Yahoo.Com: Attention Recruiting Geeks – 7th Grade From Kelly Faris’ HS Verbals

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Well, I guess this must justify the interest some people have in recruiting, no matter the age. When a 13-year-old picks a college to play basketball, can preschool be far behind.

Read about this young woman from Kelly Faris’ high school, Heritage Christian in Plainfield, Ind.

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36 thoughts on “Yahoo.Com: Attention Recruiting Geeks – 7th Grade From Kelly Faris’ HS Verbals

  1. Kelly Faris's school

    Hey Palpable-Bracchus, here is a girl from Kelly’s school at 13 making a decision to go to –OMG– not Uconn!!! Or N.D. Is that possible.

    Since she isn’t white I am sure Bracchus/Palpable will not have a negative comment.

    Sorry–Brac/Palp–racists come in more colors than white. Do you really believe all the anti racist/bias laws would ever have been passed if White people didn’t initiate then pass them??

    It is legal to discriminate. You don’t have to like people–you can even hate them.
    People do make quick first impressions–usually based on the personality, demeanor, language, facial expression, action of the person observed.

    I don’t have to like you–and I don’t.

    You should always keep this in mind–




    1. The Far Side

      The palpability of your remarks, pal, are pale per a palatial palace partially constructed of palladium probably purchased thru Paypal and are a precursor to palpitations.

  2. Bracchus

    The more you write, your ignorance and lack of understanding of racial history in America becomes, well, palpable.

    Your first paragraph makes no sense. Of course, some context would help.

    Your third paragraph is the height of ignorance. Have you ever heard if Brown v Board of Education. A legal team from the NAACP, headed by Thurgood Marshall(black), represented a student named Brownin a lawsuit against her school district challenging the racist concept of separate but equal. Tell me which white school districts at that time voluntarily desegregated? Even after the decision was rendered in favor of the plaintiffs, many school districts dragged their feet on enforcement. Remember busing?-please.

    But, beyond that, and an example of your galactic ignorance is your obvious inability to recognize that the Civil Rights Movement in America literally forced this country to live up to the words stated in the Constitution. Are you kidding? Do you think that there would have been a 1964 Civil Rights Act had it not been for the Civil Rights Movement and the 1863 March on WAshington? Please.

    America could not continue to take the moral high ground with other countries while allowing all manner of discrimination to continue to exist here. Once the atrocities were televised, the cat was out of the bag on an international level.

    But, I really can’t blame you. It is how you were raised. You have been conditioned to see black people in a certain light.

    The good news is that you don’t discriminate against purple and polka dot people.

    1. Hey Palp

      To the Palp kid—Did you know the NAACP was stated and originally operated by White MEN??

      Legislation is passed , Palp, by those in the legislator—in the time passed was predominatory WHITE MEN.

      You don’t read well do you–is that lack of education or your plain ignorance?

      Go back and read what you are commenting on.

      Maybe we should call you Palp the word twister . You can’t make a logical argument, so you twist the words to fit your ignorance and racially biased point of view.

      At least you are no longer howling about your love buddy–your fantasy–which belongs on the ND site.

      YOU are a stupid, uneducated (palpable??), terribly ignorant person.

      Usually there is no insult in saying one is ignorant–but when they continue to be ignorant or profess ignorant ideas/arguments–they are truly idiotic, inane, ignorat.

      1. From now on


        I am signing on as you and making your racists comments, then you’ll be removed.

        See you next fall. Worry for the summer. You can’t become intelligent by fall so you’ll worry you poor little peaked head, until then. Sure you aren’t the Boston Bomber–you sure write like him..

      2. Webster

        Synonyms: apprenticed, benighted, birdbrained, blind to, cretinous, dense, green*, illiterate, imbecilic, in the dark, inexperienced, innocent, insensible, mindless, misinformed, moronic, naive, nescient, oblivious, obtuse, shallow, thick, unconscious, unconversant, uncultivated, uncultured, uneducated, unenlightened, uninformed, uninitiated, unintellectual, unknowledgeable, unlearned, unlettered, unmindful, unread, unschooled, unsuspecting, untaught, untrained, unwitting, witless
        Notes: stupid refers to lack of ability while ignorant refers to lack of knowledge

        1. Kelly Faris's school

          Webbie , Ignorant–not knowing what you don’t know. Not really a defect or insult, most don’t know what they don’t know (Palp).

          Stupid—Not smart enough to learn what they should have learned. Usually about un or under educated peoples. Like those deprived of an education or don’t take education as a necessity. The latter is also ignorant.

