When All Is Said And Done, They Are Just Kids

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How did Breanna Stewart celebrate her career-high 29 points in Sunday’s semifinal win over Notre Dame?

“We went back to the hotel. I talked to my parents, got some food, did some rehab and went to my room,” Stewart said. “Bria Hartley is my roommate and we watched SportsCenter for a while. Obviously, they were showing clips of UConn/Notre Dame and it was cool to watch.”

When asked how college has changed her life, Kelly Faris, whose career ends Tuesday, was very honest about it.

“My biggest thing was over-thinking things, being constantly frustrated and trying to fix stuff,” Faris said. “I’m somebody who wants to make things perfect and if it’s not perfect I try to make it so. It doesn’t always benefit us. So that was certainly a big change.”

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139 thoughts on “When All Is Said And Done, They Are Just Kids

  1. Steve in Maine

    I think I must live “where the buffalo roam,” because I haven’t heard “a discouraging word” from any of those who say the “Geno has lost it,” or “Muffet has his number.” (If you don’t know about the buffalo roaming, ask someone over 50!)

    1. Bracchus

      Why can’t the facts be simply stated. ND hs beaten UCONN 7 0f the last 9. You may interpret that anyway you wish.


        Simply stated ND got their collective hats handed to them last night. Also simply stated was ND could not finish the job despite the wins over UConn in the last two semi finals and so all of the “Geno is done” and UConn overrated talk promoted by a lot of ND supporters Skylar Diggins and Muffet McGraw have no championships to show for their work of the past four years. That is the only interprtation that counts.

      2. Facts Simply Stated

        Bracchus–There you go again. If you want love for ND and Diggins find an ND site.

        Simply stated: Uconn has been to 6 straight Final fours—ND 3.
        ND beat Uconn by a total of like 10 points this year. Uconn beat ND by 18 in one game.
        Simply Stated Uconn won 7 championships while Muffet won 1 (both geno and Muf started at St Joes together) Same experiences with different results.

        ND has the brand name for recruiting–Most Catholic girls want to go to ND–but those that choose UConn get rings and visit the white house. Simply said.

        I won’t count Uconn’s chickens before they are hatched–so I won’t speak of NC 8.
        I felt sorry for McBride at games end, she’s a tough competitor who isn’t into antics or pouty faces or Jumping around about “this is MY house”. the kid puts her game on the floor.

        I won’t brag on Stewie or Tuck or KML or Faris or Dolson, or Hartley (too many turnovers) or MOJO or Doty or Stokes or Buck. But I should. Simply stating the facts.

        1. trouttime

          Hey Facts Simply stated— your Bria Hartley smash re turn overs pains me a bi- every game I have re watched numerou times. Bria has been doing alot mre thing right than wrong rweeks now. Her defense has been stellar also. She has disruted and stoped so much flow aticipating the next passe bythe offenses. he is flying and playing with loads more confidence. It is easy ojust remeber the errors beaus we have all been puttig her uder a mcroscope since her slump. Without he we don’t play or win like w have been doing- even if she has not played to probably her best potential yet

        2. Bracchus

          Facts Simply Stated:
          Doty, Stokes and Buck???????
          I don’t believe that I have ever said that Geno has lost it. I don’t personally like his practice of public criticism and snide remarks about his players. He is probably too much of a smart ass for me. But, so what? He is a successful coach.That is a fact.

          Stating that ND has won 7 of the last 9 is a fact. It is not putting UCONN down. Some seem to think that acknowledging a worthy adversary demeans their support for the home team-nonsense.

          By the way, Geno acknowledged Diggins in his chat with her at the end of the game.

          Bottom line-it ain’t that big of a deal.

          1. Kevin Cavanaugh

            Bracc; lets talk about ALL the games before the last 9. Was the percentage the same but for the other team?

            Memories are very short for ND lovers.

            They cannot even admit that Faris shut down Diggins. NCAA.COM said sao, other commentators said so and ESPN said so, but God forbid, a ND fan would have to admit that one UCONN player bested one ND player.

            Stewie outplayed the ND backcourt in points, key plays, and shooting percentage.

            The ND backcourt tandum did score at the end, when it no longer mattered and when UCONN “let them” shoot uncontested shots.

            How many people reading this comment feel that Faris played a great game, doing her normal thing – and that is guarding the best player on whomever UCONN plays.

            Tonight, Faris will probably get Shoni Schimmel or Slaughter and she will do it again.

          2. Bracchus

            Faris played good defense. All I am saying is that she did not do it by herself. It was a team effort. What did Faris do in the previous three losses when she was guarding Kayla McBride? Geno came up with a plan that forced Diggins into traps and places on the court where she did not want to be. He also shut down the interior. The defense on Diggins was hardly all Faris. In fact, Carolyn Peck showed tape indicating that Diggins often had three UCONN players guarding her.

            Here is my assessment of Faris. Focuses on defense, rebounding and hustle. Offense has dramatically improved in the last couple of years. She will go down in UCONN history as a good player, not a star and definitely not a superstar.

            The key to her success is that she had a coach who believed in her and was willing to allow her to develop from a starting position.

