UConn’s Top 20 Hits Of 2012-13

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Through 16 games all that separates the UConn women from perfection are the imperfections that cost them the Notre Dame game on Jan. 5.

The one-point loss sent the Huskies spiraling to third in the national polls after a one-week stay on top. But what’s a poll, really, but a vehicle to promote conversation?

And from now until the season ends in South Bend March 4, there will be more discussion about whether the Huskies are sound enough to win an eighth national championship for Geno Auriemma.

Here’s a look at 20 superlatives from the first half of the season:

Best game:  UConn’s annihilation of No. 1 Stanford Dec. 29 was more parody than competition. The Huskies historically embarrassed the Cardinal before a partisan crowd.

Worst game: The loss to Notre Dame was no pratfall. The choice is a winning performance against Penn State during which there were 20 turnovers.

Best performance:  The Huskies held Stanford to 35 points, 19.3 percent from the field. It was Sinatra signing “Night And Day” in 1965.

Most Valuable Player: Senior Kelly Faris is to a basketball team what a support pillar is to a bridge.

Weakest opponent:  Let’s put it this way: If Oakland [Mich.] is accepted into the Big East, UConn should immediately secede.

Strongest opponent: Until UConn figures out a way to make one more shot or commit one less foul, the luck of the Irish is also an internet hoax.

Biggest surprise: Considering where she was last year, which was nowhere, sophomore guard Brianna Banks has been a revelation.

Most improved player: Stefanie Dolson is now an elite, All-American-type post player. If she was a pro, she would be endorsing “Insanity” workout DVDs.

Most disappointing: You look at sophomore center Kiah Stokes and think “great athlete.” You see her and you think “needs motivation.”

Best performance by an opponent: Notre Dame had already beaten UConn four out of five on Jan. 5. You could have understood if it took the day off.

Best coaching move: Every time Geno Auriemma gives freshman guard Moriah Jefferson the keys to the offense, the visibility improves to four years.

Best play:  Dolson has made two three-pointers. It’s impossible to determine which one was more memorable.

Best defensive shut-down: Did we mention that Stanford was held to 11 field goals? Charleston had 15, for goodness sake.

Best off-the-court news:  The NCAA’s decision to tap Bridgeport to host UConn’s likely regional. It’s not St. Thomas, but have you ever been to Trenton, N.J?

Worst off-the-court news: That Big East road games next season likely will be played in Houston and Memphis and not Louisville and South Bend.

Best recruiting news:  Saniya Chong, the high scoring guard from New York.

Worst recruiting news: Saniya Chong, the high scoring guard from New York, is the only member of the Class of 2013.

Best chance for second half upside: Bria Hartley has been bothered all season by a cranky left ankle. It’s time for her make opponents cranky.

Best game coming up: Is it true? Does No. 1 Baylor really have a 6-8 All-American senior center who can dunk?

Most memorable quote: Geno on being blunt: “The truth is the truth. I don’t think enough people want to go in that direction. Maybe from now on when the media asks me a question that I don’t want to answer, I’ll just break out into a song.”




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21 thoughts on “UConn’s Top 20 Hits Of 2012-13

  1. Jake

    And for worst picture – The one of Stephanie that the Courant put on the front page of the Sports Section Wednesday. Shame on them.

  2. dude in New Britain

    I think it’s a real stretch to say that UConn “held” Stanford to 11 field goals, or 35 points, or 19% from the field. Stanford just missed a lot of shots that night, misses that had nothing to do with UConn’s defense. By no means am I saying Stanford was (or is) a better team than UConn or that Stanford would have won if it had had an average night. But I do think we are going overboard to say that the lopsided score was entirely due to UConn’s excellence. The Stanford team ran into a superior team and also repeatedly shot itself in the foot. Proof is that Louisville encountered our best defensive effort of the year (per Geno himself) and still scored 20-plus more points than Stanford did. Anyone really think Louisville is 20 points better than Stanford?

    1. Village Idiot

      Dude I mostly agree with you. Stanford imploded and killed themselves (mostly). But Dolson took Chiney out of the game. Stanford does everything thru Chiney–you can make a case both ways. But once they got behind they forgot how to fight out of a hole. But in the above article–too many references to Stanford. After the Cal game, it looks like Stanford isn’t as powerful as once thought.

    2. coach777b

      Do you really understand the game of basketball? When your opponent misses shot they normally make, it usually means you are doing something to make them miss. It could be forcing them to run out the clock as they are trying to run its offense. It could be forcing them to take ‘bad’ shots instead of the shots they normally take. At the end of the day, most UCONN fans, writers and even coaches are saying that UCONN “held” Stanford to 11 shots. Perhaps you should vplace your attention on a less complicated sport. Try golf!

