Watch Geno Cut Down The Net

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If you didn’t know this already, UConn has a tradition that states rather clearly that no net is cut down in the NCAA Tournament except the big one, the one at the end, the nylon that signifies the winning of a national championship.

For the eighth time in his 28 seasons, Geno Auriemma cut down a net.

And this is what it looked like.

Geno wasn’t the only one celebrating.

In this clip you will see him being interviewed by Deb Fiske of the UConn radio network. And you will see some dancing and more cutting.

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46 thoughts on “Watch Geno Cut Down The Net

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  1. Congratulations UConn


    7 national Championships since 2000. NO parity in WCBB – still. (Baylor lost to Louisville because the referees didn’t do their job.)

    Winning 6 tournament games by an average of 35 is NOT parity. Wining the national championship by 33 is NOT parity. UConn might have won by 43 if Brianna Banks was able to play.

    If the 9 players remain healthy all next season, UConn should go undefeated, winning by 30+ once again.


      Maybe UConn goes unbeaten if Banks did not go down. But she did and the Huskies lost 4 games. Baylor got beat because they got bombed from deep all night by Louisville. If they don’t go down 19 maybe they win despite the offficials. UConn beat all six teams that were in their way to their 8th title. Those are the rules. No parity yet UConn only has one signed recruit for 13/14. Was that the only player coming out of HS this next eason or are the all American’s headed to the competition? Don’t blame UConn for simply playing better every night in the final six game run than whomever was on the other side of the court.

      1. Congratulations UConn

        Not blaming UConn for anything. They have the best players. They keep getting the best players. Just saying there’s not enough of the best players. Since 2000, UConn has won 7, Tennessee has won 2, Baylor has won2. Lady Vols got the top recruit this time, so maybe they will return to the Final Four next season to challenge UConn.

        1. DavidinNaples

          Politely disagree that UConn “keeps getting the best players”. ESPN’s “Three to Watch” did not include any UConn players. Together those three “best players” won 1 championship. Apparently it takes more than just the best players to win a NC. It also takes “role players” (Faris), good players who become great (Dolson, Hartley), and lots of great coaching. From 2000, 12 different teams played in the final game for the Championship, that is PARITY. The fact that UConn won all 7 of their games means they are really good when it counts.

          1. UconnPhann

            Dave in Naples—couldn’t agree more. Uconn does not have a team full of Team 1 All Americans some 3rd team, honorable mention. To me that’s not all americans.
            We had the best role players, The best Freshman, and some very very good freshmen and Juniors.
            I have to agree that Uconn Won the tourney happily without Baylor. All year it was my belief that Uconn was the ONLY team who could beat BU straight up–not knowing how good Stewie was going to be.
            We have some great basketball to look forward to. If stokes does a Kaleena or goes home with her, over the summer, it could be a team impossible to beat. Banks being in the line up will make Uconn superb. I’ll enjoy watching, even if it happens they lose once or twice.

        2. Bracchus

          You are absolutely correct and this takes nothing away from UCONN because they can only play the teams that are in front of them.

          But, I can tell you that a part of the reason for the often poor attendance at the UCONN women’s games is the fact that the majority of those games are over by halftime. When winning becomes that predictable it isn’t as enjoyable. I have seen games where UCONN’s talent level is way beyond that of their opponent. Then, the main players are left in the game long after it has been won and they are virtually scoring at will. That isn’t fun to watch even if you are a UCONN fan.

          I remember seeing Joe Frazier’s son Marvis fight Larry Holmes. The fight was over before it started. Holmes did not want to hurt Marvis so HE asked the ref to stop the fight. The talent difference was palpable.

          Lets face it, in womens college basketball the top 5 teams or so seem to dominate. I have seen UCONN play teams that can barely get the ball across the half court line.

          Again, this implies no criticism of UCONN, but may not bode well for interest in the women’s game generally.

          1. DavidinNaples

            Brac, agree with your good points about attendance and talent differences. And I remember the Holmes fight. We must both be Hopefully, teams like Cal, Louisville, Duke, Penn State and LSU can make the “Top 5″ more like the Top 10-15…..Great season Huskies…!!

          2. UconnPhann

            Bracchus—The poor attendance is based in a lot of places:
            1. Economy
            2. Lack of excellent seating available to ordinary fan
            3. HD large screen TV–why leave you sofa and warm surroundings
            4. Cost and type of seating at Gampel. Seats too far away in HCC.

