UConn Victory Chat On Friday

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I will be be hosting my own UConn national championship victory chat parade on Friday from 10:45 to noon. Same Huskies station at www.courant.com.

If you have been a passenger on one of the floats during the season, you know the route. You get on at 10:45 and I come along to direct traffic at 11.

Bring your own trial balloons, if you are in the mood to ask questions about the future.


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10 thoughts on “UConn Victory Chat On Friday

  1. UConn 30-1 ?

    It’s not mandatory to vote the winner of a 6 game tournament as the winner of an entire season. If UConn did not lose 3 times to Notre Dame and 1 time to Baylor, and if the referees did not give a decisive advantage to Lousiville, UConn might have been the unamimous #1 in the USA Today sports coaches poll.

    1. nhntc47

      What the heck does this mean? I didn’t see the referees shoot 16 threes? Besides, if you watched the game, the refs called a lot of fouls on Louisville.
      As regards “might have”, Uconn might have won a national championship two years ago. Had ND not spoiled it, Uconn would have easily beaten Texas A & M. The Huskies consistently beat down on teams that ND and Baylor have lost to.

  2. huskypat

    Hi Jeff – looking forward to your victory chat. Will leave comments tomorrow. The women proved everyone wrong this year – happy for them.


    John – the link to 10 things to remember about skate to eight id not working, any thoughts?

  4. WBB Fan

    Same as above – cannot open “10 Things to Remember” – please try re-posting…

  5. nhntc47

    My Three to See: Breanna Stewart, Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis and Stefanie Dolson.

  6. mark

    good morning husky fans. wel geno and the women did it again. do not want to be a wet blanket on this raiy Friday morning. I totally respect what geno and his staff did thi year. sometimes the cards, jus fall in our favorsometimes, like it did his year for the huskies, in my very humble opinion. you know the old sayin? styles make fights? well certainly the Louisville cardinals.fell into this category. th huskies did, deserve. this national championship. butt….the cards did were definitely dealt in the huskies favor. buts be honest here. I truly bleed! blue n white. again! butt… think? we should share a piece of number eight. with the university of louisvville. for taking out, in humble opinion! th Baylor bears. the best female college basketball team in the country. sorry huskie fans. butt if you can seriously look in the mirror, and say without any doubt at all. that our lady huskies. would have beaten th bayor lady bears. without any realm of doubt at all. then! god bless you. because as big of a fan I am of our lady huskies. I personally think! as great as our ladies had been playin in this past month. think! Baylor. wouid have been a little to much grinier, for our lady huskies. grinier! would have been such a tough matchup for our ladies. so sorry folks. just how I would have seen the second matchup????? we got dealt a great hand. anyone says anything different! would be definetly lyin through their teeth

    1. Nice Try

      Speaking of lyin through their teeth, which I doubt you have, 1:46 pm does not justify a “good morning”. You’re no Husky fan in that part of the country and no Uconn fan would say Baylor is the best team in the country. Go back to making moonshine.

      1. mark

        excue me nie try. but iv’e proably been a fan a lot longer than you have. this is a sports blog idiot. wht. becauseima huge husky fan I should not have an opnion???? the bears were better team. this year. hey bat our asses I hartord also. a game which I attended also. thank you. they did no have ay answer for the man child. Britney grinier. sory about the tying. computer keys need adjusting. nice try. you seem like a fair weathered fan anyway’s. ifsn’t painted. bue and white. you have no opinion. I a hue husky fan. but call it, like I see it Baylor was the better team. Louisville! just had the nite of their lives. the three point line will keepny team that soot it well. I a b bal game. ask harry parretta!. from villanova. and as far as good morning ges moron. how do you know exalt when my comment was posted???? you don’t know do you? this is to easy. only thing. goin against me. is my older than dirt coputer keybord. whichim so sorry for people seeing my sometimes spell check. but as far as you talking smack! over theintrnet nice try. I can guarantee one thing.don’t think? you would say tht cra omy face? this im so sure of moron. wanna be tough guy. living in his parents basement. congrats ladies.

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