UConn Wins Its 8th National Title

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After all the years and countless milestones, it’s hardly possible for UConn to bounce a pass anymore without making history.

Geno Auriemma, the master craftsman, and his series of master classes, have become as synonymous to their sport as Howard Johnson was to the ice cream cone.

Things just seemed vastly different in the world once they came along.

On Tuesday, after being re-routed at times by injuries and, well, you know, Notre Dame, the Huskies arrived at the place they’ve come to know so well.

This eighth team brought to the national championship by Auriemma did what the previous seven accomplished. It won.

Led by freshman Breanna Stewart, UConn’s newest flavor sensation, who scored 23 points with nine rebounds, the Huskies drilled Louisville, 93-60, to win their eighth national championship.

UConn is 8-0 in national championship games and here is basically how this one went: With 13:51 to play in the first half, Bria Smith’s free throw gave Louisville a 14-10 lead.

And then it was over.

Over the next 5:25 the Huskies, with classic, clinical precision, sped to its championship.

UConn went on a 19-0 run, starting with a Bria Hartley field goal with 12:54 remaining, ending with a looping three by Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis with 8:48 to play.

It was UConn, 29-14.

And in the most literal sense, the torch was officially passed to Stewart and Mosqueda-Lewis, who for the next two seasons will try to help Auriemma reach Wooden.

Auriemma is now tied with Tennessee’s Pat Summitt for the most titles in Division I women’s basketball history. And he’s only two from tying the great John Wooden for the most ever.

UConn (35-4) had five players in double-figures. Mosqueda-Lewis, the All-American and UConn’s greatest three-point shooter in history, added 18 points, including five threes. She had nine rebounds.

Kelly Faris, the fundamentally fabulous one, who transformed herself from a team player to a team leader, scored 16 points with four three-pointers. She had nine rebounds and six steals.

Bria Hartley, whose season was seriously uprooted in August by an ankle injury suffered playing for USA Basketball in Greece, added 13 points.

And Stefanie Dolson, the All-American junior center, who played in so much pain for the last month because of a stress fracture and plantar fasciitis, had 12 points and six rebounds.

Stewart, last season’s high school player of the year, who struggled so mightily in the middle of the season, became just the fourth freshman in the history of the women’s tournament to be its Most Valuable Player. The last time it happened was in 1987.

In vanquishing the Cardinals, the Huskies ended the tournament’s rousing run. Louisville, the first No. 5 seed to play for the title in tournament history, beat Baylor and Tennessee and California to reach Monday.

A win would have given the school a sweep of both men’s and women’s titles, Only UConn in 2004 had ever done it. Louisville men’s Rick Pitino, to be inducted into the next Naismith Hall of Fame class, delivered a pep talk to Walz’ women before the game.

Pitino arrived about 30 minutes before tipoff and sat in the Louisville cheering section, right behind his bench. He was besieged by cameras and well-wishers, stopping to shake hands with many, including NCAA President Mark Emmert.

The Cardinals seemed to be packing enough emotional fuel to run through three overtimes, if necessary. But after eight minutes, the engine began to sputter.

Louisville came out of the box assertively, sophomore Sara Hammond (15 points) opening the game with a three. With 14:41 to play in the half guard Monique Reid, the only remaining member of Louisville’s 2009 Final Four team, scored to give the Cardinals a 13-8 lead.

And that was that.

Stewart was exceptional, just as she has been since the final Big East tournament started in Hartford one month ago.

She drained threes with the gentle snap of her wrists. She soared to tip in an offensive rebound. She was everywhere and seemingly capable of anything.  And she exasperated her opponent with the effortlessness of it all.

And while she took over the game, Louisville’s star junior Shoni Schimmel, whose firecracker style fired the Cardinals to New Orleans, struggled to keep up. And she never did.

Her first basket brought the Cardinals to within 41-25 and she was 1-of-8 in the half. She was 3-of-15 with nine points.

And in the second half, as if to call attention to what lies ahead for the program, Auriemma fielded a team for a long stretch that featured the three freshmen, Stewart, Moriah Jefferson and Morgan Tuck, and Mosqueda-Lewis.




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48 thoughts on “UConn Wins Its 8th National Title



  1. martin fallon

    Shoni and Skylar went 3 for 15, defensive pressure at its finest. Another great championship, allowing the seniors to go out with pride instead of tears. Special thanks to the Cardinals for knocking off Baylor. Congratulations to all the players and coaches.