            I will even concede that her hustle has made a difference in some games. But, remember, other than ND and Baylor, UCONN blows everyone else off the court. In many cases the talent difference between UCONN and its opponent was palpable. I personally take great performances in those games with a grain if salt. Many here treat every win, even if it is against St. Mary’s of the Woods as if they just beat the Miami Heat.

      3. JUSTME

        Bracc, there are two kinds of fans, objective and nonobjective. You are objective. Others are tunnel visioned and live in fantasy land. There is no hope for them. They don’t even realize yesterdays game was not even a title game. Keep with the great comments and try not to confuse them with the facts. You are right on!

        1. Bracchus

          Thanks Just Time.I just happen to think that the fact that we can talk about worthy adversaries in women’s college basketball is a good thing. The winner is the winner and nothing changes that. Some here are very sensitive.

      4. Sal and Irene

        When the Final Four winner’s flags are hung in the BB arenas of the winning teams, there are no asterisks on the flags that state how many losses those teams had during the season. That is the simple fact that Bracchus does not “get”

        1. Bracchus

          I don’t think that I ever suggested that there are asterisks. What has that got to do with acknowledging facts.

          It is just like the person that wanted to suggest that Maya Moore took longer to adjust to D-1 ball than Diana Taurasi. When I presented him with the facts which clearly indicated that Maya was significantly superior in every statistical category to Diana in her first year and thoughout her career, he had no response.

          What I find here is that many comments are based on personal preferences, not facts.

          1. Kevin Cavanaugh

            Many people are driven by stats, and only stats. round numbers like 2000 points or 500 rebounds or 200 steals or 300 blocks or 800 assists.

            Bottom line is how a given play did day in and day out and how that player contributed to specific game.

            Some players might score 25 points in a losing effort and a less frequent shooter might make the winning basket that gives their team the conference championship or a conference tournament title.

            Diana had that “wow” factor, she was good and people knew she was good and she could be depended on to actually make the winning shot.

            I am sure KML would like to retake the shot from the corner that would have given the win to UCONN. She cannot do that but there will be other games where she will make the winning shot as the clock goes to zero.

            The people who call her “fat” or say that she is no Maya Moore and jealous that she is at UCONN and not somewhere else like Stanford or other schools.

            Stats are nice to read, but I like the memories of specific shots or specific plays or blocks, and not how many a player made.

          2. browns

            The biggest stat.D took the team on her back the last 2 years to win championships.Maya minus the AA Rene,then Tina couldn’t do it.

          3. Bracchus

            I don’t think that there is any question that Maya Moore could play. Check the shooting percentages for Moore and Taurasi.

            Who was best? Lets face it. That is going to be a matter of personal perception. But, take a look at all of the honors Moore received from unbiased groups. Now, I am not diminishing Taurasi’s accomplishments. But, the only place she exceeds Maya is by one championship. No matter how good either of them were, they could not win a championship by themselves. Also, look what happened in Minnesota when Maya went to the WNBA.

            I mentioned this before. But ask a diverse group of people who they think is the greatest forward of all time in the NBA. I have heard Larry Bird, Elgin Baylor, and even Tim Duncan. The name you rarely here is Karl Malone. Yet, Karl is the second leading scorer of all time with over 15,000 rebounds. So, some would say that the others had the “wow” factor or win championships. All true. Malone never won a championship. But, on a player to player basis is Malone less if a player than any of those others?

            In my mind Maya, to date, was the greatest player in UCONN women’s badketball history.

    2. me

      it pissed geno off that uconn lost 7 of 8 last night you would know that if you were an actual uconn fan the pain was written all over his face

      1. Stratford Rick

        Geno was upset that UCONN lost the 3 games this season instead of being beat. The subtle difference is that the failure to do what they had to do in the final minutes (no turnovers, handle the ball well, make foul shots, not miss open shots, etc.) cost them the games. UCONN losses were do to their failure to make the plays. They were not wiped off the court by a dominant ND team, they lost due to their own inability to execute, especially in the final minutes. In last night’s game, however, UCONN did beat ND. They wiped the court with them. Last night was the type of game that the other three games should have been had the team executed the way they are capable of executing. Previously in the season, UCONN did not show that they had that fire in the belly to make the plays that would have preserved their leads or stopped the ND runs; last night the women finally put it all together. They played like a team with confidence in themselves and the grim determination to not let themselves buckle.

        1. STAMFORD TARA


          1. Stratford Rick

            Tara, I would gladly have UCONN’s record of victories over ND, of victories over Big East teams, of Big East regular season titles, of Big East tournament titles, of NCAA tournament victories, or NCAA championship victories, etc., than ND’s. ND may have won 3 out of 4 this year, but they lost the one that mattered the most: the one that gives them a shot at an NCAA tournament victory. ND may be good, but UCONN has been and continues to be great!

          2. Ratford Stick

            uconn is great because 99% of wcbb still sucks there arent enough teams like notre dame and baylor and stanford who can occassionally beat uconn in the final four geno has lost 6 semi finals but almost always there because no competition outside sweet 16 and sometimes elite eight

          3. Kevin Cavanaugh

            Oh Tara, you missed talking about the real statistic.

            Everytime UCONN got into the final, they won and they did it seven times so far.

            UCONN did it more than Stanford, ND, and Baylor COMBINED.

            Now, Tara, please tell me how many NCAA championship banners ND has hanging from their rafters?

