UConn Says Banks Update Coming Monday – After MRI

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UConn plans to offer no update on the condition of sophomore guard Brianna Banks Sunday, saying more news would be available Monday after her MRI is administered.

Banks, a sparkplug off the bench for the 20-1 Huskies, suffered what’s for now being called a sprained right knee while being called for a charge midway through the first half. She had been in the game for just one minute and had already scored three points.

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26 thoughts on “UConn Says Banks Update Coming Monday – After MRI

  1. Questions Of My Childhood

    Sad for Banks. She worked her way into the rotation over the spring and summer without the coaches.

  2. Basketball Genius

    As and Expert among Experts–allow me to voice an uneducated, unknowlegable, uncertain opinion:

    I hope Banks is not hurt beyond a bruise.
    I like Banks.
    With game experience (only and opinion) she may, could be, should be, will be (you pick the one you like) an exceptional, good, better, excellent, great (Pick one) player at Uconn.
    Like all the other on this site I offer the above as an opinion, not facts, not expertise, just an opinion from a nonexpert.

    1. Merch Me

      As a expert with twenty years experience coaching at a high level, it is refreshing to have someone come on here and admit that they know nothing.

      And, I agree – you know nothing.

        1. Mercy Me

          He only coached at home–By–Ariemma and a few other stupid names is used by the anti coach.
          His expertise is in being negative and critical–even when there is nothing to be critical of. Ignore the person he has severe moderate mental issues.

  3. fanofit

    Talk about ref’s adding insult to injury, Banks gets a knee stuck into her groan while on the drive and gets called for charge. Ref’s are encouraging this style of play. This could be it for her.

  4. HarryH

    I hope she is better quickly. I don’t think that was a charge at all. The ST. John’s player was moving and Banks didn’t run into her.
    Another game with some strange calls.

  5. martin fallon

    There has been consistent fan support for Banks, understanding the difficulties breaking into a solid lineup and wanting to reward her for her summer work and positive contributions. She is quick, and strong, can defend, rebound, shoot from the perimeter and drive to the hoop. What’s not to like? We wish her a minor sprain and a rapid recovery. She’s paid her dues.

    1. Lorna Doone

      Like many fans we have been supporting her all year and hoped she’d get more time in bigger games. when the time finally arrived this happens.
      I sincerely hope Sal Pace is wrong about the ACL.

  6. nhntc47

    To show that I know something about basketball I have to say that even Magic Johnson was an overrated player, and LeBron James is just above average.

  7. Sal Pace

    I’m going to say what we all fear that she might have a torn ACL based on how she was walked off the court.

    1. By golly

      Sal Pace—It appears you saw something that made you believe Banks had torn the ACL. Shame, I know you like me wish you had been wrong. Banks will be missed more than we know, I thought she was a key player for the run to the championship.

  8. ray-ray


  9. martin fallon

    Tore my ACL in my fifties, had effective surgery and rehab and can still play tennis almost twenty years later. Banks is young and strong, her motivation self evident. My hope is that she returns, meets and exceeds her athletic goals.

  10. fanofit

    This is the news I was dreading. I had a strong feeling she tore it due to her expression while staff pressed her knee. I really felt for her like she was my own daughter. %^@#%@* ref’s.

  11. Jake Solitano

    I am a big fan of Brianna Banks. Love what she did for her game over the offseason; love her heart and willingness to fight for excellence. Those are qualities you just have to root for. Wish her a full and speedy recovery.

    1. Mike McManus

      I second your comment. Banks has become one of my favorites and it’s so sad to see this happen to her after her remarkable improvement since last season. She had such a bright future and the team really needs her down the stretch. Sue Bird also had an ACL injury and she’s still playing great b-ball, so good luck Brianna and work hard at your rehab. Let’s hope that Jefferson accepts the challenge and fills the void.

      1. Coach Nono

        Mike–You ring the bell all others have been ringing–Banks was on the road to greatness at Uconn. I hope she has the guts of Shea, the drive of Sue, the Heart of Svet and can successfully work thru this disaster.

  12. The Anti Geno

    Hopefully no one else will suffer a season ending injury. 2001 first it was my love Sveta then it was win at all costs Shea.

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