Gun Legislation Map. Look Familiar?

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The Courant’s Jenny Wilson has put together a fascinating nationwide map showing the status of gun legislation in every state. Half a dozen locations, marked below in yellow, are considering multiple initiatives, some of which favor gun rights and some which favor gun control. But the other 44 states and the District of Columbia are pursuing legislation on just one side of the divide. In the map below, legislation leans towards gun rights in states shaded red and toward gun control in states shaded blue. (The darker red and blue indicates states where new legislation has been passed into law.)

That red-blue divide looks modestly familiar. With a handful of exceptions, the gun legislation map matches the state-by-state divide in the Obama/Romney election last November.  See for yourselves:

Gun Legislation Map


2012 Election Map


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11 thoughts on “Gun Legislation Map. Look Familiar?

  1. No one you're likely to know....

    A third map, showing the murder rates in the largest 50 cities would be helpful.

    1. Felix Giordano

      That would omit a lot of red states since their cities don’t fall into the 50 largest. Perhaps a map of the 500 largest would be more conclusive.

    2. Ian

      A third map with murder rates per 100,000 residents with 1) Assault Rifle and 2) Handgun in each would be interesting. But we won’t see that as it’s the “mean looking – high capacity” ones that do all the killing afterall.

  2. You wish you knew

    Funny think the bible thumping magic underpants wearing fool would have done anything differently; it’s about control, not guns.

  3. Mario

    And most the violent crime are in those blue states also. Not to mention illiteracy, which the editors and reporters of the Courant prove each day.

  4. MAL

    “What in the Hell the does, illiteracy has has to do with gun control”.! The gun laws were created to oppress minorities in the first place. Laws that were put into legislation decades ago, will be changed based on these so white counterparts, anger towards, white on white crimes. They could care less about what happens to urban children.

  5. Michael Wayne

    Since about eight of the 2012 Election “Blue” States are appearing “redish” or “greenish” on the Gun Legislation Map one could infer that many of the states that went for Obama in the Presidential election want to be able to maintain the status quo on gun rights.

  6. starviego

    Most of the mass shooters are just MK-Ultra mind-controlled patsies, programmed to detonate by the covert operators. All to create anti-gun hysteria to destroy our civil liberties and get us defenseless before the New World Order.


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