60 agonizing minutes

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I’m watching the 60 Minutes broadcast featuring the Newtown parents.

Such pain.

Some of these people are really remarkable, just in terms of their abilities to gather themselves and talk sensibly about this.

How do you watch this telecast and not cry with them?

Jimmy Greene, a Hartford guy who came to my old studio in the Gold Building and played saxophone a million years ago when he was a kid.  And Nelba Marquez-Greene and Nicole Hockley and David and Francine Wheeler.  These people will be with us for the rest of our lives and theirs.  We all live together in Connecticut, and we should never forget them and their kids.

They want up-our-down-votes on important measures. That’s not too much to ask.

They want measures that would not have prevented Sandy Hook but somehow address the proliferation of weapons into criminal or crazy hands. They want them from Washington.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day. They’ll be in D.C.  Obama will be here.


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6 thoughts on “60 agonizing minutes

  1. Richard

    I give them credit for not lobbying to reinstate the death penalty for the next Adam Lanza that survives.

  2. Jeb

    Whule I sympathize with all the families I reserve my credit for those victims families who do not use this tragedy as an excuse to violate our constitutional rights. I notice no one asks them their opinions on these matters. Of course not that wouldn’t fit with the agenda that is in play.

  3. Todd Zaino

    If you still teach that class on American Media Colin…this might be a topic of interest:

    Update: LifeNews reports MRC’s Matthew Philbin’s fascinating analysis of media priorities over the last week:

    The Rutgers basketball story continues to transfix the media, and why shouldn’t it? Mike Rice, the disgraced former Rutgers basketball coach allegedly killed a woman and at least seven viable, born-alive babies “by plunging scissors into their spinal cords” in his filthy, macabre “house of horrors” abortion clinic.

    Oh wait, my mistake.

    Rice was fired last week from Rutgers over video of him shoving, kicking and yelling at his players, throwing basketballs at them and – most damning – using “homophobic slurs.” That’s made Rice the most notorious villain in America. And in one week it earned him 36 network news stories clocking in at 41 minutes, 26 seconds of air time on ABC, CBS and NBC.

    Now, had Rice been accused of killing a woman and eight babies, he’d be enjoying the same anonymity as Kermit Gosnell– provided the killings were carried out in an abortion clinic. Gosnell is the West Philadelphia abortionist who ran an unimaginable charnel house of a “clinic,” for 30 years. Witnesses testified that he may have murdered over 100 babies outside the womb. Gosnell’s trial, underway for weeks, has featured wrenching testimony and horrific details. And it has received exactly zero seconds of airtime on the broadcast networks.

    Incredible — which describes the mainstream media pretty well.

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