UConn Stays At No. 2 In AP Poll And Says Ho-Hum

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The are reasons why the UConn women are considered unique among Division I national powerhouses. One in particular was reiterated on Monday.

The Huskies don’t care what the national pollsters think of them – good, bad or indifferent. And consider the pollsters thus far indifferent about them this season.

The No. 2 Huskies, perhaps expected to elevate to No. 1 in the Associated Press Top 25 poll after Baylor’s loss to No. 4 Stanford on Friday, instead stayed in place.

“For us, it’s [the national polls] kind of something we don’t look at,” senior guard Kelly Faris said Sunday.

Stanford leapfrogged  to the top, barely edging the Huskies in the vote of national sportswriters and sportscasters. Stanford got 21 first-place votes to UConn’s 17. Baylor received one vote and is now No. 3.

It’s the Cardinal’s first time at No. 1 since the final poll of the 2005 season. Duke and Notre Dame are ranked Nos. 4 and 5.

UCLA, Kansas, Dayton and North Carolina all move into the Top 25, while Delaware, Texas A&M, Miami and Georgetown all fall out.

The Huskies have not been No. 1 since the start for the 2010-11 NCAA Tournament. And now they may need to wait until they play Stanford on Dec. 29 in Palo Alto, Calif.

But the anticipation of being on top again wasn’t even enough to excite UConn on Sunday after its 81-50 win at Texas A&M,

“It’s because of the type of players we recruit here. And on top of that, the attitude is instilled in us even more when we get here,” Faris said. “That kind of stuff in on paper and it’s not important. We don’t look at it and its not important.”

The Huskies entered the season ranked No. 2 behind defending national champion Baylor, which was 40-0 last season and returned the core of its team. Baylor lost to No. 4 Stanford, 71-69, last week in Hawaii, ending its winning streak at 42 games.

“The ranking does not matter,” said Stefanie Dolson, who tied her career single-game high by scoring 24 points in the win over the Aggies, “You are going to play the way you are capable of playing [despite the ranking]. You don’t focus on those things. You play Connecticut basketball and whatever ranking that brings, you accept it.”

Geno Auriemma, whose lead on these matters the team follows, says the Baylor loss likely isn’t indicative of how good it is or where they should be ranked.

Auriemma points to the hamstring injury that limited Baylor’s All-American guard Odyssey Sims to four minutes and gave Stanford an unexpected competitive advantage.

“I don’t think anything about that [the polls],” Auriemma said. “Baylor’s loss, because of Odyssey Sims getting hurt … it would be like us playing Stanford without Bria Hartlery and Stanford beating us.

“It wouldn’t mean we weren’t as good a team as we were before that. Sims is one of the best players in the country. I don’t think it means they [the Lady Bears] aren’t the best team in the country right now. I don’t think that kind of stuff matters to our team.”

What does matter to the Huskies is the way they are playing. Dolson’s dominating play inside against the Aggies was supplemented by Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis, who scored 16 points.

Without Hartley, who has missed the first two games with a severely sprained ankle, UConn  is scoring from all spots on the floor. Even freshman Breanna Stewart, who is 6-4, scored six of her 11 points on Sunday on two three-pointers.

Stewart was named the Big East’s first Freshman of the Week for the season. She scored 32 points in her first two games.

“It’s kind of how this program runs,” Faris said. “We have a lot of depth this year and points are coming from every direction. The more we work on perfecting our passing, the better it’s going to be. That’s one of the strongest parts of the game for us.”

UConn was flying to St. Thomas from College Station Monday morning. They will have time to itself before resuming the season Thursday against Wake Forest at the Paradise Jam.

Hartley, the WBCA All-America, is scheduled to be re-evaluated after UConn’s practice on Tuesday. If she tests well, its possible she could play. Hartley was not wearing her walking boot on Sunday. Auriemma performed light work at practice last weekend.




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15 thoughts on “UConn Stays At No. 2 In AP Poll And Says Ho-Hum

  1. Kenny

    To early for polls,the only ones interested in polls are the fans,it seems to mean alot to them.