  2. UConn Husky Fan

    Congratulations UConn on winning your 8th NCAA Women’s Basketball Title! Kelly Farris as expected totally shut down Shonnie Schmmill with tenacious defense along with key baskets throughout the game. Breanna Stewart was unstoppable in the first half. What a future for her at UConn!! KML hit some monster 3 point shots throughout the game. Doris Burke said it correctly about Kaleena – she’s the BEST 3-point shooter in the country, bar none!
    The rest of the team played hellacious team defense! Constant ball movement on offense created easy shots. That 19 – 0 run midway through the first half essentially was the game. Another parade will take place in Hartford soon and it never gets old. I want to wish the seniors – Kelly Farris, Caroline Doty and Heather Buck nothing but success in their future, basketball notwithstanding. They exemplified the senior leadership that led this team to another championship.

    Classy comments coming from Pat Summitt in congratulating Geno for collecting his 8th championship as coach of the program – tying Pat. Geno also should be commended for what he said about the Louisville team and how, (especially with their upset of Baylor in the Elite Eight round) they had perhaps the one of the best runs in the tournament as a 5th seed. The Lady Cardinals just happened to run into a buzz-saw this evening in UConn. As an alumnus and holder of two degrees from UConn – GO HUSKIES!! Time to dance Stefanie Dolson!!

  3. TexasBogger

    According to certain media pundits this game was supposed to be Baylor vs. Notre Dame. Louisville slays the giant and Uconn gets the green gorilla off their backs and so much for hype and “Three to See”.

    All is well in Storrs tonight.

    1. Huh?

      I know, right? All the Geno haters and the Notre Dame / Tennessee supporters who were running their mouths on this site over the past month seem to have vanished. I’m sure they will be back next season when UConn loses a game, saying Geno is washed up and his players don’t respond to his style because he failed to have another undefeated season…

    2. Denise Connolly

      Nicely said, TexasBogger. The Huskies showed the world who the best team is. All their hard work and resetting their reset button after their third loss to ND paid off. Too bad ESPN can’t change their early prediction on “3 to See” to “The Team to See”. Instead of individual players that carry their team, it’s an entire team effort that won the championship.

  4. nhntc47

    Great win and another national championship. Uconn peaked at the right time. They’re playing like this, Baylor would have no chance. Congratulations to the Huskies and the Cardinals. Yes, it’s time for Stefanie Dolson to dance.

  5. Bruce

    Ellena Della Who? I have seen the future, and it is colored UCONN blue!! What a great night for the girls.

    1. Kevin Cavanaugh

      Bruce, there is no need to poke at Elena Delle Donne or anyone else tonight.

      It is the time to savor the victory and compliment the entire team for a job well done.

      Before the game started I thought that some individuals might consider a UCONN victory a shallow victory in some way but then, after the game I came up with something to counter anyone thinking that UCONN only won because Baylor was upset by Louisville.

      To those critics, let me say this, Baylor was beat twice this year – early on by Stanford and in the NCAA’s by Louisville.

      But guess what, UCONN took both those teams on and beat them decisively – no questions asked.

      The seniors will be missed but they are leaving knowing full well the team is in good hands with freshmen who have grown up. They also know that a few promising freshmen will only add to those who remain.

      Congratulations ladies, coaches, staff and athletic department on a job well done.

      Go UCONN, Go Huskies.

  6. UconnFan

    Fabulous run by the entire team in the Final Four and they managed to shut up the Geno and his staff haters who insist he cannot coach or recruit. But the bad news for them is Geno is going to have 4 of his 5 starters back in which all of them have a good chance of being an “All American.” Way too many people fail to recognize how good their defense is year after year.

  7. Chris R

    Congratulations to the coaches and players for a fantastic tournament. Very well played game tonight. Glad the seniors were able to go out in style. Faris will be missed next year.

  8. Randy

    Hopefully this will keep the “Geno has lost it” crowd quiet for another year. As all the analysts, and his players, and even Walz said, what he is able to do with players is simply without equal. He got Stewart in the right mindset at the right time, and you could also see a huge transformation in the way Bria Hartley played the last few games. Hartley was unbelievable tonight…took care of the basketball, made her cuts, definitely going to make some noise nationally next year. Same with Jefferson, who went from very erratic play most of the season to being a key contributor with more control and consistency. She is going to be another impact player next year. And Faris. How appropriate that Doris Burke pointed out that her dad never let her keep track of points she scored in all those years growing up and all those championships she won. As her dad correctly stated, just looking at how many points a player scores a false sense of how good they really are and prevents them from focusing on the many other things that don’t show up in a box score. Hopefully some of our bloggers were taking notes. She was huge tonight with her defense as well as her shooting. KML looking better and better…definitely in the running for the Wade Trophy next year. Dolson…incredible job toughing it out on a stress fracture. Congrats UConn Women…and Geno…you deserve it.

