UConn’s 61-35 Win Is Historic

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Stanford was 11 of 57 from the field (19.3 percent). It was the worst shooting percentage in program history and its lowest since UConn held it to 26.5 in the 2010 national championship game in San Antonio.

It’s 11 field goals was also a program low. And its 26-point loss was its first of 20 or at home since 1986.

Not only was this UConn’s first win ever at Maples- after three defeats – it ended Stanford’s 82-game home winning streak and likely cost it the top ranking in both polls.

Come Monday, when UConn (11-0) plays at Oregon (2-9), the Huskies likely will be the nation’s new No. 1.

The attendance was 7,239.

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14 thoughts on “UConn’s 61-35 Win Is Historic

  1. Village Idiot

    I am indeed an Idiot–I thought Stanford wouldn’t lose at home but that Uconn couldn’t beat them. They didn’t they destroyed them.
    This is the most satisfying victory since the Baylor game two years ago. I noticed Geno didn’t gloat as Tara did after her “victories” over Uconn–especially the one breaking the 91 game streak. And the Stanford players didn’t hop and jump around like they did in 2010–But neither did the Uconn kids–Chris and Geno have CLASS–you don’t rub your losing opponents nose in the defecation. But that’s not Tara’s way. No Class.

    1. Jeff Husky Fan

      Village, Tara is simply not in Geno’s league anyway. I can distinctly remember back in the 1995 National Semi-Final game when Van DeVeer completely put down the Lady Huskies before the tip-off. She showed absolute disrespect for UConn claiming that the then great freshman Nekesha Sales was not all that good. “I have 6 Nekesha Sales on my team”, gloated Van DeVeer. Well after Kara Wolters, Rebecca Lobo, Nekesha and company beat the living snot out of the Stanford Cardinal Van DeVeer quickly retreated to her locker room with egg written all over her face. It’s no wonder that Stanford have not lifted an NCAA trophy title in close to 20 years now. With all of the recent great teams Van DeVeer “supposedly” has had recently, she continues to come up quite small as a “big-game” coach, especially in leading her team in big-time NCAA late round action. Anyone remember Stanford coming up quite small two seasons ago against Texas A & M? Also does anyone also remember the absolute beat-down administered by a UConn team 4 seasons ago in the national semi-final game when Renee M. was a senior, Tina Charles a junior, and Miss Maya a sophomore? Wow was that an embarrassment, right Tara?

      1. Newgirl2

        Jeff Husky Fan, your memory is so efficient. Thanks for reminding me of Tara VanDerveer’s sarcastic statement: “I have 6 Nykeshia Sales”. I wonder what she’s thinking now after today’s solid beating from UCONN.

  2. Sydney White

    Way to go you wonderful Uconn women. I hope you did jump up and down and celebrate in the locker room. You gals did a super job. Keep it up for the remainder of the season. You are a SUPER GREAT team. Keep up the good work. :-)

  3. martin fallon

    ESPN one and two missed a good one, but I wasn’t going to be shut out, going to a sports bar and persuading a server to change channels to the also-ran ESPNU. The Huskies did NOT dissapoint, overwhelming a less athletic Stanford Cardinal team that couldn’t finish. Great defense and opportunistic offense sealed the deal. Going up against a pre-season All American and all those Pac-12 banners helped fuel the fire. Not wanting to gloat, but the athletic players all seemed to be wearing visitor blue. And this time the the fouls seemed to even out, no matter how many times our inside people were dragged to the floor, we were able to force Owgumike to shoot over some long arms, and she didn’t get the automatic Diggens calls. That was enough. They weren’t going to get easy ones inside.

  4. CT_OR_Guy

    Also historic — this was the largest margin of victory for a #2 over a #1 team in NCAA WBB history!

    But even better — I won my wager against my Stanford buddy for a plate of ribs — I thanked him for the nice little warm up before the big Oregon game :-)

    Way to go UConn women! Great defense! Great passing (looked like the Globetrotters on a few possessions)! Outplayed Stanford in every way while staying classy.

  5. Redcee

    Absolutely great win!! Just great defensive intensity. Frankly, they probably should have won by 40 points and would have if they had a normal shooting night. I think this game will do a lot for Bree Stewart: she came up big. All she needs is the confidence and now she knows she belongs here. And KML just might turn into another Maya Moore. Not saying she will, but she might.

    1. Nick

      Maya will be Maya she don’t need to be another Maya Moore few will ever be..but she just needs to be herself..indeed a great player who is getting better..we need to stop comparing these great players to others with a little different games…Lewis different that Moore Hartley different that Bird..Dolson different than Charles..all are great players let’s just win it with these..no competition for Uconn until Baylor..take that to the bank..we gonna destroy the Irish!!!!

  6. Jeff Husky Fan

    Monster win by the UConn Women! They put to bed the notion that Stanford was invincible on their home court in Palto Alto. If they can duplicate the type of effort they put in tonight against Baylor, well Geno will be celebrating his 8th NCAA title come early April!

  7. Steve Gee

    Frankly, the only thing that surprised me was the ugly play by Owgumike. She was likely just frustrated by Dolson’s stellar defense, but she repeatedly would hold and grab up-high around the neck area (she got called on it only once that I saw). I didn’t realize she played that dirty.

    1. Newgirl2

      Steve Gee, don’t be surprised by her dirty play. She is an excellent player who plays for Stanford University and her coach is Tara VanDerVeer!!

  8. ctabba

    This has to be the biggest WBB game thus far this year (too bad ESPN shut out a host of viewers so they could show the Aardvark Bowl and the snow storm in Yankee Stadium) as well as one of Geno’s biggest wins.

  9. Thin Bench! Thin Bench!

    Not funny how Burke and Becca yack and yack about change needed in WCBB to allow more offense. Meanwhile, the Ogwumike Sistas have both played Dirty, the refs have allowed it, and ESPN has ignored it. In the first half, Ogwumike literally held onto Stewarts wrist. Could not use the accidental tangled up excuse. No whistle. No comment by ESPN. At least Chiny Chin Chin got called for one N-neck-a Assault.

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