      3. Bracchus

        You need to read for comprehension my friend. I never said that white people were not involved in the origination of the NAACP. The fact of the matter is that there were white liberals who were upset about lynchings that had occurred during a race riot in Springfield, Illinois and wanted to do something about it. This certainly began the discussion that resulted in the NAACP. But,W.E B. DuBois set the direction and the tone for the organization adopting the principles from his Niagara Movement which went beyond outlawing lynching and pursued justice for blacks under the Constitution.But that wasn’t the point. The point was that blacks had to fight for their civil rights. They were not given because of the altruism of the majority of whites.

        Many blacks died or were seriously injured in pursuit of their rights, Your ignorance of that fact is palpable.

        You need to go back and check history. Check the Emmett Till case and see what impetus that had on the civil rights movement while you are ranting and raving aobut whites running the NAACP.

        1. Bracchus

          I never said that whites were not involved in anything. There have always been fair thinking whites. This does not negate the fact that blacks have had to fight for every right they have received, and many have suffered greatly for it. To suggest that blacks received their rights simply because of the generosity of white people is just a plain lie.

          It is this kind of interpretation of history that leads the ignorant to make ridiculous comments about a Skylar Diggins that not one person here has substantiated with any facts.

          Game, set, match!!!

          1. The Decipherer

            I think you’re getting your sports confused, Palp……unless you’re about to give us the Arthur Ashe story.

  3. Palpable Palatable Palpitationss

    by Jamilah King ShareThis

    Wednesday, April 17 2013, 6:00 AM EST Tags: Basketball, Skylar Diggins, WNBA

    …… Skylar Diggins, thanks to social media, the point guard drafted by the Tulsa Shock has become a sex symbol.

    Diggins, who holds the women’s scoring record for her alma mater, Notre Dame, was relatively unknown outside of basketball circles until last year’s NCAA tournament. At the time Lil’ Wayne tweeted to Diggins calling her his wife and wishing good luck to her team. Chris Brown followed with a tweet of his own, and soon the South Bend, Ind., had a national profile. She currently has over 300,000 followers on Twitter, and fans consistently post messages like,”OMG your [sic] the most beautiful baller I [sic] ever seen” and “Forget WNBA you could be a runway model.”

      1. bracchus

        For those of you here who do not have a racist bone in your bodies, I wonder how you would feel if a black male from the basketball team showed up on your doorstep to date your daughter. I know, you would say “Go Huskies”. I also wonder what you would do if Tina Charles moved in right next door to you. Would the first moving crate hit the ground before you were on the phone to your real estate agent?

        Some of you may think that you do not have a racist bone in your bodies, but racism has been so ingrained and institutionalized in this society that you may be incapable of recognizing it when you see it.

        I am pushing this because I am tired of pious platitudes that mean nothing. Everyone sees color and everyone sees race. How they react to it is the question.

        Most of us are afraid to discuss race in any candid way. That is part of the reason it is still an issue.

        It would have been very easy for me to accept the characterizations of Britney Griner and Skylar Diggins without resistance. But, you need some diversity of thought here.

        Again, if this forum is meant to be cyber UCONN pep rally, that is fine. But, I have noticed some other fairly contentious discussions here.

        1. TGIGG

          I normally don’t get involved in these pissing contests but since you asked….

          1) “For those of you here who do not have a racist bone in your bodies, I wonder how you would feel if a black male from the basketball team showed up on your doorstep to date your daughter.”

          I would feel the same as if a purple, orange, red, candy striped, etc. male (or female) showed up on my doorstep to date may daughter. I don’t see the skin color or sexuality of a person, I see the person’s character only.

          2) “I also wonder what you would do if Tina Charles moved in right next door to you.”

          I would throw the greatest house warming/welcoming party my neighborhood has ever seen. Then I would ask her if she could fix me up with Marisa Moseley.

  4. Walter

    Number 1 uconn and uconn fans arent racist number 2 i have nothing against the south like where acc and sec schools are at but its true racism has been strongest in the south in the usa number 3 the idiot bombers in boston dont represen5t east coast or usa as far as im concerned and number 4 most the ahters i saw on here this past season talking crap were notredamed and baylor fans racisst crap dont belong on this site takecare

    1. Bracchus


      How do you know whether these people are racist or not? Do you know all of them?

      I certainly do not. However, o am responding to common perceptions of black people are rooted in racism. These perceptions leads by to the conclusion that similar behavior between blacks and whites is positive for one and negative for the other.

      I provided a link to a story about a black college quarterback that makes the point perfectly.

      This stuff didn’t start yesterday. It has a long and storied history. That is why I asked a couple of key questions to gauge their true feelings on race.