            Oh, Tara, please don’t cheat and count the men’s banners please.

          4. BILLNAPLES

            And seems to me that ND has either already flown back to South Bend or will be shortly with the final option (I’m only guessing they would not do this) being to stay in NO to see the title game. Did not suggest that would make sense. Missing the results from the ’97/98 season but beginning in 1995/96 the up to the minute record is 10 wins for ND and 24 wins for UConn. Now you can’t have it both ways. If you want to talk history then you have to accept all of it. If you only want to talk about the last game we can do that as well. It only took ND 18 or 19 years to break thru and win both the regular season and tournament crowns in the Big East. Only to have UConn end the ND season in the semis. So it goes.

        2. Kevin Cavanaugh

          No coach wants to lose 3 in a row to anyone. I believe it was those losses that got Geno and his assistants and his team to up their game to insure there would not be a fourth loss.

          UCONN rose to the occasion and in addition to doing that, they worked especially hard at insuring ND could not respond in same to any run UCONN put together.

          Again, Faris did her part by insuring that Diggins had as few opportinities to score or contribute. That is why she got the defensive aware she did this year – and she deserved it.

        3. Allen Freshler

          Right on with you comments. Desire/heart are hard to measure but in close games they are the difference. In the ND game, dispite way to many turnovers at strange times by several players, the depth and good lead helped UConn overcome it’s own stumples. Great play by Ferris, Stuart, MKL and especially a wonderful return to form by our guard made the difference. We played with poise and hugh pressure on ND at every turn. That game was a major turning point in tough games for the Huskies!

    3. John the prognosticator

      AS a predictor of game out comes John Altavilla just doesn’t know Women’s basketball.
      Now will he own up to his prediction of
      Notre Dame over Uconn by at least 5.

      All you who ask for his basketball advice maybe you should rethink whom you are asking. Or what gives him expertice in Basketball–writing about it???
      So maybe he should write the medical columns and be your brain surgeon.

      As an expert on Women’s basketball–he really knows his eateries, pastry shops, pasta makers, best wine houses, — but basketball not so much.

      One would think since he is writing about Uconn Women’s basketball-out of loyalty to those who helps keeping him in his job–he’d be speaking positively about Uconn–because it is alway possible even probable that Uconn may win against the power house of Diggins and Mc Bride. Some power house.

      1. Steve Gee

        I think I missed something and you can likely help me out.
        Where can we find the “expert” basketball credentials that John Altavilla has touted?

        You refer to them as though he’s touted himself as an expert, but I can’t find where he’s posted that sentiment or referred to hmself as a basketball expert.
        Please get back to us on this so we all can read it.
        Help us.

        1. Steve Gee

          I am the troll. That’s me Steve Gee.

          How do you know that?? Why did you think that??
          I am steve gee and I didn’t give you permission to use my blog.

          I am the only one to have an opinion on this blog.

          Don’t you dare think without me thinking for you.

          I am wonderful you are nothing. Because I am steve gee.

          My mother calls me steve the jerk, and she should know. But I haven’t talked to her in years–I didn’t give her permission to have a birth.

    4. UCONNFB

      “where the buffalo roam” is where KML wobbles around the room with pie in one hand and a bag of MMs in the other hand.

      1. Stratford Rick

        UCONNFB you are truly a pathetic little loser. I strongly recommend that you make a little effort and pull your head out of your butt. The lack of oxygen has clearly left you hypoxic and delusional. Do you really have to exhibit such ignorance and personal rancor?

    5. Webster

      Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam,
      Where the deer and the antelope play,
      Where seldom is heard a discouraging word
      And the skies are not cloudy all day.

      Home, home on the range,
      Where the deer and the antelope play;
      Where seldom is heard a discouraging word
      And the skies are not cloudy all day.

      Where the air is so pure, the zephyrs so free,
      The breezes so balmy and light,
      That I would not exchange my home on the range
      For all of the cities so bright.


      The red man* was pressed from this part of the West
      He’s likely no more to return,
      To the banks of Red River where seldom if ever
      Their flickering camp-fires burn.


      How often at night when the heavens are bright
      With the light from the glittering stars
      Have I stood here amazed and asked as I gazed
      If their glory exceeds that of ours.

  2. martin fallon

    It’s too soon to celebrate as there is one more game to play, against a team not afraid to hoist them up and play with abandon. However, no matter what happens on Tuesday, last night’s win over the Irish was a vindication for the program and a number of folks who have suffered from excessive criticism by passionate fans and non fans. Kelly Faris gets a giant pat on the back, taking that foul-shot rebound was a dagger in the ND hearts, outplaying Diggins on the floor and in the stat book. Bria’s efforts were remarkable as was Dolson’s performance on damaged legs. As has been written, this was one for the ages. A gritty team win, with kudos for Kalena and the rest of the squad, never letting down, demonstrating wonderful fitness, staying on them with a relentlessness that would not lessen for the game’s duration. And Stewie, peaking at the perfect time.

    1. trouttime

      And Morgan tuck has done an unreal job spelling dolson and KML and anyone in foul trouble. she is becoming an absolute force for the huskies. She can do it all. The offense keeps rolling with her in there for Dolson- she is calm cool and collected. can drain 3’s, get to the hoop with a monster quick step for a big girl, defends, rebounds—- she is going to be a monster star for us doing all the other things that need to get done. beautiful pass on a back door cut last night- she looked like Dolson!!! I love everything about this team, and the future is very very bright!!!

