CPTV made us feel like one big happy family. Alot of viewers will be unable to watch the game given it is a New York based company. I hope CPTV does not give up a fight and eventually gets the UConn games back. I think CPTV is the best choice for UCONN

  33. PereiraBob

    I watched the games on CPTV and ESPN streamline from Colombia South America. I can’t agree more with Cliff and Mary. This is the beginning of the end…

  34. Tom

    I am very disappointed with UConn; they better not use the word “loyalty” in their public releases: they don’t have any so they can’t ask for any. If SNY paid twice CPTV, then I could have a bit of empathy. By selling out to SNY, they have thumbed their noses at the state’s UConn women’s fans, while in no uncertain terms telling CPTV what they think of them and their organization. UConn: what goes around, comes around…..

  35. Paul

    Why is this surprising to anyone here? Uconn’s Football and Men’s Basketball games are already on SNY (off free-TV). With that in mind, why wouldn’t SNY want to carry Women’s Basketball? If you think Uconn is going to turn down over $4 million, just to keep the games on CPTV, you’re crazy. If someone offered you more money for a product you were selling, you would take it every time.

  36. KB

    Big deal all games won’t be on TV, so the old bags that watch every game on TV won’t be about to see UConn beat PC by 60, big deal

  37. Frank

    The reaction to this story reminds me of 1995. The Yankee’s fired manager Buck Showalter and allowed catcher Mike Stanley to slip away to free agency. Yankee fans were furious. Many swore they would never watch another Yankee game. Then they started to win World Series and attendance took off. As long as the UConn women win championships the fans will be there.

  38. Andy Panda

    After perusing these comments, I wonder if a CPTV-Uof Hartford broadcast arrangement would be feasible? Include Hoop Streams in the package and I am in!

  39. BKDad

    I’m curious – what “marketing” does UConn need to do?

    For example, how many women’s basketball recruits does UConn miss because of being on CPTV as opposed to somewhere else?

    Or, is it to market the school? As it is, the school admissions rate is lower than it has ever been.

    Would more kids applying from NY and NJ make the school somehow better? That’s kind of a rhetorical question, since many schools compete for some sort of rank in the US News college survey. But, does that in truth make the school itself better? Personally, I question this aspect of the way colleges approach the education business, but that’s only my opinion.

  40. Alan

    As a fan living in California, I hope that SNY will provide streaming Internet access for the women’s games. I have enjoyed watching the women’s basketball on CPTV’s Hoopstream and hope not to be left out by the new agreement, especially with such a talented group of players to watch.

    Thanks for the good years CPTV. I’ll miss you.


  41. Sue Perry

    Please tell me that SNY will provide streaming to those of us who are out of the telivised area and don’t get those sports channels.

  42. lyndie

    New York, New Jersey and Pa have their own teams. Why would they take an interest in the UConn Women because of SNY? Hasn’t anyone noticed how Comcast is gaining total control over channels and increased their prices in a poor economy where many can no longer afford to have cable?! Seems to me, all of this boils down to a deal with NBC Sports moving headquarters to Stamford…. I smell Govenor Malloy involved in this one. Does WTIC-AM have a contract to guarantee radio coverage? I wouldn’t bet on it. Good bye UConn! It was fun while it lasted.

  43. Dave

    Hey seniors, stop crying give SNY a chance. Her’s an idea go to a game in person. Look on the bright side more money for lottery tickets instead of paying for SNY. HA, Ha, Ha,Ha

    1. ed

      Excuse me Dave but if you are going to rip people at least make sure you use the correct words. It is “HERE’S” not “HER’S”. In addition I believe the person mentioned being out of state so they can’t GO TO THE GAME IN PERSON

  44. jackl

    Now what will Dishnetwork do? Start charging extra to put SNY back on their channel list or not bother at all.

  45. Dean

    One thing that has not been mentioned anywhere is SNY is the official channel of the BIGEAST.ORG. This means that they want all of thier schools to be a part of the same network. They can now get a piece of the UCONN/CPTV pie in royalities. Does this mean if it will be broadcast on Bigeast.TV? Who knows. The move gets them out of the local market. It might give SNY the lift they need to compete with ESPN U . Its a move that should of been done long ago but CPTV never did.

  46. CHarles Sorden

    What kind of message is UCONN trying to send new recruits?
    Are they saying DO NOT expect us to be loyal to you unless we feel like it.

    Too bad!
    This decision represents BAD implomacy.
    But, then what can we expect from todays leaders.

  47. Brian Danko

    UCONN did what they do best, take the money and run. They preach loyalty but there is none but I will still get the calls to donate more money to the school athletic deveolpment fund. A UCONN cop out and classless way to get a new TV partner.

  48. terrapin

    Get used to this. This is the sort of thing Pres. Herbst is bringing to UConn. She said on an NPR interview (I’m paraphrasing) that she didn’t feel UConn has any responsibility to admit CT residents over out of state applicants, in part because the out of staters pay a higher tuition fee. We are supporting this place in part with our taxes; if you want to watch the team you now have to pony up a cable fee. And it’s a nice slap in the face for CPTV, who covered these games when the big networks weren’t interested.

