UConn Women Smash Idaho 105-37

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The first sign that normalcy had returned to UConn was tied in a Windsor knot around Geno Auriemma’s neck.

It was tie, the accessory strangely scratched from Auriemma’s business attire during the Big East tournament. And Saturday’s was a birthday tie; the Hall of Famer turned 59 and was serenaded for such after the team’s morning shoot-around.

Truth is, Auriemma without a tie looked out of sorts last week, like his team during the forgettable final 18.6 seconds its championship game loss to Notre Dame.

But the open collar and disappointment were buttoned shut Saturday during a revitalizing  105-37 win over No. 16 Idaho in the first-round of the Bridgeport Regional at Gampel Pavilion.

The Huskies (30-4) have now won at least 30 games 18 times since 1993-94 for Auriemma. They will try for one more Monday when they play Vanderbilt in the second round.

Led by Tiffany Clarke’s 16 points, the Commodores, a long-time SEC powerhouse, defeated St. Joseph (Pa.), 60-54, in Saturday’s first Gampel sub-regional game.

UConn has six players score double-figures led by Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis. She scored each of her game-high 22 points in the first half.

Freshman Morgan Tuck added 18 points. Freshman Moriah Jefferson scored a career-high 16 points.

Sophomore Kiah Stokes had her second career double-double (14 points, 11 rebounds)  including the bucket that pushed the Huskies over 100 with 1:59 to play.

Bria Hartley scored all of her 13 points in the first half. And Stef Dolson added 10 points.

Stacey Barr led the Vandals (17-16) with 14 points. It was Idaho’s first NCAA playoff appearance since 1985, just its second ever.

What was more important than the tie was the terror the Huskies inflicted on Idaho, especially during the first half when they scored the first 15 points on the way to a 58-17 lead.

Not that it got much better in the second. The Vandals (17-16), champion of the Western Athletic Conference, had one point in the first 8:23 of the second half before Connie Ballestero scored with 11:37 remaining.

That pulled Idaho within 58 points.

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44 thoughts on “UConn Women Smash Idaho 105-37

  1. TexasBogger

    Bria looked much better today especially shooting. Not much learned about dealing with ball pressure since the “good high school team” brought none. Hopefully Vanderbilt can compete.

    1. Geno turned 59 today

      And you know the great part? He only looks 65.

      Team to watch in the second round–UCLA.
      Achilles was complete disabled by his tendon, hope that does not happen to Stewie.

      Big plus for Uconn today–Stokes and Tuck, good rebounding, blocking, scoring–not great, good. One has to ask, why does Geno not play Stokes more?? Practice?? Practice isn’t everything–most lawyers and doctors practice for 30 years,are they better for it??

      Faris wasn’t in this game to be top scorer, she was there to lead and she did.

      Hartley looked good, I too wonder if the level of competition is the factor.

      1. Steve Gee

        Nice try troll ( at 4:22)
        Better luck next time.
        Intellectual age around six?

        1. Steve Gee

          Nice try troll ( at 4:33)
          Better luck next time.
          Intellectual age around six?

    2. Forgetable

      John–you know what’s forgettable? The 3 losses to ND..It’s like a broken record-18.3 seconds. There are no “do overs” in Women’s basketball so what’s the point to rub rock salt into the ooozing wound?? Thrusting that into Geno’s or the face of the team or fans will not make them better, maybe bitter. Don’t you think the fans and Geno,Faris, KML Stewie all know what happened??

      So what point are you trying to make??

      What do you think you’ll accomplish with this redundancy??
      It is rare that Elliot or Jim speak of those games again–is that because they are more professional journalists???

      Be happy you are working with Geno not Calhoun, he’d take your head off and then bar you from his gym.

    1. Awesome??

      Strong word AWESOME. More like good game, for her, Doty that is. Moved good for a gimpy kid (no insult intended).
      Some one blogged a week or so ago, that Doty was “out” for the year. Apparently not.
      Ah, the internet-that’s where I met my French boy friend–BON Jure.
      I liked the play of Jefferson. Am I the only one who sees the physical resemblence to the Olympic Squirrel gymnast?? Did you notice Geno called a 30 second to get her out of the game she ran to the locker room–came back and went into the game–a whiz break??

      1. Bracchus

        Nothing against Doty, but her injury has limited her effectiveness. She will always be OKAY against Idaho’s level of talent. She is a liability when they play other teams. Frankly, I think that starting her in any games now is not consistent with Geno’s stated objective of playing the best.

        1. Smartest Guy on Blog

          Mr B—You didn’t ask permission to print an opinion on anything. I am the smartest egocentric guy on this blog. so don’t blog anything until I review it.
          Signed Steve Gee.

          Born with a basket ball over my head–looking at the world inside out.

    2. Steve Gee

      Hey! You’re not the real Steve Gee. You don’t know nothing. I know everything. That’s why I correct everyone and call them names. That’s what my Ma and Pa did to me. So it must be right.

      1. Steve Gee

        And again at 4:21.
        Wow, you must have some real confidence issues.
        Still trolling I see.
        Funny how a troll just HATES being called a troll.

        1. Steve Gee

          And again at 4:39pm
          Wow, you must have some real confidence issues.
          Still trolling I see.
          Funny how a troll just HATES being called a troll.