      1. Steve Gee

        Indeed Trout,
        Tuck has always been good with the basketball for all the reasons you listed. What makes her so much more valuable now is that she’s playing so well w/o the ball (positioning on D, setting screens on O , etc). She just continues to improve her game and has become an increasingly important part of the team.

  3. phil

    To Bracchus…..
    So what? Any national championships for ND over that time frame?
    Uconn 7 NC Notre Dame 1 NC
    Uconn soon to have 8 NC

    As usual, the ND fans can’t come out and admit the obvious. Uconn dominated ND last night.

    Geno could be looking at tying Wooden’s record 10 titles come 2015, even breaking it in 2016, Stewart’s senior year.

    ND will be happy to reach the final 4.

    Diggins should have gone to Uconn, she would have won 4 NCAA titles.

      1. trouttime

        Me- Bria was never a true point guard- she was forced to take point. Brianna Banks probably would have been taking more of that over this year is she didnt go down. These are kids who have slumps occasionally- are any of us perfect all the time. Do we want to win with the five best players in the country every year- what fun would that be. I love that KMl and Dolson dont seam to be in the upper tier of best plaers in the country by alot of people’s picks— We have beaten alot of teams with phenomenal recruits like us- We play like a team all the time-and tenaciously- Geno is a genius and the kids that come here know they have to give everything to the program, it really is something!

    1. UconnFan

      I am sure that Geno and his program will reach 10, but if I remember correctly Wooden’s 10 were consecutive which I doubt will ever be matched


        UCLA, at a time when they consistently got the best players in the country and had the Wizard of Westwood in Wooden as their Coach, won 10 times in a 12 year span from 1964 to 1975. In 1966 (smaller field) UCLA did not make the tourney. In 1974 they were a final four team losing in the semis to NC State and then beating Kansas in the consolation game for 3rd place. I did not have the time to look up details but recollectios are that in many of those years UCLA had arguably the best if not 2 or 3 of the best 10 players in the country, headlined by Bill Walton and then known as Lew Alcindor. Rest assured the chances of even winning two in a row are slim (happened only twice in 40 years since UCLA, Duke in 91 & 92 and Florida in 06 & 07) the chances at the 7 in a row that UCLA did win are virtually non existent.

      2. Kevin Cavanaugh

        You are correct, if Geno makes 10, they will not be in a row.

        But, I ask you this, what team has the record for consecutive victories?

        Not UCLA. Can you guess???

        Its NOT Baylor neither.

        1. BILLNAPLES

          Since you indicated consecutive victories (not championships) that’s pretty easy, UConn Women with 90 is tops in Division one BB, UCLA with 88 top the men. However the NCAA record for consecutive match wins (any sport, any division) goes to Trinity College with 252 games in a row and 13 conseccutive national titles in squash. Hope it wasn’t a trick question.

          1. Kevin Cavanaugh

            Go Bill, Go Naples, you have an eye for detail. Thanks for jumping in.

            What is really funny is that Baylor intentionally got an extra game in their schedule to go 40-0 and they thought they were going to add another 39 to it but Stanford took care of the regular season loss and Louisville took care of the tournament.

            Oh, my, the best laid of plans of mice and coaches in spiked heels and lather skirts and everything glitter.

            Maybe if Kim Mulkey spent less time crying in her southern drawl to the refs and even lesser time on her wardrobe and her hair, maybe Baylor could have added 39 to the 40, but that would have left her 10 short without Brittney Griner to win them.

    2. nhntc47

      McBride is better than Diggins. Diggins got all the attention because of her self-promoting diva-like behavior. McBride should’ve gone to Uconn.



        1. Sal and Irene

          WNBA rookies make $37,000 min to about $60,000 max. Europe pays more. speak for yourself regarding your dream salary!!

      2. Kevin Cavanaugh

        they both were great for ND, but I personally “like” McBride more because she never talked junk, like, “Not in my house.”

        McBride might not have all the stats Diggins has but she has “Class” and so does Ochonwa

    3. Bracchus

      I don’t think that I ever said that ND had won a National Championship during that time. That is also a fact that is indisputable and people are free to interpret that as they wish.

  4. me

    no one giving ul any chance but themselves and their fans
    if the game gets close neutral fans will start cheering for the under dog
    the game can get close if hartley and dolson continue throwing the ball away and if stewie goes 0-5 instead of 4-5

    1. Newgirl2

      Me, my heart aches for you as you grieve along with the UL athletes. Don’t get me wrong, I love Shoni Shimmel as she’s a great BB player, and I’m glad that Baylor was dethroned, but that “bad girl” pose she tossed at BG was unnecessary. It’s okay to play with passion, play hard and fight for the “W”, but doing foolish taunts to the opposition is just not intelligent.