    1. BKDad

      The big issue, to me, is not so much the women’s TV package, as much as we might not be happy with that. It’s that UConn is a state university whose primary mission is to offer higher education for state residents. That’s why we support it with public funds, is it not?

  49. PCL

    Remember, the UConn men got their television start on CPTV too. Clearly UConn as a University will benefit more from a package with SNY than CPTV. This is a pragmatic and perfectly defensible decision. Fans will adjust to the new realities – we always do.

  50. Steve

    Has anyone really listened to themselves before complaining?? SNY is carrying a minimum of 17 games, a minimum. Did anyone look into how many games CPTV carried last year? Well I did, 20, a whopping three more. For all the people that are complaining they don’t have cable to watch the games, do you stop watching come tournament time when both conference and NCAA are on ESPN? To others that say this is the beginning of the decline in the women, are you nuts????? The option to go to a channel that has access all across the country vs one that I just recently got on uverse in Fairfield County, who wouldn’t choose that?? Find me another collegiate women’s team that will have the reach that the women will have with this deal. Kudos to both UConn and SNY for this new partnership!!

  51. JEL

    For all of you that have access to SNY this probably isn’t that big a deal. But, so many of us that live out of the area depended on Hoopstreams to follow the women’s team. It’s also not as easy to just say switch to a different cable company or satellite company either. With satellite TV it comes down to signal strength and with cable it comes down to territory depending on where you live. CPTV offered video streaming to anyone willing to pay in any area which was a big plus. And, don’t forget every satellite company and cable company regularly has “feuds” with different channels and you could be shut off from that channel at any time while they bicker over transmission fees. So while UConn may pick up viewers in NY, NJ, CT, etc. it will be losing a lot of viewers from other areas.

  52. Dave

    Steve you gave the best discription with the SNY deal. It’s such a win win for UConn you would be a fool not to accept it. No college women’s team will have this TV deal in the country. In a way it’s like Notre Dame on NBC to smaller degree. Great for Geno in recruting across the country. Now build the practice facility and UConn has more than any women’s team in the country to showcase their program. They will be the envy across the country.

  53. Justin

    UConn had to make this kind of a deal. With the ACC signing a new ESPN deal that lasts into the next decade, and the Big East unraveling before our eyes, the Huskies had no choice. SNY is the oxygen tank that will keep the program on life support for the next few years.

  54. Sydney White

    John, Can you see if there is any provision for video streaming? That is most important to many of us.

  55. Tinker Ball

    SNY does not have a broadcast service. so if you have a new HD TV and you dropped your cable or satellite servce no UConn. They also don’t have 100% cable penetration in CT. This could be a problem.

  56. Dennis Rau

    Did UConn bother to look at the fallout for the CT fans? With the SNY deal they have cut off Dish viewers nationwide and especially those not on a cable tv system who in the past were able to view CPTV’s off-air signal. Reminds me of a restaurant deal that Geno was going to open in southern CT and then no-shows.

  57. UconnFan

    To me this is very sad. There is no loyalty or any consideration of the fans when it comes to money. You have schools leaving their conference and dropping long standing rivalries for money. These universities have become like our states and government, they cannot live on a budget and act like the spoiled child who always wants more.

  58. gENOSGUY

    KFC—Bob Picozzi is among the best BB announcers–he never failed to tell you who committed a foul or how many, his details were great. Meghan, was full of Pa idioms and mispronouncing s. Her inside stuff is why she got the job. I shall miss the Geno Show. Geno said he’d never leave CPTV–said it over and over. I hope he wasn’t part of the sell out. 18 years deserves the offer of meeting the highest bid. SNY will not be on dish at any price–Direct has that sewed up. What will John A do for a news source now that he can’t draw on his CPTV info. He (john) did say SNY would be doing Streaming for us out here in the hinter land. You Dish folks will have to switch to Direct to get the games, unless you can convince Dish to spend some money to get it–LOL..

  59. gENOSGUY

    Terrapin; Ever since Kline (or Klein) sued UConn –out staters only pay out of state fees for one semester, if they are smart. They get a P.O. box and establish “residency”, even from the dorm. Then they pay in state fees. Only stupid, uninformed people pay out of state fees to any State school anywhere. Look it up, this is fact you can count on.

  60. Fer

    HERBST is the problem here. She’s the new sherif in town and she’s completely out of touch with CT.
    This deal makes no sense monetarily ($80,000in bids?), it doesn’t make marketing, or recruiting sense,(has the Uconn Women’s team lacked in recruiting or marketing?) and it’s sending Connecticut jobs to NY. So there must be other issues behind the scenes.
    The sad thing is that this is clearly a humongous set-back for the coverage of the lady Huskies. No way SNY will give the ladies the priority CPTV has. NY is saturated sports market of which HERBST says the Uconn women can compete in. Sadly it’s the end of an era.

  61. DAN

    Living in Mass., I will NOT be able to watch any games. Don’t think I miss more than 5-7 games since 1995. Now I will miss all of them. Comcast will not offer SNY in my area.

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