Words Of Advice From Caroline Doty

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Caroline Doty will not approach her fifth and final season as a UConn basketball player with a sentimental mindset.

She could if she wanted to. When every step you take, each practice you sweat, every game you play and every city you visit brings your career a step closer to the end, and you know even taking a step was so hard for so long, it’s hard for some not to reflect.

Since the days of Shea Ralph, now Doty’s position coach with the Huskies, there hasn’t been a UConn player whose physical challenges and emotional responses have been so closely monitored.

Three major knee injuries, the first when she was a high school senior, and many other bumps and belts have conspired to turn Doty’s career into an obstacle course.

Well, here she comes again, now a graduate student, determined to finish the race as strong and positive as she began it five years ago. But like college should be, her UConn career has been a learning experience that should serve her well in life.

“It’s an advantage for life to understand that if anything is going to try and pull you down, the important thing is how you will respond,” Doty said. “I learned the right way and the wrong way. You can fold up and hide or you work to not let it affect you.

“If I were to give advice to anyone who will be forced to experience what I have, it would be to win every day. Even if you just have a sprained ankle that forces you into the trainer’s room for 10 days, just try to win each day. Don’t do too much, but don’t do too little. You will end up being fine at the end with opportunities you would have never imagined you could have. You will see the big picture and it will all be worth it.”

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7 thoughts on “Words Of Advice From Caroline Doty


    Wonderful, wonderful wonderful. Thanks John.

    CAroline we all love you. We pray that your Senior (final) year will be successful for you. If UConn wins good but we want Caroline to be at her best.

  2. John Singkit

    Best moment in Caroline Doty’s career: hitting the winning shot against Baylor in the National Championship game this year, whether that comes with minutes to go to give them the lead or it comes with one second to go in the game, doesn’t matter (though the latter would be more dramatic).

  3. UconnFan

    It is not just the “All Americans” that has made Uconn so great, it is because of the many people like Caroline Doty who compliment them and have blessed their fans like no other in the country for the last 20+ years.

  4. UconnPhann

    UConnfan/Sing—We as fans have been bless by the recruiting of Geno, Chris, Elliot, Shea,Marissa–the attitude, talent, and cooperative personalities seem never to change.

    Sing–I hope you are right. Caroline Doty will hit the big final 3 to put UConn ahead and Win THIS years National Championship.
    Does UConn world love this Woman (Doty) or What/??

  5. harry h

    Due to her spirit and drive Doty is my favorite UCONN WBB of all time. I don’t care what type of organization you want to run – you first get a Caroline and then worry about the additions to fill our your crew.

    It will be a sad sad day this spring when we say goodbye to her (hopefully until she re-joins as a coach). In her first game as a freshman she was the first to be introduced (and she wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do) – when she is the last at the last home game it will be truly a sad day.

  6. billnaples

    There are a lot of words that will be used to describe who Caroline Doty is as a person, as a student, and as a basketball player. I think one word applies in all three categories. Simply Class. Never know how great she could have been on the floor if not for the injuries. But who she has been as a leader and role model for her work ethic alone sets her apart as a person. Good luck this year Caroline and whatever the future brings your way.

  7. David Feron

    I have been a fan since 1993 and seen some really great people play and sruggle for the blue and white.Top of the line players like “D”,Sue,Shea,Mel and others
    who like you, faceing extreme adversities have the spirit,willpower and faith to carry on and achieve greatness.You are one of the very best of the the very best.
    Much luck for now and the future.

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