      1. UconnFan

        dolson is the queen of elbows
        faris played like an offensive tackle last night
        notre dame missed so many layups cause they got hacked and whacked and the refs swallowed
        jefferson pulled a shimmel on diggins
        have no idea what she was thinking putting her fingers that close to diggins eyes
        anytime uconn chest bumps fist pumps and screams they are taunting

        1. buddy

          The officials actually did everything they could to give ND the game in the first half. After it became clear that they couldn’t capitalize, then maybe it became more equal in the second half. I thought Jefferson was too soft on Diggins. The officials favored ND in every game against UConn. The NCAA and ESPN were trying to give the game to ND. They do not want UConn to succeed.

          1. fbuddy

            so when louisville pulls off the biggest upset in the history of all women’s collegiate sports, buddy is going to run home to mommy crying about the weffewees

        2. Stratford Rick

          I think over the last couple of games ND has gotten away with being quite a bit more physical than UCONN. I’m thinking specifically about Dolson getting a forearm to the throat and then being called for the foul when she tried to dislodge the forearm from her trachea. Oh well…

        3. trouttime

          You are a loser Uconn Fan— I think Moriah’s face guard that was a called foul- insulted the Queen Skylar so much it helped throw her off her game. she always shoots around 20% vs Uconn but she comes up big alot. Officiating last night looked anti ND because we had the best crew on the game that did not make every call for ND the way America’s team has been used to for years since Queenie got there!
          The refs saved them so many times in the past few years it is horrible. The only other well officated game in my opinion was the Big East tmt that we lost this year! Wow- what game did you watch?

        4. Kevin Cavanaugh

          Jefferson put her hand in front of the Queen – it was wrong and she got called for it. End of discussion.

          So, how did that one play affect the blowout? Not sure. It probably rattled the Queen of “Not in my house.”

          Diggins is a great player but she is more a Diva and the Diva was “off key” all night.

      2. Kevin Cavanaugh

        I think Shoni’s bad girl pose was because of the passion of the moment. Just like “In your face” and that is the passion you want from players.

        Should she have not done that? You betcha, but I will never fault the drive and the passion.

        I have seen Griner stare down someone after doing a block and I have seen her look down at someone she just threw down on their back.

        Griner has an arrogance that sometimes remains unchecked as well.

        Is Griner one of the great ones? Sure she is.

        After Griner threw down Popoens in the Oklahome State game and after Griner made one of the Technical free throws, she looked back at the Okla State bench with an “in your face look.”

        That was over the top as well.

        1. Bracchus

          You don’t like Griner-period. This young lady took a beating in virtually every game. If a she stated at the bench of the opposing team that is hardly the same as jumping in someone’s face and trash talking.

          You are speaking out of both sides of your mouth on Shoni. If it was okay for her, it is okay for everyone else.

          This is what I mean by personal feelings co trolling much of the commentary here.

    2. Missy

      To: me

      If, if, if, if, if, if….

      You make us UCONN fans smile.

      Try this “if” – if diggins scored 29 yesterday, ND would have won. Instead, she had a measly 10. Jefferson, a Freshman, ate her lunch in the first half. Diggins had nothing left in the second half.

      Let’s see how she does in the WNBA. Of course, the refs wont be so favorable…

      1. Kevin Cavanaugh

        an Diggins got half of those when the game no longer mattered and UCONN relaxed their defense so not to embarrass ND more than necessary.

        UCONN took the high road and ran the 30 second clock out so McGraw could take the Diva and McBride out of the game for some applause.

    3. Kevin Cavanaugh

      and the game can turn into a route if Louisville goes 5 for 16 from the 3 and they are shut down in the paint.

      Keep in mind that ALMOST the entire UCONN team is an inch or two over each Louisville player – up and down the bench including the starters.

  5. Louis (Fairfield CT)

    Hi John,
    Love the blog!
    A few questions…
    What conference names goes on NCAA Women Championship trophy tomorrow? Big East or American Athletic Conference?
    A year from now, should we expect this game listed under Big East or AAC record books?
    I am sure the next football season are part of AAC, but was curious if AAC can include this year’s women championship as part of its history since both teams (at least for 1 more year) are part of AAC.

  6. Disgruntled ND,Tn,Duke fans

    I love the inane comments of Me and others–isn’t it just a wonderful feeling to know you Knocked off the ND hornless monster and all those who make stupid ignorant comments won’t ever seen another Final 4 in their life times. Isn’t it great to have seen the look of fear on Diggy and the ND team when Uconn was up by 19 late in the half?? Wasn’t it great to see the disbelief on Achonwa’s face as she got her 5th foul.
    Wasn’t it great to see Braker arguing with the ref as she walked off after getting their fifth foul. Wasn’t it great to see ND players getting fouls when they had 5 fouls and 11 on UConn with ND taking 12 shots to none in the first half. what goes around comes around and they got theirs. Without any pouty faces or nasty comments by Geno or his team. They left the floor with class as they always do. ND has never been so dignified in any of their wins.

    1. UconnFan

      skylar and notre dame still crushed the dreams of 3 uconn teams – including 3 uconn icons bird taurasi moore
      last night doesn’t erase the pain

      1. nhntc47

        You fool, Diggins never played against Taurasi and Bird.

        Don’t insult a cow’s intelligence by comparing Diggins with Taurasi.

