UConn Women Basketball Circa 1902

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I just had to share this wonderful photo with you, provided by UConn on its twitter site, depicting the Huskies undefeated team of 1902.

Geno looked so young back in the day, didn’t he.?

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10 thoughts on “UConn Women Basketball Circa 1902

  1. Village Idiot

    These woman look very tired after a debilitating long year of 2 games. Did you notice that all the “girls” (and it was ok to call them girls then) looked like middle aged ladies.

    This was the game with 6 on each team( 3 on each side of the floor) and none could cross over to the other side of the floor. That game was still in vogue in 1960’s in Tolland HS. I ref’ed them, terrible game to watch.

    But Tell Dolson and jefferson they are going to be required to wear these uniforms against Penn.

    Geno however looked young, rested, and lighter in weight–he looked more like his father.

    1. Village Idiot

      hEY fREDDY SOMEONE HAS TO SMOOZE jOHN. Seems like he hasn’t had much fan loving in a while.
      I truly did like that pix–I think the fourth one on the right in the middle was an ex girlfriend. If you see her don’t let her know where I was.

  2. TexasBogger

    Love old photos. Brings history alive somewhat. So basketball was two words then. WHO DA THUNK IT. Sorry, Freddy.

  3. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

    Geno finally agrees with me. Hopefully now people will stop believing in the hype surrounding Tuck and Jefferson.

    Dolson has not been called the 2nd best center in WCBB by Geno this year. And for good reason. Dolson must be drinking out of Tiff’s old water bottle and contracted the dreaded Falls Alot Disease.

    Hartley is flat out terrible. Dribbles down the shot clock instead of managing her team. Bird needs to help her because Shea aint gettin it done.

    Faris was the Faris of old tonight. She is never going to average more than 10 ppg.

    UConn fans prepare yourselves for 7 player rotation. Stanford wins by 20 if UConn plays like they did tonight.

    1. ray

      UHF you sound more like a uconn hater than a uconn fan. If we get 10 points a game from Faris with every thing she brings to the game that would be wonderful.Try being up beat for a change.

  4. billnaples

    Quite the uniforms weren’t they. Most notable to me was the fact that not a single member of the team was smiling, not even the Coach.

  5. Harryh

    What was it really like back then. How did you report without Twitter. Did you type well? Storrs probably had more stores then. Tell us John

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