UConn-Stanford Extend Series Thru 2014-15

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Stanford and UConn, currently the top two teams in the Associated Press Top 25, will meet Dec. 29 at Palo Alto. It was to have been the final game in the latest series between the teams.

But the schools announced during Wednesday’s game that they will play for at least two more seasons, beginning next year in Connecticut. And next year’s game will open the 2013-14 season for UConn on Nov. 10, 2013.

Geno Auriemma seemed surprised the news came out.

“How many years? Just two,” he said. “And where are we playing [next season]? Here? We’re opening with Stanford next season? Who’s idea was that?

“I’ve always thought that we would play them for as long as they want to play us. I might even ask them if they want to play us home-and-home every year. The way schools are moving, you if you just played non-conference games, you could play in just about every conference in the country if you want to. As long as Stanford wants to play us, we will play them. I have a lot of respect for the university. The coaching staff is comprised of great people and the kids they recruit are the same. I’m thrilled that it’s done.”

The programs have played each other seven times since 2007, three times in the Final Four


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8 thoughts on “UConn-Stanford Extend Series Thru 2014-15

  1. UConn Husky Fan

    Great news with the UConn-Stanford series being extended until 2014-15! Now if the powers that be can get together and reignite the UConn vs. Tennessee series with Pat Summitt no longer in charge that would be even better. In the long run the Lady Huskies need more tough games during the season as opposed to playing the Colgate’s of the world. Remember the goal is to put up more NCAA women’s championship banners in the rafters. You want UConn to have the experience in going up against more quality teams during the season; not playing cream-puffs night in and night out. It’s why Geno decided that playing UNC, (down near where I currently live) was no longer in the program’s best interests. The Lady Tar Heels could not prove that they were competitive against UConn getting blown out by 40+ points in recent games, both in Chapel Hill and up in CT.

  2. Villiage Idiot

    What Universe Idiot decided UConn women should OPEN their season with a game against Stanford????? Uconn’s Freshmen (if they have any) won’t know where the bathroom is by game time.
    I liked the comment by Geno he’ll play Stanford as long as they want to play Uconn. Unlike the “Evil Empire” that still fails to honor requests to play them. Now the REALLY big STAGE is occupied by Stanford and Uconn.
    Just think Geno can Recruit in Calif based on having this game every year.

  3. Ffld County fan

    Tennessee is fast becoming irrelevant….and they won’t agree to a match-up with UCONN again until/unless they feel they can win – ergo – don’t expect that rivalry to resume anytime soon! and life goes on :-)

  4. Poppins Mary

    Pat Summitt is still whispering in someone’s ear not to play home and home with them. Not playing Uconn only assure Tenn of not have one more loss every year.
    But Tenn is still doing a good job on the Recruitment trail.Coaching is not about just any coach doing the job- special people only come along very rarely. Pat, Geno, Vanderver, Coale, Muffett, Mulkey are not the norm, they are the exceptions.

  5. R Cronin

    TN is in great danger of becoming irrelevant in the discussions of currently great wbb programs. The fewer good programs they play, the less relevant they become. And now their losing to mid-majors. The only reason they’re ranked at all is name-recognition and history. Sad but true, and soon they’ll be ancient history.

  6. R Cronin

    “their” should’ve been “they’re” – my appologies to all the english teachers out there.

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