      2. bogey29free

        yeah,bird and taurasi were so crushed that they came back and went undefeated the next year,and then with virtually a team of rookies,Taurasi won championships the next two years after that.I don’t recall seeing Notre Dame in any of those final fours, and I don’t recall seeing any pictures of Skylar holding up that national championship trophy,and bringing it back to “her house”

        1. Kevin Cavanaugh

          you are so right, Bogey, Bird ran the length of the court against Notre Dame in the 2001 BE Championship and scored the winning basket.

          UCONNFAN, please give a specific point in time where ND made Bird look bad?

          …and Moore won a championship when Diggins did not. Taurisi won championships when ND did not.

          Also, UCONN went undefeated for two full seasons and NCAA championships when ND did not.

          Please get your meds checked and set yourself up for a lie detector test.

    2. Kevin Cavanaugh

      I have no problems with McBride and Achonwa – they play great and compete at a high level.

      Braker should have gotten a “T” because she wouldnt let up against the ref but it was okay that they didnt call it.

      The game was of such importance the refs needed to pick their battles and call the big things and let the kids play their game.

      I felt bad for McBride, she was all filled up with emotion, standing next to the “Ice Queen”, the one who has to tell someone who is interviewing her that she is crying because she won.

      She was crying in her last home game because the camera was on her.

      Diggins had an arrogant look on her and she could not accept defeat – not from UCONN.

      True, the UCONN victory was not in “Diggins House” but it was in a bigger house and on a much larger stage when it mattered.

      UCONN has a full schedule next year and McGraw does want to continue the rivalry, so maybe Geno can squeeze in an extra game like Baylor did when they went 40 – 0.

  7. Lynne

    I heard that Skylar Diggins was handing out headbands to the fans in anticipation of an ND win last night. GEEZ…
    In my humble opinion, the classiest thing Diggins did all season on the court was help Kelly Faris to her feet during last night’s UCONN win.

    Good luck to her in the WNBA, though. But, no visit to the White House.

    1. JUSTME

      Notre Dame players were also handing out the bottom half of their cut-off pajamas that they played in.

      1. Sal and Irene

        We agree. Those ND uniforms look like PJ bottoms with the legs cutoff. Did ND actually pay someone to design themm

        1. Kevin Cavanaugh

          They are the same uniform bottoms the men wore for Louisville in the NCAA’s.

          Maybe they are a generic bottom that uniform manufacturers can make in bulk and the top is specific for the different teams.

          Either way, they were more like bloomers / baggy pants that could have room for Depends underneath.

          They looked okay on the guys but they looked hideous on the gals.

    2. Kevin Cavanaugh

      Hi Lynne; I looked up the headband issue and I could not find where Diggins or ND was handing out “headbands” like Skylar wears. That does not mean it did not happen.

      Adidas, if you search for “Diggins hedband” will come back to links for Adidas. Note: Diggins cannot make any money from any sales and the site does not reference Diggins at all, they set up their search keys to match searches so you will be taken there.

      Also, I watched the game live, watched it again Monday (off and on) and watched bits ad pieces today – so regarding you mentioning that Diggins helped “up” Faris is a misnomer. What happened is that Faris was dribbling the ball up he sideline and Diggins was checking her so close that they bumped and Faris ended up out of bounds – after Faris regained her composure (with no help from anyone), Diggins came overto her and extended her arm for a handshake and Faris accepted.

      It was a nice gesture on Diggins part because it was not a rough play.

      Faris shot free throws and that was that.

      The nice gesture was when Geno let the play clock expire so McGraw could take out McBride and Diggins so they could get some applause from the fans.

      What was weird about that event, so to speak, is that Diggins walked quickly past McGraw and neither acknowledged each other. It just seemed strange. Myguess is that McGraw knew Diggins was very upsent with time running down and a loss assured and she left Diggins alone.

      McBride was obviously very upset with the loss and it showed with her puffy face and filled up eyes but Diggings looked lik the “Ice Princess” – after the game ended, Diggins gave a quick comment to one of the people covering the game and then she walked briskley down the tunnel like a spoiled kid being sent to her room.

      I feel bad for Achonwa and McBride but not for Diggins, the ND Diva “Ice Queen”

      If you have the game on your DVR, the Diggins / Faris handshake was at 1:21 remaining in the 2nd half.

      1. Steve Gee

        That person Diggins waved-off was sideline interviewer “Molly”, who’s last name escapes me.
        Diggins was supposed to briefly stop so Molly could ask her the typical questions.
        Diggins refused and simply waved her away, gesturing for her to grab a different player, then turned and quickly headed down the tunnel.

        I understand why she might be upset, but I thought she should have shown a little more class than that.

  8. Edward


    You are the biggest A–hole writer in CT – and that says a lot (outdoing Jacobs). Were you required to cover UConn against your will? You couldn’t have done it in a more pissy way if you were – to say nothing of the illiterate, ungrammatical and error filled writing. Do you really get paid for that?

    Not only should you be fired, you should be banned from the state of CT, under warning of a good butt-kicking should you ever be found in it again.

    1. UconnFan

      edward should be skinned alive
      set on fire
      then saved
      so it can suffer the rest of its miserable life

      1. JUSTME

        He is clearly already suffering and miserable. He needs prayer, not criticism.
        “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

      2. william

        Oh, what outrage.

        Why don’t you go home to Indiana and stick your sister. Isn’t that what you do out there?