  9. Geno Aid

    Just sitting here drinking some of that delicious Geno Aid, realizing we are going to need more space in the Gampel to hang another championship banner. Wonder what the weather is like in South Bend. Colder than usual, I’m sure.

  10. Sal and Irene

    We hope that “Stewie” gets an additional National Award besides “Outstanding Player” of NCAA tournament. Seems all the awards were given out before the Tournament was even started. Kelley has earned the right to be National Defensive POY, hope she gets it. KML was great as usual. Too bad Steffie was hampered with ankle and foot problems. She deserves an award for toughness and resolve. Kudos to Heather Buck for a steal and a basket in the title game.
    All the best to all the women on this great team for giving Geno his 8th National Championship.

    1. Kevin Cavanaugh

      Yes, folks, this was a truly team effort. I chuckle at all those Kelly Faris naysayers who says she doesn’t matter and is not a star.

      She will be missed but she knows the team is in safe hands. She should be labeled “The Silencer” because she has silenced so many “stars” during her career.

      Louisville got a little of their strength thrown back at them – the 3-pointer. We, (by that I mean the UCONN ladies), stopped Louisville’s 3-point machine and served it back up to them on a silver platter.

      Not only did KML and Stewie shoot 3’s, but so did Faris and Hartley and they hit 50 percent of them as a team. Can you believe that? W-O-W!

      On top of that UCONN made 43 rebounds, 24 assists, 13 steals and 7 blocks.

      It doesn’t matter who got what – THEY did it as a team effort.

      1. mike mcmanus

        Well said Kevin. It’s amazing to me that in all the articles that I read about the game [Internet and press], mention was made about Louisville’s inability to hit threes like they did against Baylor, but none of them credited UCONN’s stifling defense and especially Kelly’s effort against Schimmel. The girl who hit the 6 threes against Cal was basically wide-open on all of her shots due to poor defense. UCONN has done this against every premiere player they have faced but rarely gets the credit due to them.

        1. Kevin Cavanaugh

          As usual, Mike M., you are spot on in your analysis.

          UCONN haters like to downplay Faris because she does her great defense every single game. It is no wonder she makes a turnover here and there and sometimes she makes quite a few – and the reason being is that she goes for the ball all the time where others would not even attempt to make a play for the ball.

          They also put down Faris saying that she cannot score or she is afraid to take a shot. To that I say bunk.

          Some Major League Baseball (MLB) players get Golden Glove awards because they play excellent defense in the ball field and their team does not look to them to be big hitters. Faris was to women’s college basketball as the MLB Golden Glove players are to baseball.

          But Faris was not satisfied with playing defense alone – she decided to help out with scoring because UCONN needed another scoring threat to distract the better teams. If they double teamed KML, then Faris picked up the slack.

          Faris will do quite well in the WNBA, thank you very much.

    2. Jim Knox

      Heather Buck’s smile after her basket spoke volumes about her. I felt so happy for her to go out that way. Best wishes to a wonderful human being and a pretty decent ball player.

  11. Where are you Schnitzelgruben?

    Wonder where my German Geno hater is tonight. Hopefully down at Ted’s grabbing a pitcher of Geno Aid with the rest of Husky Nation. More likely sitting in a dark room listening to Depeche Mode, trying to find some obscure stat that somehow shows Geno doesn’t have a record number of National Championships to go along with the record number of 30 win seasons, record number of consecutive Final Fours, record number of consecutive tournament appearances, record number of Big East Championships, etc, etc, etc. Guten nacht mein herr!

    1. Kevin Cavanaugh

      Lets not look for the haters, they will return soon enough. Lets just savor the victory the wonderful ladies earned tonight.

    2. Steve Gee

      LOL, this is one place I didn’t expect to see a Depeche Mode reference.
      Well done.

      1. Webster

        Depeche Mode are an English electronic music band formed in 1980 in Basildon, Essex. The group’s original line-up consisted of Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, Andy Fletcher and Vince Clarke.

