Replay: Wednesday’s UConn Women’s Basketball Chat

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Click the play button and replay our UConn women’s basketball chat with The Courant’s John Altavilla.  Access the replay on your mobile device here:

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4 thoughts on “Replay: Wednesday’s UConn Women’s Basketball Chat

  1. KerishME

    Sorry I missed the chat JA. The timing is hard for me at work. Wish you started at noon so I could get on during lunch! As for the comments about Rebecca – she had a few lines last night where I felt like she was trying hard to not be seen as a homer. But the Maserati thing really bugged me. As I recall, they were having a conversation about the UConn program, comparing it to a Maserati, and saying how these kids were riding in the car and now had been handed the keys. Rebecca chimed in with “It’s not a Maserati anymore.” Now if she was referring to this year’s team, that’s one thing. But there is not another team in the country that touches UConn for consistent greatness right now. The program has not lost a step. Even in a one year retooling cycle, they are a top 4 team with the top two recruits in the nation coming in next year. No program is more of a Maserati than UConn. I’m guessing Rebecca just lost track of the conversation a bit and was referencing this year’s team but come on, don’t diss your alma mater. Especially when they don’t deserve it!

  2. KerishME

    The second thing that I wish I had been on to discuss… I understand that you want compelling match-ups but I am surprised that you would push for a UConn – Tenn game this year. It looks pretty clear that Pat is in her last season. I would think that Geno respects her too much and feels too bad about the way she is going out to want to be the one who hands her that final loss. I want to see the rivalry renewed as well but not like that. Would love to hear your thoughts…

  3. Brody

    John, I took your advice and watched the episode of OTL with EDD. Wow. You are so tight. What an amazing young woman. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen someone with so much compassion, and who has her priorities so right.
    She says there are more important things than basketball, and then proceeds to show us exactly what, in a way that leaves us — me, anyway — feeling humbled.
    I’m so much in her corner now. She showed me so much in this seven-minute clip.

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