      3. Kevin Cavanaugh

        So much anger, hatred and threats – this is a website to talk about womens basketball and some are taking it to the gutter. I find that disgusting.

      4. Kevin Cavanaugh

        again,So much anger, hatred and threats – this is a website to talk about womens basketball and some are taking it to the gutter. I find that disgusting.

  9. Steve Gee

    Geno has always said (to paraphrase): To be called a great player, one has to play great when greatness is required.

    Where does that place Diggins?

      1. UconnFan

        diggins beat your maya
        diggins beat your tiff
        diggins beat all these uconn players
        who still have not won squat

        1. Stratford Rick

          Diggins does not have a championship ring, and she never will. Who knows what she’ll accomplish in the WNBA. She’s really good, but will she really be great enough to make an immediate impact like Lobo, Taurasi, Moore, Bird, Montgomery or Tina Charles — all among the pantheon of UCONN greats that have made immediate and lasting impacts in the WNBA.

        2. nhntc47

          Maya also beat Diggins. Faris has won one National championship. This “UconnFan” shows typical ND fans’ stupidity.

          1. nhntc47

            FARIS WON SQUAT
            IT WAS MAYA

    1. browns

      Easy -against an elite team (UConn) she shot 23-76 with 26 t.o.’s in 4 games this year. That’s pathetic.The great ones shine in the biggest games.Diggins will be an average to good guard in the pros.

      1. Kevin Cavanaugh

        Hi Browns; I could not reply to nhntc47 because there was no reply button, so I tagged on to your comment so I could support Faris and her game. Faris can hardly be considered a bad shooter – what is true is that she makes fewer attempts than others on the team because she is a defensive superstar that does not need to shoot as often as others.

        If Faris is on defense and she makes a rebound or a steal or prevents a ball from going out of bounds and she quickly psses the ball to a fellow UCONN player, that player shoots and Faris gets an assist if a basket is made.

        If no basket, she gets no assist. Faris has done this for all four years and I doubt if there is another UCONN player that Geno values more.

  10. ray-ray

    5 things i saw that i did not see in previous nd matchups this year. 1.stewart was the x factor
    2.mcbride stunk as did diggins
    3.no irish jig on court after game
    4.no constant t.v. closeups of diggins mother.
    5.i missed mcbride running around after game, tugging her jersey and yelling nd no.1.
    and finally ,quoting the words of that famous irish theologian—-it sucks to be you

    1. UconnFan

      cant stop laughing at all the geno juicers bad mouthing nd cause the only reasons you are doing that is nd beat uconn in 3 final fours and beat uconn 7 out of 8

      1. Stratford Rick

        UCONN still holds a wide margin in victories.
        UCONN still won more games in a row.
        UCONN has 7 championship rings to ND’s 1.
        UCONN will won the most important of the 4 victories this year: the one that will let them play for an 8th championship ring.
        UCONN still holds a tremendous margin in the number of league victories and Big East tournament victories.
        ND has been doing better as of late, but no where near as good as UCONN has done historically. Oh well…

        1. nhntc47


          1. Stratford Rick

            No one’s defending Geno’s honor, just his record of athletic excellence. More accurately, it’s defending the excellence of the cumulative performance of the student athletes that have over the decades shown a dedication to excelling academically and athletically. It’s kind of sad to read the kind of tripe that some miscreants write. It’s as if being insulting and oblivious somehow made them something less than worthless.

          2. Webster


            mblack sheep, blackguard, bootlegger, bully, cad, caitiff, convict, criminal, culprit, delinquent, drunkard, evildoer, felon, fink, heel, hoodlum, jailbird, loafer, louse, lowlife, malefactor, outcast, outlaw, pickpocket, racketeer, rapscallion, rascal, rat, reprobate, rowdy, ruffian, scalawag, scamp, scoundrel, scum*, sinner, sneak, vagabond, villain, wretch, wrongdoer

      2. Kevin Cavanaugh

        UConnfan, you keep repeating those stats because they are the only ones that favor ND.

        UCONN has been in 7 final NCAA title games and they won all of them.

        Prior to the last 9 games in which Notre Dame won 7 of them, there was a stretch when UCONN won 10 in a row.

        Do you remember that streak? I do.

        Skylar and McBride and Achonwa played 3 great games in defeating UCONN this year, but they all chocked in the big one and that is okay.

        The Notre Dame fans can only talk about the last two years because before that, UCONN beat Notre Dame many, many, many, many times – too many times to count and mention here.

        The good thing, however, is that after their very good season, in which they lost ONLY two games, UCONN did them a favor Sunday night by beating them so they could take the night off and watch two good teams play.

  11. Geno

    Bad Geno juicers! Bad! I showed proper respect to Muffet, Skylar, and Notre Dame. I recognize their greatness in 3 Final Four games. I recognize their greatness winning 7 out of 8 games against my great teams. I laugh at you as much as I laugh at the Geno haters. Coaches and players from both teams will be more successful than all you losers who spend their days commenting on JA’s blog and keeping him employed.

  12. Edward


    You don’t sound much like a UConn fan. You sound more like an ignorant bombastic buffoon.

  13. mike mcmanus

    After a great defensive performance by UCONN [that few seem worthy to mention] that caused ND’s poor shooting and overall poor performance, most of today’s comments are so much crap and not even relevant to what happened in last night’s game. Instead one idiot attacks JA and another makes fun of Stewart’s physical appearance during her halftime interview. This is a real classy group of a-holes.

