UConn Rolls To 103-39 Win

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The most startling aspect of the preseason for the No. 2 UConn women was the realization that not one of their 224 points came from the hands of its All-American, Bria Hartley.

Hartley is out with a badly sprained ankle. Her return is still undetermined. And yet, even without her, the depth and versatility that remains will spin the head of their opponents.

On this the 2012-13 season’s opening day, the dubious honor of being the first opponent to dip its toe in the shark-filled water was the College of Charleston Sunday at Gampel Pavilion.

And frankly, the next two hours were filled with enough gore to divert your gaze as the Huskies steamrolled the Cougars, 103-39, before a crowd of 6,221.

You may have heard of Breanna Stewart, the nation’s consensus high school player of the year last season. Geno Auriemma thinks she could one of the best players UConn has ever recruited.

Now we know why. Stewart made her debut by leading six Huskies in double-figures with 21 points (8 of 11) with five rebounds and four steals. Only Maya Moore scored as many in their UConn debuts in program history,

Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis added 19 points, five steals, four assists and eight rebounds

Let’s put it this way: the Cougars scored the first and last basket of the first half. UConn scored 57 of the other 66 points to lead, 57-13.

Kelly Faris put them over 100 with a layup with 2:21 to play.

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20 thoughts on “UConn Rolls To 103-39 Win

  1. Denise in AZ

    I enjoyed the coverage by SNY, especially the All Access season preview. Is there a box score for the game in the Courant?

  2. UconnFan

    This is going to be a very good year for the girls. In their really good years they had the two or three go to girls, but what made them great was the scoring they got from the 4-6 girls. This year looks to be the same as the great ones and we do not have to hold our breath in tough games should Dolson or Bria get into early foul trouble with the quality of players on the bench!

    1. Sotires

      Uconn Fan,

      The UConn women’s team are called that because they are women – not girls.

    1. Sly Williams


      Kelly Farris is really good…

      She is probably the most over-rated under-rated player in UCONN history.

      But, a “superstar” she is not.

      Love ‘ya martAnne…

    2. Baylor 80-0

      I know Bill Russell. And Kelly Faris is no Bill Russell. Translation, she is not a superstar.

  3. palimpsest

    SNY coverage was amazing in the shows on the 8th, and today before, at the half, after and post game interviews–CPTV a much as I thought of their coverage–didn’t compare. Paying Direct Tv the extra 13 dollars a month for the Sports Pack will be like owning a piece of the team. Great job SNY!!! And we got to see J.A. in action.
    Megan, Kara and their supporting teams were great. Megan (whom I dissed for her Penn twang and”isms” ) was exceptional and professional. Kara out did herself and looked gorgeous .

  4. Hey Dennise in Arizona--

    Go to the UConnhuskies.com website, clickon TEAMS, Then Womens Basketball Schedule, bring up the previous event (Charleston) click on box scores–and you got all you want or click on gametracker in the charleston game box either will give you what you want.. I keep the gametracker on my laptop while I watch the game, a bit of a delay (sometimes) then I get the stats as they happen. I usually know the score and the foul situation before the announcer says it.

  5. fishpaw31

    Loved watching the success of the three freshmen! With the addition of Stewart & Tuck, play in the post will be sweet for Stefanie D. Loved seeing the “new” Brianna Banks! This season will be special.

    Loved seeing Kevin Ollie at the game (my guess is that Calhoun never once appeared at a women’s game in all his years @ UConn)!

    Go Huskies!

    1. Foster

      Jim though he knew more about basketball than Geno. And Geno was never going to kiss ass…

      Now Kevin knows that there is a lot he can learn from Geno and how his team goes about it’s business.

      I respect Jim.
      I love Geno.
      Best of luck to Kevin.

  6. bridget

    I watched this game today I thought that everyone played great today and every one scored it was a great win for them today.

  7. Baylor 80-0

    Without Hartley, this team loses to Stanford. Maybe even to A&M, Maryland, and the Golden Domers. Jefferson is just another Dixon. No offense from outside the lane. Too small to score effectively inside the lane.

    1. Publicus

      Baylor 80-0 –

      Does your name indicate that you’re from Texas? Your foolish posts seem to indicate that you are because Texas represents everything that’s wrong with America. The governor there (the idiot of the GOP debates) said he wanted to secede from the U.S. – please do. We won’t stop you this time.

      Good riddance to bad trash, and don’t let the door hit you in the butt on your way out.

  8. Baylor 80-0

    Why on earth is Geno risking injury to Stewart and KML with a 50 point lead? Oh, that’s right. Engeln and Johnson transferred. Next season Geno will have no option but to risk injury to even more of his best players when up by 40+ because UConn has only 1 recruit and loses 3 seniors.

    1. JD

      You’re a moron. Why are you even here if you are not a fan? Uconn will be fine and Uconn will roll over everyone til they meet Baylor which should be a good match up.

  9. Sal and Irene

    Appears that Baylor 80-0 is drinking Texas “kool aid”.
    Uconn will roll over everyone until the Baylor game. That one will be tough. Can’t deny the Griner is great as well as Simms, but Uconn has too many weapons. A&M will be the first
    Domino to fall.

  10. JD

    Great coverage by SNY. Baylor 80-0 is an idiot. I don’t understand why he/she is even here if they are not fans. It was a good game to watch and looking forward to the next game. This year’s team looks awesome.

  11. Best UConn Fan Ever

    (1) Diggins and other athletes would run down Stewart in the open court on a break away.
    (2) I noticed Tiff did not fall down in the game.
    (3) I miss EDD already.

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