Villanova’s Harry Perretta On The UConn Game

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Here’s a little taste of what Villanova coach  Harry Perretta had to say about the Wildcats’ 76-43 loss to UConn on Tuesday:

On Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis becoming a more versatile player:

  “I think she was always a versatile player, she’s just more experienced. With more experience you can do more things. That’s what I see, and that’s how I see their whole team evolve. As they get more experienced they are just passing the ball faster, they are shooting the ball more confidently.”

Is she becoming one of the best players in the country?

 “It’s hard to judge today, because we aren’t Baylor, we’re not Notre Dame. But yes, she has the potential to become that level. I think she has the potential to do that, yes.”

  What do you see from Stefanie Dolson?

“To me, I think it’s the biggest difference in their team that she has made herself a much better of a defender on the perimeter. Last year we took a little advantage of her with Laura (Sweeney), but today Laura couldn’t mismatch her. Once that happened, we couldn’t mismatch at any other position. As long as she does that on defense and her passing skills out of the high post are outstanding. I think last year she passed it well, but again, she’s a year older and she’s more mature.”

Was missing your first 3-point attempts from the field a key component to the game?

  “For us, we have to make 10 3’s to stay with 15 points. I’m not even saying to win the game, just to stay within 15 points. My team this year, we have 16 wins, but we really aren’t that much better than we were last year. We’re a little more mature and we are winning closer games that we lost last year, but we aren’t close to making the jump to the top-5 in the country. I think we are a top-30 team, but there is a big difference between 30th and 5th, 30th and 1. They (UConn) go to Stanford and won by 30, so there is a big difference. For us, any chance we have to beat any opponent at a higher level is to make a lot of 3’s, which we didn’t do. I don’t think we missed them. I think their defense had a lot to do with it.”







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4 thoughts on “Villanova’s Harry Perretta On The UConn Game

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  3. James Kerwin

    John ===Are these “commercials” necessary within the blog??

    I like Harry, he’s a sweetheart. But if you don’t think he is a competitor–you are wrong.

    At the start of the second half Villanova came out swinging and attacking the basket. They were very good. At the start of the half the differential was was 31 points and it stayed right around that until the last 4 minutes.
    Harry is foolish to keep throwing up the threes when his kids attack the basket so well. They went straight at Dolson and got 3 fouls on her, they blunted her rebounding in the second half.
    Kaleena is a better basketball player as a sophmore then Maya Moore was. Maya didn’t rebound or attack the basket , catch and shoot as quickly, or defend as Kaleena. Maya was a scorer and at that she was/is great. But most teams would opt for Kaleena’s versatility

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