  12. Steve Gee

    Some charges answered:
    Stewart can’t play in a physical game.
    Hartley is useless / cannot contribute.
    UConn is not a final-four team.
    Stewart shouldn’t shoot so many threes, should stay in the lane.
    Baylor can’t be beaten by anyone.
    UConn can’t beat ND.
    Muffet has Geno’s number.
    Geno can’t coach.
    UConn doesn’t have the offense to win a N.C.
    UConn doesn’t have enough talent.
    UConn doesn’t have enough resolve/ toughness.
    Geno can’t recruit.
    Faris isn’t any good / can’t play big in a big game.
    Skylar Diggins won’t be denied.(especially by Faris)
    UConn can’t win shooting so many threes.
    UConn doesn’t have the guard play needed to win.
    Geno doesn’t “develop” any freshman during the season.

    All of these charges were answered quite emphatically, and proven to be false.

    (There will always be haters.
    If UConn dominates, they had it too easy, and they really stink.
    If they have a few close games or losses, they really stink.)
    I watched the live chat during the game, there was even someone inferring that Geno had no class because of the score discrepancy with 7 minutes left and should of already cleared his bench. If they were paying attention, Geno repeatedly told his team to slow-down and eat more clock for the last 12 minutes. Otherwise, they would of easily scored >100. They were just playing well, even with three freshman on the floor.

    What we watched this season was a wild ride with many highs and lows. They finished the season as a much better team than the one that started it. And that’s the goal every season.
    They were playing their best when their best was required.
    It’s been a wild and fun season.
    Congratulations to a wonderful group of young ladies!
    I’m already looking forward to next year!

      1. Steve Gee

        Hey Mike, I didn’t think you were into the “if” thing.
        The thing is, I’m dealing with what IS, not what you’d wish them to be. Just a little thing called reality.
        You don’t have to like it. But you’re forced to live with it.
        Call your god Skylar for a list of “ifs”…. IF that makes you feel better.

        1. Mike

          Buck= 2 championships
          Skylar = 0 championships
          Gee, Gee, I guess that means Buck is better according to your logic. Again, you are in delusion and you just can’t get out. Enjoy the ride.

          1. Sal and Irene

            Uconn TEAMS that Buck and Doty played with had 2 and now 3 Natl championships.
            ND teams that Skyler played for have zero Natl championships. UCONN TEAMs are better. Geno had very kind and encouraging remarks for Skyler. You should try the same.

          2. Mike

            Sal and Irene, you are misinterpreting my comment to the troll Steve Gee, alias “you’re off your meds” and who knows how many other aliases he uses. I respect Skylar, the troll doesn’t.

  13. Allen Freshler

    Big warm hugs for brightening up the Ct winter and providing a focus for what is great about CT! Another sweet journey for the gals with a swiftly rising sun on the horizon. This is a team in every sense.
    As the poet Robert Frost said, “two roads diverged in a wooded glen and I, and I took the least traveled by”.
    Go Huskies!

  14. TZ

    Congrads Ladies, a job well done. Can’t wait until next year. I am now living in TX and will be at your games next year. GO UCONN. Well Done Geno

  15. Bracchus

    Great win for UCONN and Geno. The evolution of Stewart has been amazing. When you are her size and can at inside and out, defense is difficult. KML continues to hit threes and gets better every game. Moriah Jefferson is learning rapidly and showed last night that she can play out of the trap. Her speed to the rim will yield many baskets as she perfects her shot. Tuck has talents that have not been fully displayed. You can see flashes of it in every game. With Griner gone, Stephanie may come back as the best center in womens college basketball. Bria Hartley is returning to form. All of that with a couple of good recruits and UCONN could win three more.

    Kelly Faris played an excellent all around game anchoring the defensive play against the guards. Geno mentioned that he met with his guards and told them they needed to step up on defense and they responded with two great defensive efforts on Diggins and McBride as well as Schimiel and Louisville’s other 3 pt shooters.

    The only thing I hope for next year is that there is some decent competition. Winning is one thing, dominance is another thing, but absolute dominance is something else again. This is no knock on UCONN, but games where we are up by 20 at halftime and win by 30-40 points frankly are kind of boring. This is particularly true early in the season when the difference in talent is well, palpable. This is exactly why they have a lottery system in the pros. People don’t really want to see predictable games. For the sake of the women’s game as a whole, I hope the other teams get better.

    1. Kevin Cavanaugh

      Very few discussions center around the high school environment for girls, and boys for that matter.

      Good basketball players get weeded out early on. Those with potential even relocate to areas of the country where they can Play for teams like Christ the King and Mater Dai and the Cedar Hills of the world. They also get into travel teams. Many high schools are left with mediocre layers because the cream has gravitated to travel teams and the big high school powerhouses.