  2. Village Idiot


  3. dingle barry

    Let us all keep our head here. This isn’t the championship. And anyone who considers Baylor out, think again. UCLA and Stanford (with a large group of Bigs) are to contended with.
    It would appear to me that except for UCLA anyone below 4 or 5 maybe 6 won’t have a chance this year.

  4. Chris Saran

    Who cares about the polls? The only poll that matters is the last one. What matters is that Stefanie looked the best that I’ve ever seen her. She got hit multiple times and kept fighting back. Also, she shut down A & M’s bigs. The freshmen came on in the second half. KML once again played an incredible all-around game, and the seniors, Kelly and Caroline, did exactly what seniors should do – lead. This team has so much upside. It will be a fun and entertaining year.

  5. Village Idiot

    KENNY –When you use “to” in the manner you just used it, meaning also–it is written too. John has made that grammatical error too. Idiot, not uneducated.

  6. Mike McManus

    Not to be too critical John, but it’s the media and pundits, you included, who wrote that UCONN should be #1 after Baylor lost. I felt that Stanford deserved their rise in the polls based on their record to date..and as Geno said, Baylor w/o Simms is a very different team so that gave Stanford a big advantage. I’m a devoted Husky fan however I think Baylor should have been #2 despite their loss. When UCONN has a few more quality wins, they may move up but who cares? Rankings are subjective!


    Kelly Faris is just wonderful, simply wonderful. She said “the kind of player WE recruit here”. She takes ownership of the UConn program. Dolson, whom has been catching flack from way too many gunners, has shown the world what this lady can do. A&M Bone isn’t a pushover or a slacker, she’s a very good center. Dolson with her work ethic made Bone look sickly by comparison.

  8. Genosguy

    Mike McManus—I hardly ever disagree with your analysis and i won’t in this case either. Baylor did deserve the number 2 spot. They beat many good teams (like 4 or 5 so far) and Uconn only has beaten 2. Stanford knocked off Baylor (to me with or without Sims matters not). Teams are ranked on wins and losses in mid season, at the beginning it’s about whose on the team. That is why UConn is ranked 2 (Geno is a big part of that reason)

  9. Kenny

    Idiot thanks for the english lesson ,but you knew .what i meant be nice i,m 74 years old.Have a good thanksgiving.

  10. Village Idiot

    Kenny: I was being nice–one is never too old to learn. I’m 81, a disabled Vet, with two bad knee’s. Just put new brakes on my pickup (by myself) can’t afford to have it done.
    Yes Kenny, learning is always nice. Have a good day KID.

    1. Vistaman

      I can’t restrain myself from pointing out that you don’t need the apostrophe in “knee’s”.

  11. Eric

    Last year I said, “Dolson’s style reminds me of Wolters, and I think she’ll improve like Kara did.” She’s on the way! These comments frequently contain English errors (including, perhaps, this one)…that’s OK, and isn’t it so much fun to criticize them?

  12. Vistaman

    I agree that the polls are of limited value during the season, and of even less value early in the season. But I do like to see UConn at the top. Here’s my take on the new rankings:
    True, Baylor only lost due to the injury to Sims, but that shows that they have no depth, and so they should lose the #1 ranking. Stanford does sport a 5-0 record but they only beat the diminished Baylor squad by 2 points. UConn showed their depth by beating #16 A&M by 31 points, and without one of their top starters.
    So in my book, it is UConn #1, Stanford #2, Baylor #3. And this should hold unless somebody loses a game. The big tests will be Stanford vs. UConn and Baylor vs. UConn.
    Unfortunately, the positions do not change unless someone loses. So now that this order has been established, we are stuck with it until that happens.

  13. Village Idiot

    VISTAMAN—I appreciate the knee’s comment. I’d appreciate an explanation as to why the ‘ isn’t needed. A comment with out explanation is NOT a learning experience. I’m sure you’ll explain.
    On 1,2,3. I know of NO rating system (in Womens Basketball) that allow fans to rate teams. Until then it’s just opinion. But as Geno says: Only the rankings at the end of the season matters.

    1. Vistaman

      Glad to oblige. An apostrophe is most commonly used to indicate possession, e.g. “This is John’s book”, or a contraction, e.g. “Don’t touch his book”. An apostrophe is not needed in writing the plural form of a noun, as in books or knees or WBCA rankings.

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