      Eddie Murphy told a story about being in Philadelphia once at one of the cheesesteak places. Suddenly, a car of young whites drove by and yelled out the n-word. When they realized it was Murphy their demeanor a changed and the were apologetic.

      My point is that it is relatively easy to like stars who you will never have much contact with anyway even if you do have hang ups about blacks. It is safe. But, if they behave in snu assertive or aggressive way, suddenly they are negative

      There is a real preference by some for that humble and thankful black. I have seen it too many times to recount and in 2013 it is just as prevalent. If you have grown up in America it will be difficult not to have negative perceptions of blacks. Doesn’t mean this isn’t a great country, just means it is a flawed great country. Hiding from the truth has hurt us in more ways than we can ever imagine.

        1. Bracchus

          I am not saying what I am saying to offend anyone. I am saying it to illuminate the truth. Race is a problem in America and a problem in sports. My ignoring it will not fix it.

          I see a pattern of evaluation that distinguishes itself according to race. I can understand how some here might not see that because they have not been subjected to it.

          But, don’t call me a racist until you see me making negative comments about white players who are doing the same things that black players do.

          We live in a country that has tried to put blacks in a box and wants to see them in a certain way in order for them to be acceptable. Therefore, confidence and intelligence in blacks is often view as arrogance and aggression. We have all been culturally conditioned to see things this way. That cultural conditioning needs to stop.

          My point here on Kelly Faris has nothing to do with my respect for Kelly Faris. It has to do with my lack of respect for less than objective assessments that ignore people like Kaleena Mosqueda Lewis who came back to Storrs with a significantly improved all around game for her sophomore season. Where is the praise for that hard work and her significant contributions to the success of this team.

          Kelly should get recognition for what she has done. But, let’s not ignore other obvious contributors. I personally think that some of that ignoring is due to subliminal factors that preclude some whites from seeing blacks as hard workers in any context.

          The acceptance of “pouting” by Geno, but the abhorrence of the alleged pouting by Diggins is a case in point.

  5. Bill Peterson

    “Skylar Diggins >> Kelly Faris”

    Well she sure could not lead her team to a National championship as Faris has done, Faris has two NC’s Diggins has zero, and has choked some in every NC game she has played in. Faris is 2-0 in NC games. Now Diggins is very very talented as a basketball player, no doubt about that, but not so much in her demeanor as a sports woman, an example would be the last four years of pouting on national TV, that says a lot about a person regardless of what they do for employment.

    1. Bracchus

      To say that Kelly Faris “led” UCONN to two championships is a stretch. To compare the leadership role Diggins played with ND to the romanticized one that Kelly played with UCONN is also a stretch.

      To all of you concerned about alleged “pouring”, who pouts more than Geno.

      Double standards abound!!

      1. Walter

        this is not the notredame blog stay off here uconn fans dont go on notredame board you shit starter notredasme fans talked shit about uconn all year though

  6. Walter

    Im sorry to people from the south and evryone i was trying to make a point of what history has taught us but racisst crap is not wlecome on here and uconn and uconn fans dont condon it takecare all gouconn


    “Dailey said she had a heart to heart with Buck before it was announced that she would return for her fifth season and needed an assurance that Buck would be able to handle a role similar to the one she had in her first three seasons. Buck said she was and other than one time early in preseason camp when Dailey had to remind Buck of the talk that they had, Dailey couldn’t have been more impressed with the way Buck acted as the good and supportive teammate even though her minutes were limited.”


    1. Bracchus

      Many coaches write certain players off for a variety of reasons. Once this happens, what the player does in practice has little bearing on them getting increased playing time. If Buck, really wanted to play she would have transferred.

      I don’t have a problem with this as long as the coach is honest with the player. That way the player has options and is not just working hard to get something that will never happen.

      What I do not understand is why a player like Buck couldn’t get in a game for a least 5 minutes when UCONN is 40 points ahead. I mean, after all, this isn’t professional sports, or maybe it is.

      1. Walter

        heatherbuck was loyal to her home state school and stayed at uconn fvor a great education and to win natinal tittles and also kellyfaris2nationaltittles to skylardiggins 0 national tittles all you notredame fans want to do is come on here and talk crap about uconn and showq no class whatsoever and geno is a great guy and great coach weve met him many times and the players love him and hes got more sense of humor than muffetmcgraw and skylardiggins always has scoul on her face youre being reprotd go away takecare have a great day dont post on here again thanks

    2. Walter

      thank you you tell them takecare and geno and his assistans are loyal to the players when the players show loyalty to uconn takecare gouconn

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