UConn Reaches Three-Point Milestone

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Kelly Faris made three three-pointers Saturday and now has 101 in her career. That gives UConn four players with at least 100 three-pointers on the same team for the first time in its history. Faris joins Mosqueda-Lewis (155), Hartley (153) and Doty (133) … The 20th win for the Huskies means there have been only four seasons in Auriemma’s 27 that his team hasn’t reached the milestone. The last time is happened was in 1992-93 (18-11) after the Huskies failed to do so in his first three seasons (1985-88). UConn has won at least 30 games in seven straight years, 12 of the last 13. … Faris (65) and Mosqueda-Lewis (91) continue to approach the 1,000-point career mark.

Former Connecticut all-state player, Manchester High’s Ashley Perez, is off to a slow start as a St. John’s freshman. She did not play Saturday and has appeared only 14 games this season, shooting just 5 of 29 (17.2 percent) and 3 of 20 from three. She scored over 2,000 points in high school. … UConn’s 51 field goal attempts tied a season-low set against Wake Forest at the Paradise Jam



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20 thoughts on “UConn Reaches Three-Point Milestone

  1. BY

    PG Doty 1 AST 0 PTS 1 FGA.
    SG Hartley 0-7 3PM-A 3-13 FGM-A.
    Stewart 0-2 3PM-A 2-8 FGM-A.
    Against St. Johns.

  2. BY

    Ashly Perez is confirming what Heather Buck proved. Connecticut high school girsl basketball does not offer much competition and does not prepare players for big time D1.

    1. Village Idiot

      By: Roberts on Villanova is one of their top player–div 1.
      Maria Conlon–Joined with DT to get Uconn a National Championship. She’s my favorite.
      But by and large history has proven you correct, unfortunately.
      This was a gut tough victory. You don’t annoint teams great until they pull a victory from the jaws of defeat.
      However. Stewart is not tough enough for Div one. In big games when her scoring can make a difference she can’t hit a layup. Next year and beyond she shall be great.
      KML in the first ND game LAST YEAR was overwhelmned by the pressure and turned the ball over in a critical time. But NEVER again and was factor in the win over ND last year in the BE. Now she is the go to player in every game–tough kid, plays thru pain no pressure bothers her. And she is beautiful!!!

  3. Bridget

    BY: Clearly you’ve never heard of Nykeesha Sales or Maria Conlan. Other than that, good job on a pointless and rude post.

    1. BY

      By naming only 2 players you proved my point. Learn to read AND comprehend BEFORE making a pointles reply.

      1. Gigette

        As one who should have read and comprehended you shouldn’t be talking–in this case writing. BY Ignoance be thy name.

        1. The Anti Geno

          another fockin idiot who just hates when someone else has an opinion

  4. ray-ray

    another great game by doty.she deserves to play.uconn played without dolson and when banks got hurt doty had to play—–tough things to overcome.

  5. Auriemma on Hartley

    “It is much more of a mental struggle than it is a physical struggle.”

    1. Merry Lee

      Bob Picozzi quoted Geno as saying:

      (Paraphrasing) All that I can determine as the problems Hartley is having is because of the ankle. From the Real Geno Auriemma.

  6. SBB

    It seems over the years when some of the players think we can coast.There aren’t. One of the problems is letting those who are stuggling play through their struggles. Then when they are needed, they have more experience, which will tend to give them more confidence. You can’t give players junk minutes and then whine when they struggle in big games………..

    1. Dazed & Confused

      I basically say that every game. Especially blowouts like the 81 point win over Holy Cross in November 2010. Maya made a 3pt to put UConn up by 61. I never will understand why she was playing and why she was shooting 3pt.

  7. HarryH

    As I remember Tina C couldn’t make lay ups until her junior year and neither could Dolson. What seems as if it should be the easiest basket obviously isn’t.

    Stewart needs more playing time – Geno yanked her yesterday and that was it for her. Doesn’t help her improve.

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