            I have proposed without any takers–that the corp seating be given to general ticket holders at the 10 minute mark of the first half if not filled-if he owner shows up they have first call on the seat. It frustrating when you see toy size players or are riding a very hard seat to see corporate seats empty.
            It’s America let us treat all fans equally–even if some have mega bucks donations–I know the common troll will have a comment on that–call me a commie–I think State Schools sports events should be handled with an even hand.

      2. Ed Connole

        Stop and think! Why would a five star come to UConn next year when there are nine returning players – five of them legit 5 stars and potential starters. No room for freshmen to play a big part next year. 2014 and 15 will be a different story.

        1. Master Mind

          Ed Connele–Any Five Star player would be wise to go to Uconn next year. If you can contribute, have the talent, confidence and game–Geno will play you and play you a lot. If you don’t have all the assets except talent–Geno will use that year to mold your game and lead you slowly into the big time game. And YOU’ll win a National Championship–can any of the 360 other schools say the same???

    2. Bridget

      Bridget says:
      2013/04/10 at 8:31 am
      I am sick of the wining about parity. When the Yankees buy the best team in baseball, you either love them or hate them but you don’t belittled their greatness. When Michael Jordan and company wins a bunch of championships, you watch in awe and enjoy the fleeting moment of greatness. You don’t bemoan the mediocrity of the Bucks at that moment. In women’s basketball, UConn defines greatness. They don’t play ‘in your face’ ugly ball like some of the mens teams. They make plays and do it WITH STYLE. If you want to watch the scoreboard instead of the way they play, turn the channel. UConn fans are enjoying the moment and the journey. There is nothing wrong with being a part of this great moment. You go women. October can’t come soon enough!!!!

      1. nhntc47

        Agree. One can’t say that LeBron James is great simply because there’s no parity in basketball.

      2. Bracchus

        Good points. However, even though the Bulls won those sux championships with MJ, they were not blowing out virtually every team they played. They were in some hard fought contests even though they consistently won.

        1. Master Mind

          Bracchus: It’s womens’ basketball, they’ve really only had competitive team these last 10/12 years. Men’s ball has been going big since the 30’s or earlier, NBA since the 50’s
          No comparison.
          Uconn plays the toughest schedule in Womens basketball and are forced to play those teams in its league. The men do the same–some patsies in every league–some teams search for patsies, not Uconn.
          Briget–You are absolutely correct. As NHNT47 said (he’s a very smart blogger).

          Hey–Bridget–look at the photos on Courant site. Uconn’s Dolson and Stewie were being mugged big time by LVille.
          If anyone does not like the blow outs–change channels. I for one watch the blow outs to see how the second string/freshmen play–I enjoy seeing them grow

      3. Dummes Trottelschleimballweibchen

        Kann Sie sterben ein schrecklicher Tod Sie miserabler Bastard

    3. Stewart is star

      Congrat Uconn—Like Steve Gee you are a constant complainer. More lower level teams beat upper level teams, but playing basketball.
      That’s the game. A well conditioned, average talented team can on A given night, beat anyone.
      That’s parity!!! If you don’t like the women’s game–watch the Pros. No Parity there.

      This day like last night belongs to UCONN WOMEN. They are the best of the best and Geno has his 8th championship (which he deserves).

      Louisville played hard , were hectic in their play, Mo Reid’s foul on Dolson was a planned foul and done to hurt. The flopped all over the floor–got more calls then I would expect.
      Walz is among the best coaches in Women’s BB. He will be asked to go to some big progam, maybe Tenn or Duke or Tx.

      I think it was Great that MOJO, Tuck and Stewart and even Stokes got to play some pretty good minutes–it’s a learning experience you can only get by being there.

      Look for UConn in the big stage next year.

      Congratulations to UConn staff and Team..

        1. Bracchus

          My comment has nothing to do with hating Geno. In fact, I don’t hate him. My problems with him are centered around his public criticism of his players and his wise ass comments. But, those are my problems. No one has to agree.

          As to Buck, what I meant by having the support of your coach relates more to allowing a player to play in games and work out deficiencies. Geno, and his staff made an assessment of Buck and decided that they did not want to do that. My point is that at a less elite school she may have gotten a chance.

          That is not a criticism of Geno. The comment really is more reflective of what might have been better for Buck. As I mentioned before, there were 2 other suers in the same boat whom Geno spoke to and they left. One was Laura Englin and I can’t remember the other one’s name.

          Sometimes things don’t work out in a particular place. But, they might somewhere else. Actually, I applaud Geno for being honest with these players. Then, the decision is theirs. P

  2. OMG WTH Moment

    Where in Ge-sus name was “that” Heather Buck the last 4 years? Holy crap! Aggressive, stole the ball, drove half the court, scored wide open layup with confidence. Ge-sus we pray that the light goes on for Kiah Stokes before the last game of her college career.