    1. Bracchus

      Thank you. I mentioned the defense in another thread of this august forum.

      The defense, particularly keying on Diggins, was the key. That is taking nothing from Stewart’s performance, but frankly, offense wasn’t the problem in the three prior losses, it was defense, particularly against the guards.

    2. Kevin Cavanaugh

      You also forgot those who were saing that KML is fat and that the officiating was rigge and that Dolson uses her elbows all the time and when I said that Faris sut down Diggins, which she did, one person could ONLY say, “Well, she did not do it by herself.”

      Next thing they will say that because the new UCONN AD, is from New Orleans, the game was rigged in UCONN’s favor.

      ND might have beaten UCONN three times this year, but they wil be watching the big game tonight insead of playing in it because they could not step up to the challenge on Sunday Nite, when it was needed the most.

      1. Kevin Cavanaugh

        sorry about the typos. I meant “saying” instead of “saing” and “rigged” instead of “rigge”.

        Mea culpa!

  14. Don

    So when Louisville pulls off the biggest upset in the history of all women’s collegiate sports ????

    FBuddy – Didn’t that already happen against Baylor?



  16. huakypar

    I can’t understand why there has to be so many negative posts about any team. Most of the posts seem to be written by men – maybe that explains it – we, as women, are living with so many male chauvanistic pigs that it makes me wonder why there even was a women’s movement in the first place. If you don’t have anything good to say about women’s basketball in general or the UConn Huskies, it would be better to keep your mouths shut. Freddie Kool and many of my male relatives are great fans of the Women Huskies and would never utter the bitter remarks that are written in these posts.

  17. mal Lunn

    Kelly Farris is not a great shooter, but she was the heart and soul of that team- She takes on the star players every game, and holds them down- She is a coaches dream

    Does not need the ball!!
    What is the matter with Brianna Banks?

    1. Kevin Cavanaugh

      she had a serious injury that required surgery. Hopefully, she will be back 100 percent next year.

  18. BETH

    Skylar was gracious in defeat and will have a great career in the movies. Just do a search for the one that is already out there – just make sure your kids don’t see it.

  19. Iceman46

    Some of the above comments were good, but most were pure crap. Bottom line, UCONN won the most important game between the two teams this year, simply put, ND lost. Time to move on. One to go for NC #8, then everyone can enjoy doing this again next year. UCONN, may the force be with you!

  20. UC--FB

    Yep Stewart is really Shak O’Neil. I’m sure that’s what ND thought in the last 5 minutes of the game.

  21. Stratford Rick

    The base and foolish attacks only make you look like an idiot. Breanna Stewart is an awesome student athlete. She is an inspiration for many because she is incredibly talented and humble. She let her tremendous skill speak for itself and did not comport herself like a nut job. I wish more athletes comported themselves with Breanna’s distinction, poise and dignity. However, unfortunately, her excelling in such a stellar way has meant that she’s had to be attacked by idiots who have to try to debase her personally since they’re so spineless and moronic that they cannot tolerate that she decimated ND. Ad hominem attacks only make you a bigger fool.

  22. nhntc47

    What kind of man are you badmouthing a teenage girl? I’m sure after running around 40 minutes you will look like an ape on TV.

  23. Webster

    Description of Ad Hominem

    Translated from Latin to English, “Ad Hominem” means “against the man” or “against the person.”

    An Ad Hominem is a general category of fallacies in which a claim or argument is rejected on the basis of some irrelevant fact about the author of or the person presenting the claim or argument. Typically, this fallacy involves two steps. First, an attack against the character of person making the claim, her circumstances, or her actions is made (or the character, circumstances, or actions of the person reporting the claim). Second, this attack is taken to be evidence against the claim or argument the person in question is making (or presenting). This type of “argument” has the following form:

    Person A makes claim X.
    Person B makes an attack on person A.
    Therefore A’s claim is false.

    The reason why an Ad Hominem (of any kind) is a fallacy is that the character, circumstances, or actions of a person do not (in most cases) have a bearing on the truth or falsity of the claim being made (or the quality of the argument being made).

  24. Webster

    According to bigger fool theory, an investor buys a stock that will never pay a cash dividend because the investor assumes a bigger fool will buy the stock at a higher price. The idea of the theory is that there is always a buyer for a security who will pay a better price than the seller paid.

  25. Stratford Rick

    Correct, and ad hominem attacks are a way of demonstrating that if one cannot impugn the validity of an argument, they attack the person personally as if that had any merit at all. So for UCONNFB to not be able to make an intelligent criticism of Breanna’s awesome play and instead make a crass and base (false) attack of her looks is pathetic.

  26. Kevin Cavanaugh

    I do too, so what is your point?

    She is chunkier than some other players, but what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

    She is a better 3-point shooter than anyone else in the women’s game – ANYONE.

    Better than Delle Donne, better than Diggins, better than anyone on Stanford, Penn State, Oklahoma, Duke, Nebraska, NC, Maryland, Texas A&M, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

    She is a better 3 point shooter than Griner. Oh, that is right, Griner only attempted 1 three pointer and she missed that one.

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