Courant/Frontline Investigation: Who Was Adam Lanza?

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We may spend years trying to understand the troubled mind of Adam Lanza. But just two months after his deadly attack on the Sandy Hook Elementary School, my colleagues Alaine Griffin and Josh Kovner have produced an unmatched examination of Lanza’s life and his relationship to his protective mother, Nancy Lanza, whom he also killed. That story appears online and in Sunday’s Courant.

Griffin and Kovner, joined by the PBS investigative news show Frontline, spent more than a month tracking down those who knew the Lanzas, along with documents that help illuminate Adam Lanza’s bizarre behavior and his mother’s efforts, for better or worse, to keep him stable.

The Courant’s in-depth coverage of the Sandy Hook attack continues Tuesday with a package of stories on the gun-control debate spawned by the Dec. 14 shootings. Tuesday night, Frontline will devote an hour to the Courant’s reporting.

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5 thoughts on “Courant/Frontline Investigation: Who Was Adam Lanza?

  1. Donald Harrison

    I have a question regarding the weapons used on December 14, 2012.

    Has anyone else listened to the recordings on the Newtown police scanner from that morning? Each radio-in by officers can be heard throughout the entire morning. At 9:55:26 am, a sweep of the school is being conducted and a police officer radios in something curious [when one considers the official story]: “Be advised, be advised: We do have multiple weapons, including long rifles and shotguns.” [plural]

    Lanza allegedly brought into the building three guns: a glock pistol, a Sig Sauer pistol, and a Bushmaster rifle. He also left a 12-gauge shotgun with a single bullet in it inside the trunk of the car. But this invaluable audio recording indicates that there were multiple rifles and shotguns INSIDE the elementary school. Lanza toted six guns – two pistols, two rifles, and two shotguns – inside of the building by himself? Why haven’t these guns which were clearly reported on the police radio been reported by any news outlets? Why is this not national news? – that there were at a minimum 6 guns inside the school as opposed to 3.

  2. Anne

    I was so sure all of this time that Adam Lanza was a victim himself. For the politicians to work on framing him – only tells me that they are covering up for the real cowards who used Adam Lanza – got him to snap. He couldn’t have weighed 100 lbs, as he appears. Definitely no more than 120. I am horrified at the ignorance in this state. The medical examiner helps cover up crimes over and over and only gets pats on the back by politicians! Did he examine Adam for sexual assault – torture – drug injection? Of course not!….The courts spend $5 million on the Hayes and Komisarjevsky trials, hiring idiots who inject their beliefs in being against the death penalty – despite this being a death penalty trial – and so many other things to twist and turn justice as if it was putty in their hands. I was there at those trials; I wanted justice for the mom and two daughters – who media did not admit – were raped all night! The court claimed that Haley had a relationship with Komisarjevsky – yet both Hayes and Komisarjevsky admitted to these haneous acts in their statements at the end of the separate trials…one morning the judge talked to media before court in the courtroom – he said,”scandal brings business” and the journalists laughed and shook their heads “yes”. One journalist was stone-faced while they were showing the most horrific evidence…Stone faced…yet that same journalist went into the bathroom and cried when Hayes got the death penalty! It makes me sick!

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