  3. Master Mind

    John–The shot at Kiah Stokes wasn’t nice or necessary. She, in her limited PT, has been effective in defense. More PT and she should get a better feel for the game. Geno even set up a play against Lul-a-vull to get Kiah in the scoring column. High Low from Dolson.
    The upside of Stokes is so very high–I am fearful that too many negative comments about her abilities may destroy a fragile ego–Yea, I know Geno want’s big egos. But she is what she is..

  4. Mind Master

    John–The shot at Kiah Stokes wasn’t nice or necessary. She, in her limited PT, has been effective in defense. More PT and she should get a better feel for the game. Geno even set up a play against Lul-a-vull to get Kiah in the scoring column. High Low from Dolson.
    The upside of Stokes is so very high–I am fearful that too many negative comments about her abilities may destroy a fragile ego–Yea, I know Geno want’s big egos. But she is what she is..

  5. Words of Wisdom

    Of all the stupid comments Geno has made his “the truth is the truth” is a whopper. As a Historian and people watcher he must know that your truth and my truth and Obamas truth may all be different. Blunt on the witness stand is wanted. But never smart. Choosing your words wisely is better.

    Geno is a great coach, maybe the greatest. But as one who remembers or knows past world events–he misses the mark widely. As a Historian, and history buff, his reading is limited or his memory faulty. May be he is using the internet for his facts–and everyone knows if it’s on the internet it has to be true!! (I saw the commercial–Bon Jor.

    Stay with Coaching Geno, that’s where you are best. Albeit not so much against ND.

    1. Misty

      To: Words of Wisdom

      What Geno was saying is that he gives the unvarnished answer from his perspective. Everyone has an opinion, they are like arseholes and everyone has one. You being a prime example.

      1. W o W

        Misty—you are correct–Geno gives unvarnished (sometimes unthinking) answers to many questions. When you hold a highly visible, worldly known, position–you have obligations. You and I have the right to opinions. Because no one does (or should) take us seriously. Geno however influences many. With that he has responsibilities. With his sometime wrong information–many gullible people view his answers as correct. I shan’t take the obvious route and point you out as one. That would be too easy.
        To those who have been given much, much is expected. Geno needs to remember this when he speaks out about other than basketball.

  6. Sal Pace

    I think you are wrong on Stokes and Dolson. Stokes has been injured and Dolson needs to play like she did against Stanford every game in the post since she is a “post player”and not be popping Three’s.

    1. Big Jim

      Take it easy there ms Pace. Taking a three every third or fourth game is not exactly popping three’s.

  7. Obama for NRA President

    Most Overrated by HoopGurlz = Tuck.

    Most Overrated by Geno = Stewart.

    2nd Biggest Scholarship Waste in UConn History = Buck.

    Lowest Energy Level = Stokes.

    Least Physical = UConn’s Practice Boys.

    Most Selfish = Hartley.

    Most Overrated by Fans and Media = Hartley.

    Most Overweight = KML.

    2nd Most Selfish = KML.

    Most Overrated Potential in UConn History = Doty.

    1. Tom

      You know nothing about basketball. You should be silent rather than display your ignorance and attempt to slander people.

  8. HarryH

    I think Dolson has had one good game this year (Stanford) and John and others think she is the next coming. For someone of her hight she should be able to score easily under the basket against smaller players. She thows the long shot up all the time (and misses most of the time) only because she is unguarded and even with plenty of time to get someone a better shot. She is unguarded because she misses so many why would you guard her.
    Other than against Stanford she absolutely is the worst UCONN defensive player on the team. People walk past her or she just leaves them unguarded. Heather plays better defense than she does.

  9. billnaples

    OBAMA – In all of your brilliance, a couple of questions. Tuck? 16 games into her college career and missed some games with injury. Stewart? Time will likely prove Geno closer to right than not. Heather Buck is the perfect candidate for a scholarship. You may find as good a role model but not likely many better. And tell me with all that wisdom you seem to claim, five years ago who would have been the replacement to get that scholarship that could not get it. Or for that matter in any of the years since has anyone that Auriemma and staff wanted to recruit have they been unable to offer a “ride” to? Big NO to that. MALE PRACTICE PLAYERS – And how often are you watching the UConn team practice. Caroliine Doty – You should only have to perform your life’s duties with half the class and commitment as this young lady has done. Now we can probably agree with your promoting the candidacy of Obama for NRA leadership role.

  10. martin fallon

    What a privilege it is to follow a nationally-ranked women’s basketball program that hasn’t faltered dramatically for over a quarter century. When Geno was locked in the death struggles with Pat Summit, we gloried in his put-downs, she no match for his sarcastic wit. Being an underdog to Baylor, and ND again, should keep Geno focused for the forseeable future. Away from Storrs, we’re going to the South Florida game, our first and last chance to see the seniors before the championship series. Go Huskies.

  11. Hartley inflicted with Doty disease

    Geno starting to show the same signs Summitt was a couple years before making her announcement. He looks dazed and confused in the huddle. Once in a while he remembers he gets paid to coach. So he makes motions like a monkey with his hands raised in the air.

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