        2. Steve Gee Whiz

          Trolling is what I do more of than giving you your opinions on this blog.
          I troll all the time just look at all my time stamps. Steve Gee has more comments and has done more trolling than any other troll on this trolling site of trollers, Sarcastic–Snarky–insulting–that’s me

    3. Steve Gee

      Still trolling huh? (3:52)
      Not an original thought, or name?
      You must be so overwhelmed by my calling your trolling you’ve resorted to the feeble fictitious posting under my name.
      How completely original.

      Perhaps if you had some marbles you’d post under your name and own your comments.
      But you can’t, because that would require not hiding, and backing up your comments.
      Still a troll no matter how many unclever names you use.

  2. John B

    Hartley was an All American against perennial power Idaho as expected. She’s this year Hayes.

    1. John B

      Hey UConnFan, You didn’t like my brain drain reply to your post on the Breanna Stewart Will Not Play Today thread so you post an anti UConn comment using my name. What are you 6?

        1. John B

          I was on this site first. You can tell which one I am by the high intellect of my comments which stand out among all the rest. So high that most people don’t even know what I’m talking about.

  3. Tom

    Even if Stokes had 20 points and 20 rebounds today, she will lose her minutes to Stewart.

    1. Bracchus

      Fine. Them she should be subbing for Dolson and Faris. She could be a major plus.

      I know that he feels obligated to Doty, but please. In a blowout game like that Tuck, Jefferson and Stokes should have all played at least a half.

      Additionally, all of this talk about Stokes and what happens in practice should stay within the team. Stokes plays hard she just doesn’t show it. She is consistent and makes few mistakes. When she is on, there is no layup line to the basket.
      She could be very important next year and the following year.

      1. Steve Gee the Real

        Bracchus–Where did you get the Idea you could think? Stokes should take time away from Dolson?? Where did you coach? when did Geno ask for your opinion??
        At what time of day did you awaken, or have you yet??
        Stokes may be good–but I will tell you if she is and when that happens. Snarky, sarcastic–

  4. JR

    Idaho sucked. Yet there are 300 WCBB teams that did not make the tournament because the sucked worse. Huge program win for Geno today.

    1. Steve Gee the Real

      Where did you get your coaching degee Mao U? Geno doesn’t need your help, he has mine. Idaho sucks–when did you think that one? Where do you get that opinion. Who told you that, you can’t think that –it’s no my opinion. You wait from now on until I tell you what to think.

  5. JR

    I’m going to assume it’s just one person going around making strange comments under the usernames of regular posters. What I can’t figure out is what the point is.

    1. Connfan23

      The reason this moron continues to make posts is probably because he just got an internet connection installed in his bedroom in his parents basement. I heard it was his 40th birthday present.

      1. Steve Gee the Real

        Uconnfan23—Good post these trolls, like you, keep trolling.
        My parents–whoever they are, wherever they are, are they where they are??
        Do you have a bathroom installed in your bed?? My 41 birthday was before that and around that time–Snarky, sarcastic that’s me. Only one opinion that is any good is mine. I saw a basketball once-so now I’m and expert. John Woolden, asked my advise often on how to make sweaters–Geno is now using my Wine formulae,
        Dolson would be 4 ft 2 if she didn’t exercise as I told her. What would Uconn do without Steve Geee??

    2. Information

      JR–When a commentor with his/her opinion is demeaned, insulted, or otherwise feels threatened – The only option is to retaliate in kind and often. That is what you are seeing.
      So if EVERYONE wants a truly OPINION blog about the UConn Women’s Basketball program, allow ALL their OPINION and allow it for what its worth. YOU do not have to agree–just be a TRUE AMERICAN and allow them to be wrong or right.
      That’s why you see the “Trolling Trolls” as one calls them (and insulting name never the less).
      ACCEPTANCE should be the key word .

  6. Kevin Cavanaugh

    Hey John A. Would you consider posting each person’s IP address for the next week right next to their alias? Some people here are taking cheap shots and using alias’. Most people, however, use their same name but others who choose to be tacky or insulting hide and keep changing from one alias to another.

    At least with the IP address, we will be able to see a skunk as he/she moves from one gutter to another.

    1. Dear John Altavilla

      tacky comments and insulting comments always start with Steve Gee, Mike McManus, Ted, Neely, and a few others

      if the courant permits them to do that then retaliation is the only recourse

      the instigators pretend to know it all and put others down for having an opinion

      the instigators use harsh words when correcting others

      wipe the instigators off this site and it will be cleaned up

      it’s such a simple solution

      1. Just myself (not Me)

        Dear John–SOME of what you say is true.
        But many of whom you name are not using insulting, demeaning,disgusting names–they sometimes reply to nasty comments in kind, but most choose to take the higher road.
        Most of those whose names you use are serious commentors. Some actually have a bit of basketball knowledge.
        The one thing about this OPINION blog is that it’s all about YOUR opinion. Like the colon sphynster everyone has an opinion. Good,bad or indifferent it is his or HER opinion–each is valid.
        Not any reason to be disagreeable when you disagree. No reason for name calling.

        I’ve agreed with Geno (once maybe) and disagreed with him often. I thought KML last year was a liability in the first ND game and said so—I WAS WRONG!!! She was a kid doing the best she could–it was stupid to not praise her for her play. So even the best of us (and that’s no me) do step over the line. I wasn’t beat up for my stupid comment, maybe I should have been.
        Point here is Trolling troll are with us. In appropriate comments are with us. It part of what the First amendment has given us–sometimes tough to accept, but a lot of good men I have known died to give me and you the right to be wrong.

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