Those who ventured out for lunch on Main St. in Hartford Friday might have been surprised to find two exotic dancers performing inside a glass-sided box truck.

Talk about a double-take. I was heading to an assignment downtown in the pouring rain when I saw two women pole dancing inside a glass-walled box truck. Say what? I just had to shoot this. It felt kind of creepy, to be honest, when I started shooting but I thought that maybe I could make a publishable weather photo out of this. But then it just got weirder and weirder when some men got kind of close to the window. It turned out that this was a first-time use of this truck as a promotional tool for an exotic dancer men’s club nearby. While the photos were a hit in the 4 o’clock news meeting, it was decided not to publish. Good decision. We don’t need to be promoting this club. It did make some pretty odd photos though.


Go Hartford. So proud.


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20 Responses to (POLE) DANCING IN THE RAIN

  1. rod says:

    well I dont see any seatbelts , I would get fined

  2. Brit says:

    You may not be publishing this in the newspaper but you are publishing this on your website and going all over facebook so you giving them free publicity and promoting this. Is there a law against doing this in public?

  3. James Detweiler says:

    Go Hartford??? So proud?? Really??? There are so many great charity events and volunteers that are making a difference in our broken world. Is this the best use of a Fox News employees time and talent? If you are that desperate to find a news story why don’t you go down to one of the soup kitchens or churches that are ministering to the families in need in our capital city.

    Pastor Jim Detweiler
    Hope Christian Church
    North Haven, CT

  4. suki says:

    What do you mean you decided not to publish, you did publish them on the website. How is that different? You’ve just given them a ton of free publicity.

  5. Nina says:

    I think it’s a good news story however I would block out the name of the club so as not to promote them but still make a point with the news story.

  6. calmdownbrit says:

    Why in the world would this be illegal Brit??? The girls are clothed much like they would be at a public pool or the beach. Some people need to not sweat the small stuff… jeez.

  7. mike says:

    The owner of Kahoots is always pushing the envelope on things. But to me you see just a much skin at the beach as on this bus.


  8. Hadrian says:

    People in Connecticut are such provincial hicks. Unclutch your pearls and take that stick out of your butt.

  9. Donny says:

    That truck is great!! Can’t wait to go to Kahoots and get lunch with a view!! Does anyone know if the truck will be out again, and maybe there schedule? I’d like to see it in person!!

  10. Joe says:

    I must say, despite all that humidity, their hair looks good.

  11. mc says:

    Last summer in Union Square Park NYC, I stumbled across a pole dancing competition called Pole in the Park. Little less sexy, but strange none the less.

  12. Jazz Cat says:

    It is Brilliant!

  13. Kate says:

    I feel so sad for these women, and men, too. There’s something seedy about the whole thing, and my question is, not just is this legal, but is it right? It’s one thing to do this in a club, but another on Main Street. What about people who don’t want their kids to see?

  14. Mark says:

    Signs of a dying area that was once an economic powerhouse. Sad to see all the innovation coming from the local strip club.

  15. Stehen Slobodian says:

    From what I see here, he is parked in a parking spot, the street is on the other side of the truck. As soon as one car slows or stops to view the truck he will probably get a ticket for obstructing or impeding traffic. Looks like there is a large curtain for each window. He can close up the view from the street. I ‘m sure there will then be an issue of is he in a City, Public, or Private parking lot and if he can use any of those for Commercial advertising. Sooner or later this will go away, but until then the Press is giving him some very valuable free internet advertising. It was decided not to publish on TV but they went ahead and put it on their web site news. Like they do not know that more people view the internet than their four o’clock news.

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  17. Justin says:

    Controversial? Yes.
    Distasteful? Maybe.
    Offensive? To some.

    Marketing GENIUS? Absolutely.