Watch: Video Of UConn Women Dancing Again (Literally)

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The UConn women’s basketball players are not allowed to tweet during the season. They are not allowed to wear nail polish. If they have tattoos they must be covered when they play.

But there are apparently no rules yet against girls just being girls – as you will see when you watch this dance video courtesy of youtube and produced by Caroline Doty.

Here’s Doty’s take on the production of the video:

“We did it about three days ago,” Doty said. “One of my friends on campus, and one of his friends, made a video using the song. So we had nothing else to do on spring break, so we did it. We just got the camera rolling, got the music playing and started dancing to it. It just all kind of clicked.

“It was just a way to have some fun.”

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37 thoughts on “Watch: Video Of UConn Women Dancing Again (Literally)

  1. kc

    Yes nice to see they are college students who play basketball, rather than pros hired to fulfill the needs of bitter spectators.

    1. Das Boot

      Notice that Doty said the video was created 3 days ago. Tiff was dancing and goofing around before being cleared to practice.

  2. Henry

    Nice!! The segment of public seems to forget that these are young people. Sure, they are awesome athletes. They work hard. As far as I am concerned, there’s nothing wrong w/this. Have fun ladies!! Enjoy your college experience also.

  3. Deb

    Thanks for making me smile and remember what’s it like to let your hair down and just goof around! How much fun! Good luck in the playoffs!

  4. Kristi

    This is the number one reason why I love the UConn Women’s Basketball team. They work hard, play hard and know how to have fun. In just a few short weeks a team becomes a lifelong family. Many thanks to the Auriemma Family for instilling these values into CT’s finest. All the best!

    1. Mike McManus

      A great reply…and I totally agree with you. The UCONN men disappoint, the UCONN women are a source of pride and enjoyment for what they bring to the table. The Auriemma family is unique in the world or women’s b-ball.

      1. John Brubaker

        I couldn’t agree more with these comments. A few years ago I was helping to run a weekend long event at the Omni Hotel in New Haven – and it turned out the UConn Huskies Women’s Basketball Team was there – due to some tournament games in Bridgeport. I ended up in the elevator with many of them (Maya Moore , Tina Charles, etc.). I got to express my gratitude as a Connecticut resident not just for the sports thrills they give us, but for the way they conduct themselves as young people – good students, good citizens, great young people. My wife and I feel like they are our adopted kids!!!!

  5. Jon

    Wow! I guess I’m not going to worry about Carolyn’s future, not that I was anyway, her talents obviously go far beyond playing basketball.

    I hope ESPN uses this as part of their pregame. This certainly demonstrates what being a team and friends really means.


  6. Lynne

    …and Obama picked BAYLOR!?!?! Has he seen this?!?!
    No wonder his approval rating is in the forties!


  7. Griners Greatest

    Huskies could not wait until AFTER they lose to have fun? Where is the FOCUS? Auriemma just wants to get the season over with so he is FREE during the Final Four when the Olympic team is ANNOUNCED.

    1. Mike McManus

      What a sour-puss. After reading so many honest and positive comments, there always has to be one naysayer! Get a life!

    2. Kevin

      Hey do me favor Griners Greatest and WIN 6 MORE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS THEN YOU CAN TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. ooshuskymom

    Beautiful!!!! Love to see the girls having so much fun together! (Note to UConn Women: Ignore Griner Greatest comment…she’s probably jealous) Can’t wait for the games to begin this Saturday GO HUSKIES!!!

  9. Just call me Maybe

    Watched this about 8 times……gotta love this crew !
    Dolson strutting her doggie stuff in that silly get-up is a classic ! Love Stokes in the wig !
    Major fun, and it better make the ESPN pregame clips.
    The song and the UCONN women are winners.

  10. Chris Saran

    Absolutely hysterical. Glad to see that these young women know how to have fun, that it’s not all basketball. That was so much fun. I’ll have to watch it again.

  11. Chris Saran

    I just had to watch the video again, and again, and again. Go get ‘em Huskies!

  12. Lynne

    “Griner’s Greatest”?? PUH-LEEZ! And Baylor “the greatest of all time”? DOUBLE-PUH-LEEZ! When you have multiple championships, MAYBE…just MAYBE… you can claim you have the “greatest” team. And it’s obvious that “Griner’s Greatest” did not see the Huskies big east championship game against Notre Dame, or s/he never would have made that ridiculous statement about Geno, who coached (arguably) the best UCONN women’s game of his career that night.

    GO HUSKIES!!!!

    1. Princess Diggins

      2011-12 UConn team did not win 7 NC and will not win the program’s 8th. Take your blinders off.

  13. bridget

    this was really cool i really love it great job guys you are all so awsome

  14. Joe Shilinga

    I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! College basketball with real people. Thank you.

  15. Frank Daigneau

    It was great to see coach Ralph letting her hair down and joining in too. Is it any wonder these kids captured the states fans year after year.

  16. jim walkley

    great. it shows a special comraderie and should make recruits understand it isn’t all work and no play


    Great students/kids, tremendous conditioning, and hard working team players. I appreciate the hard work that these women invest in when they commit to UCONN and coach Gino. Nice video (laughing) and they know that it is back to some unfinshed business (8th NC) I am so proud of my UCONN WOMEN!

  18. 4everafan

    FANTASTIC! Wish I had been there… What a bunch of goofballs!!!! Good luck ladies!

  19. Jody

    How great that was! This made me smile the whole way through! I had always thought geno ran a tight ship so it was nice to see that these girls are just girls who wanna have fun!!! Nice job ladies…hope we see more!

  20. Gary

    Delightful! And I agree, Caroline has a great career waiting as a creative and witty producer.

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