      The recruiting and the draft you are talking about happens at an early age bit in a different way. It is purely an exercise in natural selection.

      You see the same small group of high schools wining state titles and national titles year after year after year.

      There are exceptions, however, take for example kids like Elena Delle Donne, she realized after relocating to UCONN that she did not want to be that far from her sister and her family and went back to her roots in Delaware.

      Well, Elena also decided to go to high school locally in Delaware at Ursuline.

      They could have all packed up an moved to New Jersey or New York to be attend one of the powerhouse high schools, but again, she wanted to be a local kid.

      The real issue is the quality of coaching across the country in middle and high schools.

      This next high school graduating class will be interesting. The ACC is getting a ton of the crop of the best high school girls – Duke and North Carolina are cleaning up and that is no accident.

      The ACC knows it is going through a transformation and they heavily recruited.

      UCONN usually plays the cream of the ACC an SEC and they blow them out of the water.

      Louisville, just by not winning last night, got a ton of recognition. Kids are going to want to play for Walz just because of the coverage he and his team got in the tournament. They were the giant slayers and kids will want to jump on his bandwagon.

      Stanford has a pipeline now from Mater Dei because one of their key players has a sister going there.

      Cal will do better at recruiting because they defeated Stanford and then made it to the final four. Cal will use that in a big PR campaign.

      Tennessee is picking up several top players and they will attain the top spot in their conference.

      The ACC and SEC will rise and the top teams in their conferences will take on UCONN and ND and Baylor and Stanford.

      UCONN will still dominate for a year or two but the blowouts they currently enjoy against Duke and NC and Maryland will change to 20 point victories instead of 30+ point victories.

      For anyone wanting to see where the upcoming crop of high school stars will be going to college, visit:


      you can also change the out year to a future year by clicking on the dropdown box.

      1. Bracchus

        Great post Kevin. Excellent insight into recruiting. It is extremely competitive. Skylar Diggins was offered a scholarship when she was in the eighth grade. AAU coaches are getting in the act.

        Funny how all of this works. You would think that UCLA would have never lost its prowess over men’s basketball with a championship pedigree and the beautiful weather in California. But, it did.

        Then you think about how a decision by a player could have changed history. Jabbar, then Lew Alcindor, was torn between St. John’s and UCLA. How different would UCLA’s legacy have been if he had chosen St. John’s?

        What affected his choice? He said the weather, the coach(legendary John Wooden), and his desire to get away from so much parental supervision.

        But to continue the comparison to today’s womens game. UCLA had won the NCAA championship the year before Alcindor arrived, and virtually everyone was returning. In those days freshmen could not play, so they had a team for freshmen.

        It was customary to have a game between the freshman and the varsity.As you can imagine, the UCLA campus was full of anticipation with the arrival of Alcindor so the UCLA gym was packed. The freshman team ran the varsity off of the court. Remember, this is the varsity that had just won the NCAA championship. Do you think dominance was in their future?

        To UCONN’s credit, they recruit extremely well. I believe that Chris Dailey heads that effort. But, like UCLA, they go after certain types of players and it pays off. Right now, I would predict three more championships on succession. What we don’t know is if there will be a game changing player or two who might go somewhere other than UCONN.

        1. Kevin Cavanaugh

          Well said, Bracc, nice info on recruiting.

          Another thing – just because a staff recruits one of the better high schoolers in the country, that doesn’t mean THAT coach can convert that HS player into a formidable college star.

          Just look at the NFL draft – every year they have high hopes of every player they draft.

          Sure, sometimes they take a local kid in hopes that he will draw a lot of fans to the NFL team and then the player fizzles out and the kid is gone – eve after a huge signing bonus.

          Some HS kids look like they will be super stars in college but it does not work out that way.

          A very good HS basketball player who then plays for an average or less than an average college coach will deteriorate to being a less than average player in college.

          Geno recruits players HE feels could play excellent at the college level. He looks for players who look like they know the fundamentals well – he doesn’t recruit hot shot scorers who are one dimensional.

          Also, if he sees a kid who knows how to play the game well BUT she is a somewhat selfish scorer, he will take a chance on her and do his best to change her from being selfish to selfless – and that transition makes her more valuable to UCONN.

          Tina Charles thought she knew it all at Christ The King – but Geno saw a potentially great team player – he got her and helped her become one of the best – and she was at UCONN and is now for the Sun in the WNBA.

