Watch Breanna Stewart Throw A Baseball

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From the Sryracuse Post-Standard, here is something you have never seen Breanna Stewart do.

Ironcially, the other most talented teenager in Syracuse, Washington Nationals rookie Bryce Harper, also made his debut in the game.

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12 thoughts on “Watch Breanna Stewart Throw A Baseball

  1. Jeff

    Hey John,

    While Breanna’s throw was not perfect to the catcher, at least her pitch was better than two atrocious throws seen in the past – including one from a certain 9-time gold medal Olympic athlete. I refer to one Carl Lewis whose first pitch before a major league baseball game some 5 years or so ago was a total embarrassment. Mr. Lewis must consider himself fortunate that he achieved his athletic fame using his legs instead of his extremely wimpy right arm, lol! The other ridiculously sad first pitch took place at a Cincinnati Reds’ game several years back thrown by the mayor of Cincinnati to inaugurate a new baseball season. Let’s just say in seeing that pitch as it was recently re-aired on ESPN’s PTI, that a 3 year old boy or girl would have come closer to reaching his/her target behind home plate compared to the mayor’s pathetically weak effort!

    I can’t wait for Breanna to add her enormous basketball playing talents in 2012-2013 when the UConn Women make an effort to win an 8th NCAA championship banner to the rafters. Watch out Baylor, we’ll have something for you next season!!

  2. TGIGG

    She looks soooooo goooood wearing the UConn clothing, a perfect fit in more ways than one. Along with Steph and Kiah we will have one incredible front court, can’t wipe the smile off my face, nor do I want to. :)

    1. nhntc47

      You’re a true fan. It’s hard not to be a fan of these lady Huskies, isn’t it?

  3. natalie no show & pouty peters

    best thing to look forward to next season is miss falls alot no show wont hurt uconn in the tv games like she did for 4 years
    if geno & cd dont change their stubborn ways expect to see 7 players next march while 6 remain glued to the bench
    doty unfortunately
    dolson out of shape fumblin stumblin bumblin
    blued to bench in march
    engeln dont come back transfer
    johnson dont come back transfer
    buck dont come back
    geno & cd loyalty cost uconn a chance to play in the nc this season
    doty sucks and is a liability on both ends
    faris cant and wont shoot most games
    hartleys terrible ball handler and wont be a leader like renee
    dolson will never by aa or poy like tina
    kml aint the greatest shooter
    stewart will be slightly above average at d1 wcbb because of her height and lenght but never great
    write this down: jeffersons attitude will get in her genos doghouse from day one – you will see her pout and not cheer on the bench – just wait and see
    take the blue blinders off
    dear espn diggins is an ugly time bomb just waiting to go off
    dear espn griner wouldnt be aa if she was 6-4 or shorter
    dear espn fire carolyn the mistake peck and trey the clown wingo
    dear espn fire doris burke she is annoying like dick v and cheapens the coverage
    baylor 40-0 next season and breaks uconns 90 win streak the following season – go back and read the predicitions about baylor unbeaten at beginning of the season – husky blinders made you think that wouldnt happen but it did
    uconn leading by 11 at baylor means nothing – no one cares – there is no asterisk next to baylors 40-0 that says uconn was winning by 11 in waco

    1. janet293847

      What a loser and idiot you are. If you hate Uconn and want to spute hate, then why are you even here?If you have nothing nice to say about Uconn and the team, players and coaches, they keep your mouth shut. And Doty doesn’t suck. She’s a great player and about Kelly. She can shoot she has improved and will b e a better player next season and for crying out loud, KLM is only a freshman. Give me a break. She will improve. And doubt Baylor will break Uconn’s recond and it’s 90-0. Not 80 you moron! But we will see, but doubt Baylor or anyone will beat Uconn’s record or come close! And how do you know no one will care if Uconn leads Baylor by 11 or more? People DO care. You don’t sadly, but why are you even here? Don’t like Uconn or the team, coaches, they don’t post or watch. Change the channel and quit whining and being a hater. Uconn should be better next season and no way does Baylor or anyone beat Uconn’s 90-0 game winning streak. Not even close!

    2. Sal Pace

      If you are going to spout such vitriolic commentary then let us see your real name you Horses A**!!!!

      1. janet293847

        Who are you talking to, Sal? If it’s the comment above mine, then I agree with you!

  4. Jaiden

    I wish Geno would play all his players as well, but some of them are not performing like past UConn players did such as Sue, Diana, Maya, Tina etc.. But I hope next season little used Banks along with frosh Jefferson and Hartley can provide great depth at the backcourt. Dolson is getting better each time. I believe by next season, she will come into her own as a major post presence, Stokes has a great set of skills and talent. Hopefully she pushes herself to the star that she can be, Tuck is very talented player and should play valuable mins off the bench to help out Dolson and Stokes. Lewis and Stewart are gonna be the next Moore and Charles the 13 version. I think with the chemistry and bond they have, sometimes it takes some players to play great with other great players they know well and I think this season we will have that backbone we didn’t have this season. Most of these girls are very close and if they want to want to win an 8th NC they will to have trust in each other and lead with their talent and will.

    1. janet293847

      Agree! Next season should be a better season. A much different year and looking forward to next season. I can’t wait!



  6. Bruce

    The comments by Natalie…. prove once again that Gates and Jobs got it all wrong when they didn’t put breathalyzers on these things. Don’t drink and post kids. ;)

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