Millions Pour into Fifth District Race from Outside Connecticut

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More than a quarter of the money fueling the race for Connecticut’s Fifth Congressional district has come from individuals outside Connecticut, with most of that over-the-border largesse flowing to Democrats Dan Roberti and Elizabeth Esty.

Both Roberti and Esty have raised nearly $1 million from out-of-state individuals, representing the majority of each campaign’s contributions from individuals whose address was reported. Much of Esty’s out-of-state contributions were “earmarked” contributions donated through national political groups such as Emily’s List.

Overall, more than $2.5 million has been raised from out-of-state individuals, records with the Federal Election Commission show. Money has come in to the race from 45 of the 50 states – every corner of the country save Alaska, Arkansas, Oregon, and North and South Dakota.

Among individual contributions in which the donor is identified, 47 percent have come from outside Connecticut, records show, but that varies widely by candidate. For Republicans Justin Bernier, Andrew Roraback and Lisa Wilson-Foley and Democrat Chris Donovan, between 15 and 18 percent of itemized individual donations have come from outside the state. For Roberti, the figure is nearly 80 percent, and for Esty, 68 percent. For Republican Mark Greenberg, whose campaign is mostly self-funded and who has received the least amount of contributions, 60 percent of his itemized individual contributions are from out of state.

The charts below breakdown the source of individual donations, through August 1, for which the campaign identified the address of the donor. Some notes: The charts include only individual donations — money from PACS and political committees are not included. In addition, campaigns are not required to identify donors who have given less than $200. If campaigns choose not to identify donors, those contributions are bundled and reported collectively as un-itemized donations. As the identify and location of those donors is unknown, that cash also is not included in the calculations.



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2 thoughts on “Millions Pour into Fifth District Race from Outside Connecticut

  1. Fink

    Roberti is an insider extraordinare, and his family is one of the greatest lobby parasites to ever grace DC. He knows how the lobbyist game is played and he wants some of the gold. A vote for Roberti is a vote for K Street.

  2. badbob

    Lots of data above but I’m not sure what the point is except that politicians need money to run….Of course they do. Funding your media jobs/enterprises takes money. No surprises there. What are you trying to characterize with this?

    The Dems depend on basically extorted union dues and liberal PAcs organizations contributions often highly touted at the Courant…The Repubs either have to self fund (all GOPers are rich, right?) or work hard to get individuals to give from earnings after taxes…

    On one hand, you have a Boss Tweed like machine led by laborites and libs. Mr. Donovan “in the shade” of course and Ms. Etsy,your archtypical well educated SF liberal with feelings. Did you notice how quick she blurted out her ideas on gun control the day of the tragedy in the CO theater? I did – connect the dots people.

    On the Repubs you have Mr. Roraback, consumate RINU, two self funders and Bernier the actual conservative who once worked for Duncan Hunter and the last Rebulican congressman and honest man CT had, Rob Simmons. While Mr. Greenberg has purchased every recommendation he has including Dick Morris, check out Bernier’s.

    He is the only candidate to take on that machine I mentioned above.


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