        2. Kevin Cavanaugh

          Bracc, nice info on recruiting. Your UCLA knowledge was quite interesting.

          Another thing – just because a staff recruits one of the better high schoolers in the country, that doesn’t mean THAT coach can convert that HS player into a formidable college star.

          Just look at the NFL draft – every year they have high hopes of every player they draft.

          Sure, sometimes they take a local kid in hopes that he will draw a lot of fans to the NFL team and then the player fizzles out and the kid is gone – eve after a huge signing bonus.

          Some HS kids look like they will be super stars in college but it does not work out that way.

          A very good HS basketball player who then plays for an average or less than an average college coach will deteriorate to being a less than average player in college.

          Geno recruits players HE feels could play excellent at the college level. He looks for players who look like they know the fundamentals well – he doesn’t recruit hot shot scorers who are one dimensional.

          Also, if he sees a kid who knows how to play the game well BUT she is a somewhat selfish scorer, he will take a chance on her and do his best to change her from being selfish to selfless – and that transition makes her more valuable to UCONN.

          Tina Charles thought she knew it all at Christ The King – but Geno saw a potentially great team player – he got her and helped her become one of the best – and she was at UCONN and is now for the Sun in the WNBA.

  16. marion

    Thanks John, Your reporting is always the greatest. I was very disappointed that ESPN did not show the ‘cutting of the nets’. Soooo again thank you for giving us the opportunity to see it.

    Also, saw you on tv last night – did you ever think of becoming an analyst????? You are so much better than some we have.

    Anyway thanks again

  17. Rene Morache

    I too am elated that our girls have won it again. The only concern I have is that next year we have only nine players available, Five forwards and four guards. With the inevitable injuries coming down the road, Geno will be playing games with only eight, or even seven players able to play. The class of 2014 has three guards so far. It seems to me that Geno needs to still get one forward and another guard to complete a roster. Maybe as National Champion, UConn will be able to get them.

    1. mike mcmanus

      I would not worry too much. Geno was criticized when Kelly Faris was the only recruit in her class, and again this year with Sonya Chong. Kia Stokes received very little playing time this year and Brianna Banks will return. Geno rarely depends on more than 7-8 players in a rotation. Nothing is worse than having many gifted players sitting on the bench or rotating in and out just to provide them with playing time. There’s a method to his madness.

      1. Kevin Cavanaugh

        As usual, Mike, you insightful comments go a long way.

        Too may cooks spoil the broth, but this year it turned out they had 6 – 7 cooks – 3 to 4 starters and 3 freshmen and they peaked at different times and they faltered at different times.

        Then, magically, the gelled in pairs – Dolson and KML, Dolson and Tuck, MoJo and Stewie, Stewie and KML and Dolson.

        It seemed like when a dynamic pair needed a breather, another dynamic pair came in without breaking stride.

        Not too many teams can rest a pair of good players and have the replacements kick it up a notch but UCONN was fortunate at the end of the season.

        For some reason, I think Dolson’s injury was the flash point in the team getting together to rally around Dolson. They also rallied around the seniors – they wanted to send them off as winners.

        Stewie envied Dolson’s stamina and she knew that for UCONN to win, she had to up her game to the level she was capable of – and she did.

        The guards got tired of hearing about the Baylor guards and the ND guards and they kicked it up a notch.

        …and most of all, they saw the banners hanging above them and they knew Geno was instrumental in every one of them being up there and they wanted to win one for the UCON Gipper.

        They also knew that UCONN was the only school with mens and womens same year championships and they did not want Louisville duplicating that effort. If Louisville won both, it be on their backs and collectively they said, “NO”.

        They also had tradition behind them – 7 finals and 7 championships. What group of girls would want to be blamed for stopping that streak.

        I would bet a stack of pancakes, a pound of bacon, and a pot of coffee, that all the reasons I just gave were the same reasons Geno gave the girls in his pep talk.

  18. KML got gifts

    Naysayers, come out from under your rocks. Geno will be gracious with you.

  19. KML got gifts

    All coaches and players who have won awards and did not even play in this NC game should show some class and turn these awards back in. They should be redistributed.

    1. Het Giftless

      Go over to the WH website if you want to push your Socialist agenda.


      Try as I might this post is not only nonsense it makes no sense. Near as I can remember none of the coaches play in the game, nor do the managers and trainers and so on. UConn had one injured player who will be recognized as a part of the TEAM that won a championship who was unable to play in the game. So what are you talking about, I know we don’t know but I also think you don’t know either.

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