    1. MaryAnne Hartley

      OMG–Buck has made moves and done things in the last 3 or 4 games that if she played that way 3 years ago, she may have been played a lot.

      But isn’t it a great way to end your career if you were Doty, Buck, and my player of the game Kelly Faris–she was (as always) MS everything.
      Thank you Kelly, Heather, Caroline for 4 or more years of great play and pleasure watching you.

    2. Bracchus

      Heather Buck may have chosen the wrong school if she reallywanted to develop as a baskeball player. Frankly, she was expendable from the start. When you are in that situation unless someone, namely your coach, is really trying to develop you, it won’t happen.

      I believe that I heard that Geno basically told her at one point that it was unlikely that she would get any significant playing time, but that she was welcome to stay on the team, and she chose to stay.

      If it was truly her decision, then there is no reason to feel sorry for her.If it wasn’t, there still is no reason to feel sorry for her. She did have the option to go somewhere else and sit out a year.

      Bottom line is that UCONN may not have been the right team for her to get the chance that SHE needed. UCONN recruits elite players for the most part and those who do not the bill usally do not play much. Weren’t there two other players that left and went to other programs. Seems like Geno basically had the same talk with them.
      Buck might have been better off at a less competitive school. At least from a basketball perspective. But, maybe that wasn’t her first consideration. Good luck to her in any event.

      1. Master Mind

        Bracchus–You are an admitted Geno hater. Heather Buck, was selected because she was a big time Ct Star.
        Dailey and Geno both hoped the redshirting of her for one year would get the same effects Moore (from Alaska) got. She became a good player with personal teaching. Personal one on one didn’t produce results with Heather–all she had in HS was BIG.
        Don’t fault Geno for Heather’s non growth in BB–Uconn tried, she didn’t want to put in the effort–she wanted to be a Nurse–and she is. And she can thank Geno for that.

  3. TAD

    The beat down of Louisville was a nice parted gift for them as they leave the Big East.

  4. ray-ray


  5. Ed Hubert

    Just a couple of thoughts on Heather Buck. You know, not everyone on the UConn team is cut out to be another Maya Moore or Breanna Stewart. With some, they just do the best they can and have fun doing it. “The best they can” will never land them in the pros. Now Heather Buck has a nursing degree. That is her goal in life, to be a caregiver. So Heather will probably never play pro ball. But 20 years down the road we may read of Heather Buck, R.N. as the director of nurses at New York General Hospital. If so, that would be pretty prestigious, don’t you think? Not everyone is cut out for that job, either. But if Heather works as hard to become a good nurse as she did as a UConn basketball player, my hat is off to her in anything she attempts.

    1. Awareness

      Great point. Heather is the big winner. Bouncing a basketball for a living is hardly the greatest contribution to society.

      1. nhntc47

        True, but someone who does well at whatever they choose to do is not their fault.

  6. nhntc47

    Congratulations to Uconn for another national championship. The basketball season is over. As usual, I will miss the current seniors as I missed the Fab Four and the great Tuarasi when they graduated. But life goes on, I wish them a successful career.

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    1. The Far Side

      There is only one way to get parity. First, you pick up a golf tee. Then you pick up another one. Now you have pair of tee.

      1. Master Mind

        When John Wooden won 10 national Championship (and I watch or listened to 9 of them. There was no parity in Men’s basket ball.
        Even Bobby Knight’s team paled by comparison, Adolph Rupp wouldn’t compete, nor did Henry Ida. John wooden ruled the BB world.
        Never saw a word in print or on the air waves or on TV that there was no Parity in the men’s game or how bad it was for the game.
        It was great for the game–thousands of Basketball fans (like me) followed them (they on one coast me on the other). people were finally speaking of basket ball–no longer just Baseball. The USA went from a Baseball country to a basketball country–more fans in Basketball.
        So don’t bemoan the lack of Parity and the very good teams like Baylor, Lville, Uconn, Tenn, Okla, Stanford, Cal, Duke etc as being too few–it’s how Colleges choose to spend their money–title 9 for many schools is a token.

        1. Bracchus

          I think you are missing the isn’t about wins and losses, it is about competitiveness. Many of our opponents just cannot compete with us. 20 minutes of that is more than enough.

          This may just be personal preference. I like competitive games. Blowouts are boring.

  8. MN

    To get the second video to play, add a colon after “http” in the URL. But to be honest, it’s not a very interesting clip.



  10. snto55


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